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Thread: Vanishing in the wilderness

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    Re: Vanishing in the wilderness

    More on the Colorado bear attack More at link

    Bear attacks camp staffer at Glacier View Ranch Christian retreat northwest of Boulder

    Eric Lupher, Amanda del Castillo
    UPDATE: Officials said Monday they have killed a bear believed to be the one that attacked a camper. Get the latest details here.

    BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- Parks and wildlife officials are looking for a dangerous bear that attacked a Christian camp staffer and dragged him roughly ten feet from his campsite in Boulder County early Sunday morning.
    The attack happened around 4 a.m. at Glacier View Ranch, a Christian camp site located northwest of Boulder in the Town of Ward.
    Officials told Denver7 the 19-year-old staffer, named Dylan, woke up to the bear biting his head and trying to drag him away. Fellow staffers tried to scare the bear away to save the teen's life. The animal eventually left on its own.
    "The crunching noise, I guess, was the teeth scraping against the skull as it dug in," Dylan told Denver7's Amanda del Castillo.
    Dylan said he and four other staffers were in sleeping bags along the camp's lakefront.
    "It grabbed me like this and pulled me. Then it bit the back of my head and drug me," he said, pointing to scars on his forehead.
    Dylan said the bear dragged him ten to 12-feet away before he was able to free himself. "When it was dragging me, that was the slowest part. It felt like it went forever."
    Wilderness Survival is something he is very familiar with, teaching the subject at camp.
    "I'm not afraid of the bears. I'm not afraid of sleeping outside anymore. You just have to be aware and respect the animals," Dylan said.
    Following the attack, Dylan was taken to a hospital and has already been released, according to Jennifer Churchill with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
    Dan Hansen, director for the Glacier View Ranch, told Denver7 the bear wandered into the main area of campus where several staff members were sleeping. "Unprovoked, the bear proceeded to attack one staff member," he said.
    "Campers were not threatened or involved at any time," Hansen said in a press release obtained by Denver7.
    A summer camp program at Glacier View Ranch will continue through July 16, Hansen said in a statement, adding that staff is trained for contact, interaction and incidents with wildlife including moose, wild cats and bears.

    But Park and Wildlife officials said that "the dangerous bear is still in the wild" and has not been caught by authorities. Officials are asking outdoor enthusiasts to be extra vigilant.

    This most recent bear encounter comes after four bears were killed in the Durango area on Wednesday.
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    Re: Vanishing in the wilderness

    Quote Originally Posted by monty View Post
    That was the only link I had any luck with. No details on just exactly what he did to fight off the bear. The Ranger said it was not common behavior for a Black Bear. If you were to say something is not common human behavior, it would sure cover a lot of ground.

    Large predators do have typical behavior patterns but they are individuals subject to different levels of curiosity, temper, agressiveness etc.

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    Re: Vanishing in the wilderness

    Another video here done by Rusty West of ten disappearances in national and state parks. I see in the comments that person #10 Andrew McCracken has been found and is home with his family. No explanation of why he disappeared in the news story at this link though.

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