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Don't let Perestroika fool you,
Saw a video on Glasnost and Perestroika, that was when the communists let out the worst jews of Russia, the worst criminal Khazars, the jews that the jews in the USSR could not handle being around these individuals were so evil. The worst of the worst jews in USSR prisons. These were let out and Reagan accepted them. These Khazars became part of the Russia Mafia.

Putin lets the Chabad and the Russian Mafia run Russia. It is a Jewish criminal state.

Putin Welcomes the Return of the Russian Mafia



Lenin would blush at the Russian mafia. These were the troublemakers to the jewish communists. Jews criminals that Jewish criminals reject. And Trump special advisor was a Russian mobster, telling Trump to be friends with Russian mob friend Putin.


Russian mob partly took over the MI6 and cia and mossad. And their policy is Likud Republican Party. And they own Putin and Trump. They hate Soros and the WEF, want something much worse than neo-liberalism. Goal is to smash neo-liberalism and have the jews secretly control the globe, behind "populist" "patriot" Trump. Jews started RT News and are attacking their friends at the cia to build a brand of Trumpism and Putinism, that jews own. And the have "populists" follow Trump.

The entire Trump apparatus is there to fool conservatives and libertarians.