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Thread: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

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    Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

    Anna von Reitz
    December 3 at 3:20pm
    Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One

    There have been so many piteous outcries coming in from people who are totally confused or partially befuddled that I have once again faced the necessity of sitting down at my computer and.....

    Step 1: Sit down and look at your "Birth Certificate" and understand what it is and how it functions.

    It has two basic functions. First, it is an Insurance Indemnity Receipt which is required under the Lieber Code/Hague Conventions. They have to give you an indemnity receipt for the property they are stealing from you--- essentially an insurance policy guaranteeing that your property won't be harmed as a result of their use of it.

    This makes you the "Subrogee" --- the Insured Party and Priority Creditor of your own ESTATE holdings. This process of "registration" (as opposed to "recording") creates a separate PERSON named after your Given Trade Name, yet owned and operated by a franchise of the MUNICIPAL UNITED STATES--- the separate government of Washington, DC, operated as an international city-state by the members o Congress.

    When you get your BC "Authenticated" by the United States of America State Department you find out for sure which federal corporation is issuing the BIRTH CERTIFICATE you have been issued. In most cases it will be a STATE OF STATE, like THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, but in some cases will be a federal department, such as THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.

    Second, the Birth Certificate is a Bond---literally. It is a bond issued against the value of the ESTATE (or more recently, Public Transmitting Utility) assets that belong to you. A bond is an I.O.U. --- a promise to pay under stipulated conditions. You have the certificate proving that you are the actual owner of the assets being bonded, but until and unless you claim your exemption from their system of things, the benefit of the bond goes to the STATE OF STATE or DEPARTMENT that is insuring your purloined property against loss or damage.

    Now notice a couple other things about your Birth Certificate that prove that what I am telling you is true.

    A. There are two prominent dates displayed on the certificate. One is your actual birth day. The other is the "File Date" when the PERSON (a corporate municipal franchise) was created and replaced you as the beneficiary of your own assets. So you, the living man or woman, have a birth day--- and the corporate franchise "PERSON" named after you has a birth date which is always a few days or weeks after your birth day. In effect, the BIRTH CERTIFICATE records the "death" of your claim to own your own estate and Trade Name, and the "birth" of the federal PERSON's claim upon your assets. You are always the Holder-in-Due-Course, the Party having the first claim (first in line, first in time) to the Trade Name and Estate, but if you don't claim it, or know how to claim it, you are out of luck and disinherited.

    B. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is signed by the Registrar -- an Officer of the Probate Court, which proves that your estate was probated. The living American state national, for example, the Minnesotan named William Bales Jensen, was taken off the title of his natural estate and his natural nationality and political status was changed to that of "WILLIAM BALES JENSEN" ---a federal Municipal franchise corporation and "citizen of the United States"---- that is, a citizen under the Diversity Clause of the old Federal Code which allows corporations to be citizens..

    C. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is issued on bond paper, giving you "silent Notice" that the assets named on the face of the document --- your unlawfully converted estate assets including the copyright to your Trade Name, your land, your labor, everything that you could ever own--- has been seized upon and bonded by the organization issuing the certificate.

    D. The process of false probate just described results in the unlawful conversion of your name and estate assets, makes you a "US citizen" instead of an "American state national", removes you from the jurisdiction of the land and deprives you of your constitutional protections, makes you indebted and obligated to pay the bills of foreign corporations, and otherwise plays havoc with you and your entire country.

    E. This is done without your knowledge or consent, without your parent's knowledge or consent, and the people doing this to you are on your payroll, supposed to be rendering you Good Faith service the whole while. Because you don't know that this is being done to you and that these false claims against you are being made, you have no opportunity to object to them, much less delve through it to rebut all these lies and claim your exemption and exercise your indemnity.

    Now a few further notes:

    For many years the vermin seized upon your Given Christian Trade Name, just as you were taught to print it in First Grade with a first name, middle name, and last name all written in Upper and Lower Case like this: John Michael Doe.

    Their federal franchise was structured as a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust operated under the same name written in all capital letters: JOHN MICHAEL DOE.

    Most recently, the vermin have tried to change their stripes and instead of creating their fictional PERSONS as Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trusts, they have been creating Public Transmitting Utility franchises named after you. How can you tell the difference?

    The ESTATE trusts are all named with the full first, middle, and last names appearing in all capital letters: JOHN MICHAEL DOE. The PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES all appear with only a Middle Initial, but still in all capital letters: JOHN M. DOE.

    Please note that any name in any style that uses only a Middle Initial is not a legal name. It is meaningless and void for lack of specificity. Was that John Michael Doe or John Mark Doe or John Marvin Doe or John Maxwell Doe or.....or....or....

    You can always call the vermin on that, because lack of specificity destroys the existence of any jurisdiction actual or fictional. A claim against such a named entity can only stand if you just assume it is your name and accept the charges without objection.

    This technicality is not the essence of the problem nor your strongest defense. This is just to point out that what they are doing is blatantly, obviously, on-the-face-of-it-illegal, and you don't need any rocket science to prove that it is, nor any other cause to object. If you raise this objection and they proceed against you, they are dead meat upon appeal --- a fact that may not be known to you, but which is written in stone above their heads: if you don't properly identify the parties, you have no claim.

    Now that you know what the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is and what its functions are, it will make more sense to you that you need to get it verified as a genuine document ---and this is where the process of authentication comes in.

    Why "authentication" and why not an "apostile" nor a "certification"?

