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Thread: Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto

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    Re: Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto

    prof needs his own pronoun....maybe gayssuck....or sjwslayer

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    Re: Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto

    all this because people are absolutely clueless that the left hemisphere of the brain is masculine, and the right one feminine... This is the immutable Law Of all what the educational agenda has to do is to push the buttons, either right or left or both at once.

    leave kids alone with minimal external influence about sexuality and they will find out by themselves
    All the money that exists cannot buy Earth, and the evidence is that we destroy our habitat as a result, thinking that we can just seize and pillage as we see fit. If crowds endorse the pursuit of wealth at their own level, they cannot prevent multinationals from doing exactly the same. The “dystopian endless growth paradigm” is going to end with a bang but will open the door to a premise endorsing that Earth is the only wealth we truly have while journeying through life.

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    Re: Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto

    Quote Originally Posted by singular_me View Post all what the educational agenda has to do is to push the buttons...
    This agenda be Democrat crazy making!

    Charlotteobserver: No more ‘he’ or ‘she’. House approves gender-neutral terms in its official language
    January 04, 2021
    A code of conduct change in the U.S. House of Representatives swaps gendered language for gender-inclusive terms in its official language.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, and Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, outlined the proposal Friday. It’s included in a package of “sweeping” rule changes that, among other things, promote diversity and inclusion in the 117th Congress.

    The House approved the package Monday in a 217-206 vote on party lines, The Hill reports.

    The rule change does not ban the use of gendered language in the House. Instead, it renames specific, official language found in the House rules.

    Here are the words found in various parts of the code will change:...

    Breitbart: House Democrats Temporarily Changed Rules to Allow President to Be Called a Racist
    January 13, 2021
    Democrats called President Donald Trump a racist several times during the House debate on impeachment Wednesday, taking advantage of a temporary rule change they passed earlier this week.

    Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) also chimed in, calling Trump the “racist-in-chief.”

    Normally, such language is prohibited by House rules. But House Democrats passed a temporary rule change on Tuesday that applies to debate on H. Res. 21 and H. Res. 24. The former urged Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump (which he declined to do); the latter is the article of impeachment against President Trump.

    The rule change “Provides that the prohibition against personality in debate with respect to references to the President shall not apply during consideration of H. Res. 21 or any special order of business providing for the consideration of H. Res. 24.”

    The new rule passed the House Rules Committee along party lines.
    NewsPunch: Pelosi Violated Her Own ‘Gender Language’ Rules During Impeachment Debate
    January 14, 2021
    During the debate regarding the second impeachment of President Trump, Pelosi broke the rules on gendered language by referring to herself using words that she had banned

    “I stand before you as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a daughter whose father proudly served in this Congress” Pelosi said….

    But according to the congressional rules she should have said “I stand before you as a spouse, a parent, a grandparent, and a child.”

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