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Thread: Polymet Mining

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    Re: Polymet Mining

    You’re gonna get rich as trolls
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    Re: Polymet Mining

    Looks like the key obstacle to the mine moving forward has just been resolved:

    PolyMet land swap with Forest Service to close June 28

    "...PolyMet Mining Co. this morning said it has received notice from the U.S. Forest Service that the land exchange for the company's proposed mine north of Hoyt Lakes will officially close June 28, giving PolyMet title to the mine site..."

    Meanwhile, PolyMet is awaiting state and federal permits to build and operate the mine and processing center at the site of the former LTV Steel Mining taconite plant.The company also must secure nearly $1 billion to build the project..."

    Glencore will likely buyout once the permits are granted. From what I recall, permits were basically awaiting the land exchange (JQP).
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