    Countries that are signers on the Hague Conventions use apostiles to verify genuine documents passing between themselves. Countries that are not part of the Hague Conventions use authentication for the same purpose. Certification is an "in-house" domestic equivalent of a guarantee and isn't strong enough for international use.

    The United States of America never signed the Hague Conventions. The United States did.

    As a result, documents issued by or pertaining to The United States of America and its international functions have to be "authenticated" while documents issued by or pertaining to the United States have to "apostiled". Both processes serve the same purpose of verifying the record and the paper.

    When you act as an American state national you are acting under the auspices of The United States of America, so when you are ready to reclaim your assets and exercise your exemptions, you use documents that are authenticated.

    If you were an actual federal employee or dependent and acting under the auspices of the United States, Inc. as a franchise of the Municipal government or as a citizen of the Territorial government (either one) you would use documents that are apostiled.

    All that is the reason why you go through the turkey trot of getting your records officially verified and why you need to do this correctly.

    I recommend getting at least two if not three copies of your Birth Certificate ordered from the Vital Statistics people. Keep one and send two to the State Secretary of State and ask for an "authentication" to do business in Indonesia--- a non-Hague Convention country. They will add a cover sheet, signature, and seal guaranteeing that the attached BC is genuine.

    Next, take the state-authenticated documents and send them to the United States of America Secretary of State's Office in DC and request the same service --- authentication of the BC for use in Indonesia.

    Each authentication requires a small fee. At the end of the day, you get back a three page document --- the original BC you got from Vital Statistics, the State Secretary of State's cover page, and on top of that, a yellow, heavy-weight cover page from the USA Secretary of State's Office.

    That yellow page verifies the authenticity of the State Secretary of State's guarantee and it tells you explicitly which federal entity--STATE OF STATE franchise or DEPARTMENT--- issued the indemnity receipt and is responsible for guaranteeing your exemption from all this rot.

    Now, finally, you have the proof in your hand of what has been done to you, who did it, and who is liable for it. You have the lawn mower, and now all you need is the gas.

    Anna von Reitz
    December 4 at 2:46am
    Step by Step-- Part Two-- The Gas

    So you now know what the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is and how it functions and why you authenticate it.

    What else do you need to reclaim your identity and your Holder-In-Due Course/Subrogee/Priority Creditor status?

    You have to correct the omission your parents made and record your Common Law copyright to your own name.

    The Session Laws of every State --- federated or not --- contain language guaranteeing your right to establish a Common Law copyright to your Assumed Name.

    Please note: I said "Session Laws"---- not "statutes".

    Also note that the correct description of your Upper and Lower case name, First Middle Last, as in: Michael John Doe, is properly known as a "Trade Name" or a "Given Name" and this style of name is known as a "bicameral" name.

    It is "assumed" in the sense that when you came into this world you didn't have a name and were given one, but there are other kinds of assumed names including pen names and noms de guerre and corporate names, too.

    The Session Laws include all these kinds of names under the blanket description "assumed names".

    The name your parents gave you, your given Trade Name, has to be reclaimed and copyrighted and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of the state where you were born, together with all styles, orders, forms, punctuations, variations, abbreviations and other derivatives of your basic Trade Name.

    This is done by recording your claim and Certificate of Assumed Name in a land recording office or a postal district court or both. Please note that a "recording" is different from a "registration".

    You record a deed because it references a land asset. People and their names are naturally land assets, too: for dust Thou art and to dust returneth-- and so of course are other actual, factual things such as rocks and trees and farm fields and houses and dogs and cats--- all land assets.

    Now, I have shared examples of CERTIFICATES OF ASSUMED NAMES on my website that people can observe and use as templates to create their own documents simply by replacing the names, dates, addresses, etc. with their own.

    These examples cite the Session Laws of Alaska and Washington State simply because that is where they happened to be brought. Other states have their own Session Laws regarding ASSUMED NAMES which guarantee your Common Law copyright, so if you live in Minnesota or Florida or some other State, by all means consider spending an afternoon at a law library or hiring a paralegal to dig through and find the "local" Session Law and cite that in addition to the Alaska and Washington State laws.

    That said, the Doctrine of Equal Protection mandates that a protection provided in one state must be provided in all states of the Union, and if you absolutely cannot find the right Session Law for your state, you may rely on the citations provided from Washington and Alaska.

    Some land recording offices object and refuse to file any record that doesn't include the Session Law reference for their State; this is either ignorance or guile on the parts of the Clerks who don't know the difference between Session Laws and Statutes--- but no matter.

    You are not dependent on the Land Recording Offices to record your claims.

    It's nice if you can get it on the Public Record that way, but not critical.

    You can use the Post Office to create a record of your claim by sending yourself a Registered Letter containing a wet-ink original copy of the CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME. This is called a "Record Copy". When you receive the Registered Letter that you sent to yourself, you don't open it. You tuck it away in a file folder along with your own file copy of the CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME.

    If there is ever a question or you are forced to go to court, you certify a black and white copy of the CERTIFICATE from your file as "true, correct, and complete" and sign off on this as the "Document Custodian". Then take your unopened Registered Letter to court as proof. Wave it at the Judge. If the judge has temerity enough to open your letter (which he won't) he has to certify the Record Copy on the record of the court upon your request and that seals the doom of any claim against your claim.

    You can further back up your claim by placing a briefly stated Public Notice in the local newspaper(s). Just a couple sentences will do, for example, "The Trade Name "William Henry Doe" has been returned and re-conveyed to its natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of New Hampshire effective March 2nd 1950; Doe, Wm. Henry, Fiduciary, in care of 4109 Fairfield Street, Oxford Massachusetts, 01540."

