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Thread: Mass Shooting @ California School, At Least 5 dead.

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    Re: Mass Shooting @ California School, At Least 5 dead.

    I'd rather just carpet bomb the entire southern half of the state back to the stone age if its all the same to you!
    Quote Originally Posted by Dachsie View Post
    Have no idea what part of this is true and what part is false.

    I understand California would like to secede.

    Swell idea.

    Let them build their three sided border wall and allow one way traffic in for all illegal aliens - no questions asked.

    Nobody can leave there into the USA without establishing firm immigration status for passport.

    Then let the people's republic of Mexicalia confiscate all guns except those of the illegal aliens.

    Then let them cook in their own putrid compost pile.
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    Re: Mass Shooting @ California School, At Least 5 dead.

    Just shows your wing nut side, now the question is are you a right hand threaded or left hand threaded nut, note your first will thought will be political, no! more like are you human? some need to be killed at birth some sort of thing. The hard ones can be called antisocial psychopaths that only think fo them sefs and the hell with the rest of the world.

    I think I just adoped a new kitten, long hair black one,,,I love dogs, and I cherish cats it is their independence ? dam good question. May post the story on another thread, maybe later, but probably not..

    Dam it the world has enough psychopaths, let alone members here.

    Kittty kitty, Dam it think it is male, and eye dropping hansom, the real question will he ? be smart enough not to be hit by any cars and live into a good old age? Kats are kats dontuknow.

    Lets get back to responding to our resident psychos they are many here now.


    Dam I forgot how much a kitten can be fun, now the question iscan it be trained?
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