Listened to this interesting guest, Mitch Feierstein, on SGTreport today. Just seemed very good to me.


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Published on Jul 26, 2017

Mitch Feierstein returns to SGT report with an urgent warning, get ready for the free fall collapse. We are in a euphoric bubble blow off top, Mitch says. "I've been talking about the Swiss national bank intervening in the equities markets along with the European central bank buying corporate bonds, which allows companies to buy their stocks back, which pushes the markets even higher, inflating the bubbles. it's a bubble machine. How could anything go wrong in an environment like this when you have unlimited money printing going on? Bad things happen when you print money."

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Here is the article by the guest as discussed in this show.

Central Banks – An EXPLOSION Heard ‘Round The World

Mitchell Feierstein, the author of Planet Ponzi and proprietor of kindly submitted this original article exclusively for SGT Report readers.

by Mitchell Feierstein,, via SGT Report:

Why global central bankers’ great monetary experiment is about to explode.

During the past ten years, we have witnessed unprecedented manipulation of stock, bond, and property prices by global central banks. The inflation of these grotesque asset bubbles will not end well as indicators in the USA point towards an economic recession. SNIP


I like the host of SGTreport but I noticed what I perceive as one tragic flaw in this show. When explaining what happened to Building 7 on 9-11 he referenced an article by Kevin Ryan who promotes the false notion of "explosive nanothermite", Dr. Steven Jones' nonsense theory.