    Wave the newspaper clippings showing the dates of publication at the judge, too.

    Please note that the examples of the CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME that are provided on my website include a permanent standing claim of the writ of Habeas Corpus, which allows you to come in and commandeer their courts if they address you improperly.

    With your Authenticated Birth Certificate and your recorded CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME firmly in hand, you are now ready to mow the grass.

    Or maybe I should liken it to saying the magic words:

    "I claim the writ of Habeas Corpus allowing me to operate in this court while maintaining my true position and domicile on the land of these United States. I am the living Subrogee and Priority Creditor of the DEFENDANT. I claim all exemptions and bonds related to this case contract number and as an innocent Third Party controlling interest move the court to dismiss these allegations for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted."

    This is a fancy way of saying that any money owed by the DEFENDANT is owed to you, not them, and that they don't have the jurisdiction to make any claims favoring themselves or to say jack-diddly-squat otherwise.

    This works in all cases regardless of what the case may be, so long as you have not murdered anyone (in which case the Prosecutor stands for the injured party) or actually injured a living man or woman or their property.

    This works on all cases brought against YOU including foreclosure cases, child custody cases, statutory crimes, traffic tickets, tax cases--- anything bogus that does not actually involve a living Injured Party who is willing to stand up in court and accuse you of actual injury to them or their private property--- and so long as you are not in fact a federal citizen.

    So there at last is your Administrative Process which frees you from the dread of these liars and flim-flam artists. In fact, unless you are actually a federal citizen, I recommend that you just stay home and send the Judge and the Court Clerk a nice, polite Registered Letter in lieu of appearing physically at all.

    Just take black and white photocopies of your Authenticated BC, your CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME, the mailing receipts, mark everything "private and confidential", certify it all as "true, complete, and correct" as the Document Holder, and explain that you don't exist in their jurisdiction and don't acquiesce to their jurisdiction and object to having their court mis-address you. Note that you are the Holder in Due Course of your Trade Name and Estate and all Derivatives thereof---and request that they drop all charges and return the balance of any court bonds to you, the Subrogee and Priority Creditor of the DEFENDANT at the address shown above, sincerely......

    So long as you provide a polite answer nobody can accuse you of being in contempt of court, and so long as you reply to a summons in proper character there is no basis for issuing a warrant.

    And if by any chance they ignore the facts and continue their prosecution, start thumping on the military authorities, especially the US Army, which is supposed to be riding herd on the Bar. Instead, they have been letting the Bar ride herd on them. They have entrusted this function to Provost Marshals who are all members of the Bar, so they have the foxes guarding the other foxes and the hen house at the same time--- a situation that has to stop.

    Start banging your dishes on the floor like angry dogs and demand that the Army get up off its complacent rump, read Title IV, then read Title XXXVII and realize the crimes that these disguised "Uniformed Officers" --- conscripted doctors-- are being forced to commit in hospitals throughout America and then finally read their own Field Manuals. It's all there in black and white.

    We, the American states and people, are being subjected to vicious crimes--- press-ganging, identity theft, kidnapping, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, forced enslavement and conscription, mis-characterization of our nationality and political status, virulent fraud and racketeering, genocide on paper--- at the hands of people on our payroll, by attorneys operating outside their jurisdiction, and by banks operating as crime syndicates on our shores--- and the US Army and the Coast Guard which are both specifically tasked to protect us from all this are part of the problem.

    They have let the "Rat Problem" get totally out of control and have failed to protect us and our actual borders.

    So, given this overall deplorable circumstance, please tell me what we are paying billions upon billions of dollars in "national security" expenses for? It's like paying for a fur coat and being given a Do-It-Yourself paper raincoat instead.

    But I digress.... you now know exactly what has been done and how you need to reply to it, and if the Bar members do anything but the right thing, you now know who to complain to.

    Time to mow the lawn, America, and do a damn good job.

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    Re: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

    Supreme Court says a U.S. Citizen is a Corporate Entity (I didn’t research these cases to check the accuracy of the following quotes) page 7 of 9.

    S.C.R. 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators 3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3
    Dall. 54; and,
    b. "the contracts between them" involve U.S. citizens, which are deemed as Corporate Entities:
    c. "Therefore, the U.S. citizens residing in one of the states of the union,
    are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an "individual
    entity"", Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L.Ed. 1143, 56 S.Ct. 773
    "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State"

    "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the most Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." July 4, 1776

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    Re: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

    The United States is a contract government providing services for the 50 Nation States. Most of the services they are providing us we don't need or want.
    We need to tell them NO, we don't want this.

    02/08/2018 09:00 PM EST
    EPISODE 458 - Anna Von Reitz & Bob Lock

    2:50 Anna Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.
    5:10 Mandatory Notice
    16:30 Three governments, Federal, Territorial, Municipal
    28:00 Goods and services provided by gov that nobody wants
    30;00 Income Tax origins; Income is an accrual of corporations.
    41:00 Mandatory Notice;
    43:50 Deed of Reconveyance Bring your Trade Name back from international jurisdiction to the land and soil of your State
    48 Anna copyrighted her own property name to her metes and bounds. The courts take your property based on owning the name of your property.
    1:13:00 Essential Steps
    Anna's way; Deed of Reconveyance, then add extensions to that Deed, for Cert of Assumed Name, Control the debtor names, Mandatory Notice, Paramount Claim (Kurt Kallenbach) Habeas Corpus
    Two ways courts can attach you are perjury and contempt of court.
    Duty to inform - Give court info and mandatory notice.
    1:30 Claim your Trade Name and the Debtor Names (All Caps) use UCC1
    2nd: Then file a lein on the UCC1, non-ucc
    3rd: file a UCC1 Agricultural lein on everything including your land
    make sure your deed of reconveyance is done first.
    do reconveyance where you live and send notice to county probate court where you were born

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    Re: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two (Need to open this to see it.)

