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Thread: "Shit is going down..."

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    Re: "Shit is going down..."

    Quote Originally Posted by old steel View Post
    Here is the interview Pat.

    Is Wells just throwing out BS? He says Wiener should come clean and admit he's coming clean so he doesn't burn for eternity. Wiener is a filthy jew. Wells completely ignores the chosenites. All about masons.
    “Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses. It is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
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    "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
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    Re: "Shit is going down..."

    I don't believe the Rothschilds are real jews they are Askenazi Zionists that worship Satan and use jews as a shield, when they are done with them they will burn them, it's all in the Bible.

    John is well acquainted with Zionists that support the chosen ones, like Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi.

    Just for the record, i highly dislike Zionists because without their support the chosen ones wouldn't have near the power they do as people have seen them since Biblical times as the filthy scum of the earth that they are which is why they have been kicked out of every country on the planet since anyone began keeping records.

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    Re: "Shit is going down..."

    This is a well thought out read, off the great awakening on reddit.

    Today we are solving the puzzle from Q1408 to Q1414 made of the following picture sequence: Imgur
    It is a little long but only because I thought this puzzle was a good opportunity to address issues that are still unclear for many. We will for example explain in this post what really happened in Las Vegas according to Q and how the Deep State is maintained.

    This puzzle is the hint Q is giving in response to an anon’s very interesting theory relative to the bad actor pallets in the pictures Q posted in the Q1308-Q1310 riddle. This riddle was solved in previous posts link1 Link2 and was an instance where the bad actor equipment in the pallets originated in the US and was blocked in Washington DC.

    In this new puzzle, Q is describing the other instance where the equipment does not originate in the United States (China here) and successfully reaches its destination but with a little twist…

    Let’s analyze the picture sequence using the respective image names:

    Picture 1.
    1X: pallets carried by China Airlines.

    Picture 2. Foxconn ZZ: this is the Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant in central China.
    Picture 3. X10: we now know the content of the pallets: iphone X10s. Important: Q provides a picture INSIDE the plant. This means Q has infiltrated the plant.
    Picture 4 & 5. Clas1 & Clas2: The equipment is repackaged. Why? Because it was modified by Foxconn to add the required security features to ensure secured comms. It can now be shipped to its final destination: distribution to the bad actors.
    Picture 6. LV remove: We can see the Mandala Bay in the picture. This is relative to the October 1st 2017 shooting at the Mandala Bay. Reading correctly Q92 gives us a clear understanding of what happened that night: Trump had a classified meeting with Crown Prince Salman in the top floor penthouse of the hotel.

    The main advantage of owning the top floor of a hotel is access to the helicopter landing pad that allows extra security measures and entering the hotel without being seen. One of the owners of the top floor being Prince Al Waleed, we can safely assume he was made aware of Prince Salman’s date of presence there. The attack of the penthouse was conducted by members of MS13 and all the eyewitnesses who saw what really happened were later eliminated.

    The reference to the JFK files is a hint the final purpose of the MS13 mission was to assassinate Trump. One of the ways that was used to kill eyewitnesses was to cause car accidents through electronic remote control, as Wikileaks revealed about the CIA. From this, Q is inferring a rogue part of the CIA was involved in this assassination attempt, in complicity with bad actors in Saudi Arabia among whom Prince Al Waleed and Prince Mansour bin Muqrin who was later reportedly killed in a helicopter crash north of Yemen border. LV remove: Prince Salman was successfully removed by the US Military and safely flown back to Saudi Arabia. November 4th 2017, pay back: under the disguise of fighting corruption, Prince Salman undertakes the largest political purge of the Kingdom’s history.
    He arrests Prince Al Waleed along with other high profile personalities of the kingdom and hundreds of government officials.

    Why did prince Salman wait for a month to make theses arrests? Because this needed to happen: Imgur

    In the Middle East, being counted at an invitation is a big deal. Absence means disrespect or opposition. Prince Salman skillfully gathered all the relevant people of the Kingdom by extending personal invitations to his conference, then grounded all the private jets and used the very facility where the conference was held to detain all his targets. Slick…

    We all know what happened next. Despite this video where detained Prince Al Waleed claims everything is fine (with the mug standing out as a secret opposite message to his friends), Q informs us what really happened behind the scenes was the shutdown of a major source of financing for bad actors and the gathering of critical intel:

    Q539 He doesn't have 6b. We froze his assets. Think logically. When does a BIRD TALK? Q
    It seems the Trump prophecy in his following tweet is now fulfilled… link.

    Picture 7.
    This is the NASA Space Shuttle. Q is hinting at the shuttle program terminated by President Obama in 2011 and that caused the US to lose space dominance as revealed in Q437. In the same post, we learn how HRC sold access to her private server hosting Nasa tech, Missile tech and Special Access Program documents in return of contributions to her foundation. We know from the Wikileaks Podesta emails that President Obama was aware of the existence of the private server and used it. So we have made a full circle on his 2011 shuttle program termination decision: weaken the United States and empower foreign countries. For what? To facilitate a future invasion of the United States! Stretch? No. It’s right here:

    Q570 KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) - RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)

    You want the cherry on the pie? It’s in Q1338. Watch in all its glory what can be achieved when coupling space dominance and social media tech: Imgur If China can do this with its population, what would prevent them from doing the same with US citizens if we are helpless in space? Q suggests we should explore further: plug in a few missiles, lasers or weaponized drones to the system and you have the whole US population at gun point, in selective mode…

    Let that sink in for a minute.

