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Thread: Donald Trump disavows Alt-Right

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    Re: Donald Trump disavows Alt-Right

    Quote Originally Posted by EE_ View Post
    So you see no value in what he's done so far? Rolling back all of Obama's legacy, restoring jobs, filling circuit courts with 100's of conservative judges, supporting our military and veterans...on and on. What lying lying politician are you comparing him too? Better yet, what politician has accomplished more in one year?
    I do see value in some of what he's managed to do.

    I don't believe he's rolled back "all of Obama's legacy" when Obama's chief legacy, ObamaCare, still rules and prevents me and my family from being able to afford decent insurance.

    Other than some token amount of jobs, I don't credit the president for restoring jobs to this economy. The market provides jobs, not the president. And in case you haven't noticed, we're in a huge economic bubble right now, one that Trump doesn't see as he gleefully takes credit for stock market highs fueled on fiat money and central bank meddling... and when it crashes down on us it will be worse than '08-09, but I won't be blaming Trump for that either, because these things were baked into the economic cake long, long ago.

    For the most part I like the judges he's appointed across the board, this is definitely a positive in my mind.

    I like that he lowered my taxes, that's awesome for me, but he didn't reduce government spending to match the reduction in tax revenue. So my tax breaks are going to be paid for by more government debt. I don't like that, and my kids won't like it when they're grown up and paying 50% or more in taxes to pay for my tax breaks today.

    All of this aside, the one single thing that would actually make America great again, is to get the immigrant invaders OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!! This was Trump's key campaign promise, and the shrinking White base of this country believed him, and now he's changed his position. Once browns/blacks rule this country, none of the above will matter anymore.
    "Liberty is so creative, and the government is so stupid, that Iím very optimistic about the future"
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    Re: Donald Trump disavows Alt-Right

    Again I can not thank you enough!

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