    Many of us already have. We are operating the actual American Government -- the unincorporated
    United States of America, not USA, Inc.
    It basically comes down to this: the copyright to your Trade Name has not been recorded, it has only
    been registered (as chattel belonging to Bubba, which he borrowed against).
    To reclaim your Good Name, you need to go back and acknowledge, accept, and re-convey your Trade
    Name to the land jurisdiction of your birth (Deed of Re-conveyance), then your Common Law
    Copyright to your own name/NAMES and variations thereof, effective with the day you were born,
    and permanently domiciling your Name/Name on the land and soil of the state where you were born.
    These two easily recorded documents correct your public records, so that you can be identified as
    Cousin Joe, and your assets can be held harmless and returned to you from the bankruptcy Slush Pile
    that Cousin Bubba is offering his creditors.

    The Deed of Re-Conveyance is just a simple statement to the effect:
    "I acknowledge, accept, and permanently re-convey my lawful given Trade Name,
    (for example) John Michael Doe, to the land and soil of Florida, where I was born, effective (for example) January 3, 1965,"

    that you sign in front of a Notary Witness.
    Attach the Common Law Copyright (example provided) as a separate
    "Extension" to the Deed of Re-Conveyance. And you are done. (need to open this)

    If you want to be extremely explicit, you can additionally attach an Act of Expatriation as another
    "Extension" to the Deed of Re-Conveyance.

    "You" are now officially established and standing on the land jurisdiction of the sovereign State --- in
    the above case, --- Florida, and so are your various Names/NAMES which derive from your given
    Trade Name.

    As such, you are now recognizable as a Protected Person and as Cousin Joe, the Priority Creditor of
    Cousin Bubba, not just some unknown strange guy called Joe who looks kinda familiar.....

    The bankruptcy Trustees have to dig your assets out of Bubba's bankruptcy and set them aside.

    Notify The United States District Court for the District of Columbia, US Bankruptcy Trustees, and
    send them certified copies (obtained at the time you record your documents) of your Re-Conveyance
    and Copyright. Do this via Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

    We have tested this method of securing your name and estate and it has worked 100% of the time
    with much less muss and fuss than other methods, including methods we used ourselves in the past.
    Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
    Sections 1605 and 1607
    18 USC 2333
    18 USC 1341 and 1342
    This MANDATORY NOTICE is provided to all Territorial United States District and State and County
    Courts, their officers, clerks, bailiffs, sheriffs, deputies, and employees and all Municipal Appointees
    including their DISTRICT, STATE, and COUNTY COURTS, their OFFICERS and EMPLOYEES:
    The vessels doing business as John Raymond Doe, JOHN RAYMOND DOE, JOHN R. DOE, together with
    all derivatives and permutations and punctuations of these names, are not acting in any federal
    territorial or municipal capacity and have not knowingly or willingly acted in any such capacity since the
    day of nativity: January 12, 1940. All vessels are duly claimed by the Holder in Due Course and held
    under published Common Law Copyright since January 12, 1940.
    These vessels are publishing MANDATORY NOTICE that they are Foreign Sovereigns from the Georgia
    state of The United States of America. This is your MANDATORY NOTICE that these above-named
    vessels are owed all material rights, duties, exemptions, insurances, treaties, bonds, agreements, and
    guarantees including indemnity and full faith and credit; you are also hereby provided with
    MANDATORY NOTICE that these vessels are not subject to Territorial or Municipal United States law
    and are owed The Law of Peace, Department of the Army Pamphlet 27-161-1, from all Territorial and
    Municipal Officers and employees who otherwise have no permission to approach or address them.
    Any harm resulting from trespass upon these vessels or the use of fictitious names or titles related to
    them shall be subject to full commercial liability and penalties: 18 USC 2333, 18 USC 1341 and 1342.
    So said, signed, and sealed this 5th day of May in Franklin County, Wisconsin, The United States of
    By: John Raymond Doe--(right thumbprint).
    Doe, John Raymond
    c/o 3523 Springhill Drive, #8
    Fairfax, Wisconsin 55619

    By Anna Von Reitz
    A lot of people have been confused about claiming their name using State Session
    Laws. The example I am posting here is for a name in Alaska--- but every state in
    the Union has similar provisions. You simply have to search your own state's Session
    Laws (not Statutes-- Session Laws) or hire a Paralegal to search the material related
    to Assumed Names to find your state's retained remedy.

    To a limited extent you can use this example as a template:

    C/O Lee, Michael Jon, Administrator
    BIG LAKE, ALASKA 99652

    Returnee – LEE certificate of ownership

    Law Rights” AND AS 10.35.030 (1CHAPTER 33 SLA 1966) TRANSFER OF RESERVED

    [The section just above is where you would add the reference to your own state's
    Session Laws preserving your Common Law right to do this.]