    Fortunately, Trump is fixing the problem: Tweet

    Q443 It's coming back in a big way. Space is critical to our NAT SEC. Was terminated for a specific reason. Godspeed, Patriot. Q

    Picture 8.
    Guardian P. Guardian of the Pope. This is the most challenging part of the puzzle. We have a picture of an owl and this cryptic “Guardian of the Pope”. We make the first connection between “Guardian” and “Pope” with this article released the same day by The Guardian and titled: All Chilean bishops offer their resignation over sexual abuse cover-up. We learn in this article: “Chile’s bishops have offered to resign en masse over a sexual abuse and cover-up scandal that has embroiled Pope Francis and has been highly damaging to the Catholic church”. Vatican, pedophilia, Pope, cover up… Nothing new under the sun.

    Let’s keep that in the back of our head and find another connection.

    Let’s now focus on the owl. Walking around in Google, we find this interesting link about collectable stamps with one of its collection named “Owls: Guardian of the Night”. Looking further in the article, we find other relevant keywords and are able to make the following connections: Imgur
    There you have it.

    This owl/Guardian of the Pope is the clue that leads us directly to Hillary Clinton who is currently in New Zealand:

    Q1320 Why is HRC in NZ? Is NZ part of 5 Eyes?
    So let’s recap the connections we have so far: Pope - pedophilia - HRC - NZ

    Now in Q1336 Q reveals some AMAZING information answering to the Q1320 question: Why is HRC in NZ? We learn that US Dignitaries still hold their security clearances even if they are out of Office! They can use their still valid security clearances to access, view and even retrieve classified documents! Yes! But it’s worse: when they use their security clearances in one the other 4 Five Eye countries, there is no log, no flag and no record of their interaction with classified material!!! Q says:

    Q1336 Welcome to the Deep State.

    This is how the Deep State is created and maintained: the recycling of former US Dignitaries into a group of people, free as birds, traveling around the world with top security clearances and unverified access to classified material. It seems one of our next relevant fights will probably be: #releasetheclearance…

    Now what do they do with this? Q gives us the answer, right here:
    Q1336 Clinton Foundation. Post Election Loss. Layoffs. No Access / Control = No Donations Today. NZ Donation Restart. Others? Why? 1) Selling Secrets? 2) Selling 'Future' Access [regain control/power]? 3) Selling Silence?

    Wow. They monetize it! The Clinton Foundation stopped receiving donations after the election because HRC could not offer access to classified information anymore. So? She goes to NZ, one of the other 4 Five Eye countries and from there can log into the US classified information system, retrieve what she wants to retrieve without being detected and… sell it. This is what Q calls option (1). The 2 other options are (2) to sell future access by convincing people that Trump would be out of office soon or (3) to sell silence on former illegal transactions like the ones described here with the Rothschilds through the UK and Australia:

    Q479 How much did AUS donate to CF?
    Q479 Who controls AUS? Who really controls AUS? UK? Why is this relevant? Q
    Q484 Coincidence all donations to the CF terminated post defeat? What did AUS/UK obtain in exchange for all that money? Where do majority of Rothschilds reside?

    Or this one, much more sinister, describing how donations to the Clinton Foundation were done in exchange of the supply of… children:
    Q867 Why are the children in Haiti in high demand? How are they smuggled out? ‘Adoption’ process. Local ‘staging’ ports friendly to CF? Track donations.

    This is where we go full circle and understand the connection Pope – pedophilia – HRC.

    Now, why the owl? Most of you already know the occult significance of the owl and its relation to child sacrifice: Q188, Q189, Bohemian Grove… I will therefore focus on another attribute of the owl: its extraordinary night vision capabilities. Video. From this, we deduce Q is letting us know that even though HRC went dark through the external Five Eye system, he was still able to see her, in HD...


    Now that all the pieces of the puzzle have been clearly described and explained, let’s piece everything together:
    The purpose of these pictures is for Q to send the message to the bad actors that despite their efforts relative to adding unregistered security features to their devices and hide behind the external Five Eye surveillance layer, he was still able to collect all their communications. Through the infiltration of the very factory where these additions were made, Q was able to hijack these devices. This secret technical operation enabled him to conduct constant global surveillance and achieve 3 things:

    1. the gathering of the intel that made the Las Vegas assassination attempt unsuccessful. Let’s notice Trump let that attempt happen so that the Saudi Crown Prince would go home determined to do his purge without hesitation;
    2. the gathering of the intel on how classified material and Special Access Program tech was retrieved and sold to third parties;
    3. the gathering of the intel on human trafficking and the supply of children within the international pedophile network.

    Q is essentially sending this message: we now have everything to charge you for Assassination Attempt on a Sitting President of the United States, Treason and Human Trafficking.

    Pick a crime. Any crime.
    Q1222 We have it all. Q

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