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Thread: Christ-Cucks

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    Re: Christ-Cucks

    Quote Originally Posted by End Times View Post
    Christianity, including Catholicism, proscribed usury until the Jews used sinners to overcome that obstacle. The Bible (and Christianity) didn't change. Jews changed Goyish society. And through money, got those in positions of power and influence to buckle on ideals.

    Christianity outsourced usury to Jews since "Muh Principles". This made Jews the wealthiest, and most powerful people on the planet.

    If Christians had not done this, the Jews would be still biting, and sucking off bloody baby dicks in desert huts.

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    Re: Christ-Cucks

    Quote Originally Posted by woodman View Post

    ...From the article:

    "In the end, Christianity is to blame, because it was not up to the task of protecting us from such a pernicious, self-destructive morality. Indeed, churches are the worst offenders, and if there is any cause for optimism for those who might want to preserve the West, it might be that the churches are empty. Perhaps we are getting ready to flush the system in order to reemerge with a modernized, upgraded Christianity—a Christianity that doesn’t see the story of Christ as a story of Abrahamic sacrifice, that is to say, a Christianity that doesn’t posit self-abnegation as a moral good."

    THIS cartoon captures the how and why.

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