    Where as GRANTOR is a Cestui Que Vie TRUST formed without the knowledge or
    consent of the Grantee and has accumulated unauthorized debt against the ESTATE
    benefiting secondary beneficiaries merely presumed to exist and claiming to have an
    interest in the ESTATE established under the MUNICIPAL LAW OF THE DISTRICT OF
    Grantee, the living man known to the public as Michael Jon Lee invokes the
    provisions of Article IV of the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 as one “having been found to
    be alive” and to be owed all benefit, control, and interest in the GRANTOR TRUST
    ESTATE set free and clear of all liens, debts, titles held under color of law, tithes,
    fees, and all other encumbrances established by the United States of America, Inc.,
    franchises thereof ab initio from the date of first registration of the ESTATE TRUST
    and all and any derivatives thereof, including but not limited to MICHAEL JON LEE,
    MICHAEL J. LEE, Lee, Michael Jon, Michael J. Lee and any other variations presuming
    any relationship to the living man born August 18, 1953, in Canton, Ohio.


    D.B.A MICHAEL JON LEE and LEE, MICHAEL JON and MICHAEL J. LEE and all and any
    derivatives or permutations thereof in any way related to the ESTATE so NAMED.


    True and Real Trade Name: Grantee, Private, Signatory, Beneficiary, Holder,
    First Name: Michael
    Middle Name: Jon
    Last Name: Lee
    STYLE: Bicameral & Surname

    Post Office Address (Physical):
    c/o Post Office Box 520101, Big Lake, Alaska Postal Code Extension 99652
    Post Master Location: 2390 South Park Road, Big Lake, Alaska Postal Code Extension


    I am claiming the writ of Habeas Corpus to institute and maintain actions of any kind
    in the courts of “this” state while maintaining true domicile on the land of these
    United States, to take, hold and dispose of property either Actual, Real, Intangible or
    Personal held in the name of the FOREIGN GRANTOR TRUST dba MICHAEL JON LEE
    together with all derivative NAMES and Names and styles thereof, together with
    guarantee of pre-payment and exemption from Taxes, Tithes, and Fees, together
    with re-conveying all actual assets rightfully belonging to the Lawful Holder in Due

    Under the form of creating a qualification or attaching a condition, the Unites States
    and United States of America however styled or construed cannot, in effect, inflict a
    punishment for a past act which was not punishable at the time it was committed
    and which was not the knowing, willing, and consensual act of the actual Holder in
    Due Course of the given name and estate.

    All violators, agents, actors under color of law, and actions under color of authority
    claimed by any corporations, associations, or subcontractors, agencies or agents of
    any kind or like violating or attempting to violate the political status and Title Order
    of the Grantee at any time past, present, or future shall be liable severally, and
    jointly to this certificate as an affidavit of obligation in the normal commercial sense
    and as such is a severity representing accounts receivable and is a lien upon the real
    and movable property, malpractice insurance and performance bonds of any such
    violators and is not dis-chargeable in bankruptcy court or subject to any probate
    claim; at all times the owner/holder in due courses’ property is exempt from third
    party levy and all related vessels in commerce are tax pre-paid.


    _________________________________ Signature, all rights reserved.

    Banker, UCC-1-201

    Notary Witness and Acknowledgement

    Alaska State
    Matanuska-Susitna County
    Today before me, a Commissioned Public Notary, appeared the living man known to
    me to be Michael Jon of the Lawful House Lee a sojourner in this community and he
    did Issue this Certificate of Assumed Name as shown and he also affirmed his
    testimony as shown before me this _____day of August in the Year 2017:

    _________________________________________Public Notary; my commission
    expires on: _______________________.

    ****Since this is issued in international land jurisdiction, you can use the citations
    from Washington and Alaska above to claim equal treatment under the law even if
    you can't find the similar Session Law in your state of the Union. It would just be
    stronger if you add your own Session Law in support of the claim.****

    Dear Paul,
    Please post this so that all my Readers have it and will have proof of what my Testament says.
    A Testament can only be done by a living man or woman, not by any officer or Attorney. It
    immediately outweighs and over-stands any settlements or probates or other claims that these False
    Actors might want to impose over the distribution of your estate and belongings.
    So never allow a lawyer the option of preparing a "Will" for you--- always insist on making your own
    Testament instead and leaving it with your most trusted friends. The tradition is to leave at least one
    copy hand-printed in the flyleaf of your own Bible. If all you want to do is deal with who-gets-whatafter-I-am-gone,
    then it requires nothing more than something similar to what I have done as item
    "Twelve" of my Testament. Name those you wish to benefit and establish who your Executor or
    Executive Officer will be.
    That's it.
    Thank you, Paul, and don't unduly worry. It's just a reality of the situation that many powers will be
    overturned and upset and many evil beings will be disappointed in their slavering and enslaving
    activities. I trust to Our Father in all things and know that I will live until He says otherwise, so, be
    content whatever comes.
    Scanned Testament Page One:

    Scanned Testament Page Two:

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    Re: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

    There is a lst of authors and their books on laws including Session Laws here:

    by folowing the links I located this on Nevada law

    Edit: The real problem in locating that particular law in your state is determining the Session (year) it was enacted. 18,403 volumes 12,635,532 pages.
    Last edited by monty; 21st February 2018 at 04:34 PM. Reason: Add words
    "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State"

    "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the most Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." July 4, 1776

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    Re: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

    Here is the latest mssg from Anna:

    Anna von Reitz

    22 hrs

    The End of the Great Fraud Begins Here and Now

    The institutionalized fraud we are all wrestling with started in earnest in 1933-34 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt arbitrarily allowed foreign powers to presume that all our Trade Names were instead US Foreign Situs Trusts, and subject to salvage for the debts of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc.

