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Thread: Dachsie's Turbo Queso

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    Dachsie's Turbo Queso

    I invented this recipe and it is super good. It is a high quality queso recipe and better than any restaurant version.

    Keep always on hand ...

    bags of finely grated cheddar or other natural cheeses - most grocers sell 8 and 16 ounce bags of various cheeses - in fridge

    container of heavy whipping cream - in fridge

    cans of diced tomatoes and green chilis - can is about 6 ounces I think - my favorite brand is Roi Tel Fire Roasted - is medium hot

    Here is the recipe...

    Dachsie's Turbo Queso

    You can make this in under two minutes and it is delicious and better than any restaurant queso.

    In a microwaveable dish or pan

    throw in a handful of finely shredded cheddar or other shredded natural cheese

    throw in one can WELL DRAINED of your favorite diced tomatoes with green chilis - I like RoiTel Fire Roasted

    Pour in about 1/4 to 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream and

    Stir and zap in microwave for a little over one minute.

    Stir and serve hot.

    You can play with this recipe to get the desired thickness by adjusting amount of cream.
    You can adjust the hot taste by your choice of canned diced tomatoes and chilis or the amount of that you put in your recipe.

    After a few tries, you can eyeball this and get it just right to your liking.

    Dipping chips in this is not its only use. You can put this over scrambled eggs, or use over beans or in other savory Mexican food.

    The reason this recipe works so well is that the heavy cream melts smoothly with the cheese so that you end up with a very creamy queso. The only lumps are the bits of tomatoes and chilis.

    Happy fast food adventures to all.

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    Re: Dachsie's Turbo Queso

    I am going to send my son and my daughter a copy. The are both green chile fanatics
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    Re: Dachsie's Turbo Queso

    thanks dach, timely post, as i've been wasting a lot of food trying to make some great queso. hopefully this is it. to date i havent been able to beat the old standard ro-tel velveeta base

    funny thing about mexican restaurants -- the best ones have shit for queso. if you want great queso it is at the crappy gringo meskin places

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    Re: Dachsie's Turbo Queso

    Sounds alot like the Nachos i make in the microwave, sin the heavy whipping cream.

    Gotta get the cheapest and largest corn chips they make, so cheap that they're without salt or anything on them.

    Diced smoked Ham always works well there too.

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