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Thread: Eternal Punishment is Against The Law

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    Re: Eternal Punishment is Against The Law

    Quote Originally Posted by palani View Post
    Your logic is PERFECT. Ergo it cannot be in error. But as we say in ingineering "GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT". Hence while the logic might be perfect the facts being allowed in might be flawed.

    Have you considered Kalman filtering to pre-qualify the facts in question? If you filter enough there are no facts and the output of the logic will reflect that fact (flat line is boring though). Or you might apply a dirac delta function (all frequencies/all facts) and convolute (flip it in the frequency domain) the output to check for eigenvalues (location of poles and/or zeros) to see which facts line up precisely with which logic.
    This was Palanis last post, he hasn't been back here since 30th of June. Perhaps he is busy ingineering something?

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    Re: Eternal Punishment is Against The Law

    @Eternal_Awesome Murder, by definition, is killing against the law. That's why war or capital punishment aren't seen as 'murder'. I know. i already said. goobnight. but the human. made. a night sandwich. and forgot to drop. a piece of cheese. that. is against. Today it is against the law to deny someone coverage for a pre-existing condition. We can't go back. California is suing Trump Admin. over DACA. They say it is against the law to stop it! People have NO clue about the law. Sad! ILLEGAL MEXICANS chanting "BROWN POWER" are finally going after the real enemy! DEMOCRATS who made empty promises that were against the law! 9,000 cases of FGM which is against the law
    This is 9,000 cases of child abuse by the parents
    Why have they not been charged ?

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    Re: Eternal Punishment is Against The Law

    Is man’s “free will” an impediment to the salvation of all? Of course not. If God could overrule man’s “free will” by summoning them to the Great White Throne against their will, and if He could sentence them to live under authority of those ruling over them, then could He not also override their “free will”? The fact is, God is sovereign enough to cause them to bow their knees and confess their allegiance to Christ. Really, who would do anything different, once they see the glory of God and understand the truth? God’s will is greater than man’s will, and He has His ways of making us willing to bow the knee!

    We have already seen that “love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:8), and yet we often fail to believe that Christ’s love is more powerful than the will of man. We often attribute more power to man’s will than to Christ’s love. Neither do we understand the legal rights of the Creator or even the rights of a redeemer, having had so little training in biblical law.

    The law of God defines the rights of God and men, and the restoration of all things is rooted in the rights of God. God’s right to rule His creation is greater than man’s temporary privilege to refuse His rule. In man’s relationship with God, man has only privileges, for no man created himself. Privileges are always subordinate to rights, even as authority is always subordinate to the higher power that authorized it.
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    The Kingdom of God is a form of government, not a religion.

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    Re: Eternal Punishment is Against The Law

    It's a lively debate

    But here are The facts.

    Everybody is going to find out for them self personally.

    Yeshua warned over 50 plus times about Hell, so extreme were His warnings it was better to go into The Kingdom maimed or a amputee .

    I'm going to do my personal best to side with The Creator and avoid that place.

    Case Closed for me.

    I'm simple like that.
    Honor The Most High, Keep His Commandments and all will go well with you.

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