    Let's pretend you are an American race horse called "Yankee Flyer" and some sharpies decide to pretend that you are a donkey called "Yankee Flyer" instead.

    Now, these same con men are responsible for caring for a donkey named "Yankee Flyer" but that doesn't imply that they actually own the donkey or the horse, either, does it?

    What FDR did was make a false claim of ownership by induced assumption of both the donkey and the horse. And all he was, was a stable boy.

    I am publishing a diagram with this article, and I have to admit that I don't know the source of the diagram---which is absolutely excellent teaching aid, so I hope the creator will forgive me and agree with the Fair Use Clause.

    This diagram shows that your Trade Name, also called your Given Name, which your parents gifted you with when you were born, is smack-dab in the center of the whole fraud scheme and that the spin-off NAMES that have been created since then all derive from it---and all infringe upon your natural Common Law Copyright.

    You will also note that this Trade Name is listed as "lost at sea". It's "lost" because it hasn't been claimed and its permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born hasn't been declared. Once it is declared and entered upon the public record of the land recording office as a Deed of Re-Conveyance your Trade Name is no longer "lost at sea" but stands proudly on the land and soil of your literal nativity for all to see.

    Why a Deed of Re-Conveyance?

    Because FDR dragged all our names into the international jurisdiction of the sea and trafficked us to his creditors. He placed our names in international jurisdiction of the sea, so we have to go through the turkey trot of returning, that is, re-conveying, our Trade Names back to the land and soil jurisdiction we are heir to.

    For example:
    "I, the living man known as Jonathan Taylor Smyth, hereby acknowledge, accept, and re-convey all right, title, and interest in my given Trade Name, and all derivative NAMES in all variations, styles, permutations, and punctuation(s) to their permanent domicile on the land and soil of Georgia, one of the unincorporated and sovereign states belonging to The United States of America, Unincorporated, as of my actual day of nativity July 4, 1955. So witnessed, signed and sealed by my hand this 5th day of April 2018: Jonathan Taylor Smyth" --(with a red-ink right thumbprint touching but not obscuring the autograph).

    This correction of the public record establishes the identity and political status and provenance of the "vessel" called "Jonathan Taylor Smyth" and leaves absolutely no room for legal presumption otherwise.

    Of course, you have to plug your own Trade Name into this formula, and substitute your own names and dates and places. You also need to know that for the purposes of a Deed you will have to identify the Grantor and the Grantee and give a return address outside of the Territorial United States on the cover sheet accompanying the "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance".

    In all cases, the GRANTOR is going to be the ESTATE name and the Grantee is going to be identified as the American State Grantee. In the example it would be:
    FOREIGN GRANTOR TRUST: JONATHAN TAYLOR SMYTH and the American State Grantee: Jonathan Taylor Smyth.

    I am including an example of the Recording Cover Sheet I use. You will note that the top half of the page is left blank for the inclusion of date stamps and recording numbers that will be used to track the record. You will also see that I use my unique Coat of Arms as a device identifying my properly, but you could use any such device that you have recorded ownership of--- a design of your own making, a cattle brand that you own, a signet seal that you have recorded ownership of--- or you could just dispense with that and have no design at all.

    You will also note that my address is "in care of". All the postal addresses that people commonly use are "within the United States", which is another trap. So, the convenient answer to this is to convert the US Mail address to an "in care of" address so that your status as unincorporated sovereign owner is kept separated from any commercial status assumptions.

    Congratulations! You can now literally see the web that has been woven around your hapless Trade Name, and you have been given the tools necessary to reclaim your purloined assets and return them to their natural political status. This is the beginning of the end of the Great Fraud.

    Welcome home!

    PS. For those who have had trouble recording your paperwork this should put an end to that problem. There isn't a land recording office on Earth that can refuse a Deed of Re-Conveyance, and once this primary Deed is established, you can add all the other pieces to it as Extensions.

    You will have to go to my website: to see the documents being referenced and be patient with my webmaster and check back for them after a day or two. If you are in urgent need, send a request to: with "Send Docs" as the subject line, and we will do our best to forward the referenced diagram and recording cover sheet.

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    Re: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    The United States is a contract government providing services for the 50 Nation States.
    The United States is a charitable trust. These are the only legal entities that don't expire at the 99 year mark.

    Now just like the Red Cross or the Salvation Army it does fund its' activities through volunteering and charitable giving. There is nothing requiring anyone to volunteer though and my suggestion is to learn how to volunteer less. The trust will not think less of you and will in most probability treat you as a beneficiary rather than a volunteer.

    Your state is also a charitable entity.

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    Re: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

    Anna von Reitz

    February 23 at 4:20pm

    So Much Confusion Resolved

    People are grossly confused about the Birth Certificate, what it is, what it does, why it exists, etc. That confusion is somewhat created and perpetuated by the document itself. It appears to be a record belonging to us, but in fact, it is a registration document issued by a foreign government.

    That foreign government is under contract to provide "essential government services" (Article IV) for our states of the Union. To finance those services, this foreign government assumes that you are responsible for its expenses. They register the event of your birth and they issue bonds known as CUSIP Bonds in your NAME.
    These CUSIP Bonds are public debt obligations racked up against you and your assets.

