Even though P1* is now more common among individuals in Eastern Siberia and Central Asia, the above distributions tend to suggest that P* (P295) emerged in South East Asia.

So the parent of Aryans (R) and Native Americans (Q) were from Southeast Asia. All three, parent (P) and children (R and Q) are mongoloids.

Mongol men are found to be Negriods, according to geneticists, not Mongoloids. Mongol men share a close common ancestor Haplogroup A, B, and E Negroid Africans. They do not share a close common ancestor with the Chinese, Finns, Aryans and Native Americans. Scientists should rename mongoloids to East Asiatics or Greater East Asiatics because of this revelation. The scientific division of the three races was done hundreds of years prior DNA ancestry research, and modern geneticists have yet to update it with the latest information, even though they have found native americans and aryans are blood brothers, very closely related.

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