    Your NAME is applied to a foreign corporation which is subject to United States Territorial law and is obligated as a debtor by definition. Thus, almost the moment you come into this world you are set upon and "redefined" as a DEBTOR responsible for paying the debts of the foreign United States Territorial Government.

    From the standpoint of the United States Territorial Government, these debts (bonds = I.O.U.s) purportedly owed by you and your ESTATE are credits for them and obligations placed on you and your assets. If you don't pay up, they will bring charges (literal charges as in charges against a bank account) against YOU, the foreign corporation that they named after you.

    Also, according to the corporate rules of the United States Territorial Government as published in their 1868 version of "The Constitution of the United States of America"--- which is the territorial constitution still standing--- YOU is a publicly owned slave and is guilty by definition as a criminal. Take a close look at their 14th Amendment.

    So when they bring YOU into one of their foreign territorial US District Courts YOU are already guilty by definition and YOU already owe whatever they say YOU owe.

    As you will see if you read their 13th Amendment, slavery is abolished except for criminals. And in the next breath, the 14th Amendment, they define YOU as a criminal, and therefore also a slave.

    This is why when they bring charges against YOU, they don't listen to law or facts and they repeatedly tell YOU that YOU have no constitutional rights.

    They don't have to listen to law or facts because within their system of things, YOU has already been defined as a criminal and a debtor and a slave; so, whatever the charge is, you owe. And of course, YOU have no rights under any constitution and never have had any rights under any constitution, because Territorial United States CITIZENS have no such rights and never did have any such rights.

    All this is because they foisted a BC off on you and registered it, and nobody came forward to object. So, there you are, as the Marines say, "screwed, glued, and tattooed"--- and for your tormentors, who are supposed to be your public servants, your BC is deposited in their Treasury (which is the IMF) and a Letter of Credit is issued benefiting them. That is, your credit, benefiting them. You and your assets are -- according to them -- standing as surety for their debts and underwriting their credit.

    So, what are you doing when you return the BC to the Secretary of the Treasury (an IMF and Interpol Officer) and name him your Fiduciary? You are giving back the debt and relinquishing the obligation.

    He now has to act in your best interests and recall the deposited BC from the IMF and relieve you of the debt and the false presumptions associated with it. The debt YOU owe has to be cancelled out effective with your actual birthday, if you so direct it, and the BC (which has already been funded) has to be re-deposited as a credit.

    Those of us reclaiming our natural birthright estate direct the credit to be returned to the land jurisdiction United States Treasury Account known as U.S. Treasury - 1789. You and your states of the Union are then no longer debtors or slaves, but appear in your true role as Priority Creditors who have paid their bills and then some.

    This is because what is a debt for a Territorial United States CITIZEN operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, is a credit for you, operating as an American state national---what they call a "United States National" --- on the international jurisdiction of the land.

    And the difference whether creditor or debtor depends entirely on the capacity in which you choose to act and what jurisdiction you choose to operate in and your willingness to correct the falsified public records to reclaim your Good Name and your assets.

    Of course, for most Americans, this cozy set up the British Territorial United States Government created for itself is all new news. We were never told. It was not intended that we would ever know the false claims and false political statuses being applied to us, because once we found out, we would naturally object.

    This is why our Mothers were never given full disclosure and why we ourselves were attacked when we were mere babies in our cradles and could not possibly object or take action in our own behalf or even remember that any of this went on.

    This is why we were all treated to the spectacle of hooded figures parading around the coffin of a dead baby at the London Winter Olympics.

    So now you know the whole story, first to last, how a British-backed governmental services corporation, contrived to indebt and enslave generations of innocent Americans and steal their land and the value of their labor, too.

    And since it was all by fraud and since the Trump Administration has been fully informed and since the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Court of Justice has been fully informed and since the Pope and the Queen have been given Due Process and the process of restoring order and sanity began twenty years ago--- what you all have to do is wake up on an individual basis and correct your records.

    And how do you do that?

    The vermin got in the grain storage by mis-characterizing your Trade Name as a Foreign Situs Trust under British control on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways back in 1933. That's why your Trade Name has been declared "Missing, Presumed Lost" on the land ever since that time.

    By Maxim of Law: "As a Thing is Bound so it is Unbound."

    You pull the same trick on the Bar and "redefine" your Trade Name back to being a Trade Name on the land jurisdiction of the United States, and re-convey it back to the land and soil of the actual state, such as Texas, Georgia, or Wisconsin, where your actual nativity took place. You record this "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance" of your lawful Trade Name and all and any orderings, spellings, permutations, variations, styles or punctuations of it to its permanent domicile on the land and soil of _________. (Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, etc.) Write it up, slap a Recording Cover Sheet on it, identifying your FIRST MIDDLE LAST as the Foreign Grantor Trust delivering the Deed and your First Middle Last Trade Name as the American State Grantee receiving the Deed, giving a return address "in care of" whatever postal address you have been using--- and record this claim at the nearest land recording office.

    We can all also begin the process of prosecuting the criminals responsible--- most of whom are already dead, but we can try them posthumously, and we can also hold the present accomplices accountable for any failure to cease and desist these false presumptions being held against Americans and their assets, Brits and their assets, Aussies and their assets, Japanese and their assets, Germans and their assets..... wherever this vicious criminality is to be found.

    This entire system which they employed to enslave us was promoted and held together by the Romanus Pontifex and the various trusts created by Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. This entire system was dissolved, officially, on June 12th, 2011--- and all claims to our land assets were released via Public Register Number 983210-331235-01004.

    We have tried to negotiate a General Peace, based on the worldwide recognition of this venal fraud, and to establish a systemic remedy in the years since then. Thus far, those efforts have not yielded the overall results we want, and the members of the Bar Associations have continued to entrap and prosecute people who never knowingly or willingly entered their jurisdiction and who do not naturally belong to it and who have been treated as unlawfully converted chattel, incarcerated, taxed, and press-ganged into the service of the British Crown against their Will-- which is clearly established in the Preamble of The Constitution for the united States of America.
    These are all criminal acts of inland piracy and treason against the Constitution owed to us.

    No corporation has any right, title or interest in our names
    and persons superior to ours, and the simple facts and abundant evidences proclaim before all the world that the Popes and the British Monarchs acted in Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract, while their practice of making fraudulent claims of jurisdiction, fraudulent claims of bankruptcy against our sovereign nation-states, and fraudulent coercive acts of racketeering against trusting Mothers and babies in their cradles --- deserve nothing but universal condemnation and speak for themselves.

    We call upon all people to move forward without delay to establish their own claims upon their Trade Names (also called Given Names, the First Middle Last names written in Upper and Lower Case) and officially re-convey them to the land and soil of the state or province where their actual nativity occurred on the public record provided by the local Land Recording Offices.

    Remember that in international terms, you and everything you own, is considered a land asset. This includes your names, your body, your homes, your money, your rights, your credit, and everything else naturally belonging to you.

    We call upon the members of the Bar Associations and the American Military to wake to hell up and cease and desist aiding and abetting these fraudulent claims and repugnant practices.

    You have been mis-directed and mis-informed to promote winning a war that ended in September 1945 in the case of the Bar Associations, and a war that ended in April 1865 in the case of the American Military.

    And we, the American states and people, were never part of either war. We are your employers, innocent Third Parties that you have been dis-serving and preying upon under conditions of fraud and criminality and breach of trust.

    If you want to continue to have jobs and be able to function in this country, you have to quit all this vicious monkey-business and clean up your acts; otherwise, you will be recognized as common criminals, unlicensed privateers, engaged in racketeering and unlawful solicitation on our shores. We will bring our complaints before the international community and we will shut you down and mandate other service providers effective immediately.

    This is no longer a matter of politely asking the members of the Bar to cease and desist and not a matter of "if you want to do the right thing". Either do the right thing and release all these unjustifiable and venal legal presumptions against American state nationals or make up your mind that you will be recognized as a criminal and a public danger, individually liable for all the damages you and your organizations have caused on a worldwide basis.

    Likewise, Joint Chiefs of Staff, this situation has gone as far as it is going to go. You need to bite the bullet and exert the necessary pressure on the bankers and the politicians to declare the peace and return our purloined assets. All of this crime against the American People has happened on your watch and you have benefited from it. If you want to be exonerated, take action now and do the actual duty you were hired to do: protect the American states and people. If that means taking a bayonet to the municipal government officials responsible for all this and arresting every single one of them, you have our permission.

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    Re: Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two

    Anna von Reitz

    21 hrs

    Persistent Questions

    1. I have had people saying, "Oh, no! You don't want to have anything to do with the STRAWMAN!" --- but just like in the Wizard of Oz, the STRAWMAN is your friend. I also have people running off and registering their NAMES with State of State organizations. Does it make sense to pay pirates for the use of your own name, however it is styled? Hello?

    There is a logic to everything and you must follow the logic of things to the end conclusion.

    When you claim and re-convey your Trade Name (also known as your Given Name) which is your Upper and Lower Case First Middle Last name just like you were taught in Grade School----that is, your name in this form: "John Mark Doe" and re-convey it back to the "land and soil" of the state where you were born, you in the same breath claim "all styles, orderings, permutations, variations, spellings, and punctuation(s)" of that name and establish their "permanent domicile" on the "land and soil" of the state where you were born. You bring the STRAWMEN -- JOHN DOE, JOHN MARK DOE, and JOHN M. DOE -- right along with you and put them back on the land jurisdiction, too.

    But, but, but....I hear some people saying, you don't want the STRAWMAN! The STRAWMAN is a public slave and owes tons of debt! Why would you ever want to claim the STRAWMAN?

    To control the STRAWMAN, first and foremost. Does it make sense that you would leave any version of your name under the control of faceless bureaucrats? And as I secondarily explained, while the STRAWMAN is a debtor and a public trust when it is operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, it is a creditor and a private trust when operating on the international jurisdiction of the land. When you bring HIM/HER back ashore, a little magic happens--- the debtor becomes the creditor.

    Think of it this way: so long as the STRAWMAN is defined as a sea-going British chattel, HE is a debtor, a criminal, a slave, and a public trust. The instant HE is redefined as an American land asset, HE is a free and honorable creditor and a private trust that the rats can't mess with. So in which condition do you want your NAME to be in?

    Yes, you do want to claim all the variations of your name at the same time you claim and re-convey your Trade Name, and you want to record their permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born. Not only do you re-convey the STRAWMEN to a permanent domicile on the land and soil jurisdiction, you issue Certificates of Assumed Name for them and record those, too. You want to claim back the proper use and identity of absolutely everything associated with you and your estate, including whatever other new "names" they dream up for you.

    And please be aware that even now they are scrambling around trying to keep their old schtick going by dreaming up new variations of NAMES and Names for you. If you watch your mail and your bank statements, you will see all sorts of peculiar things appearing: JOHN Mark DOE, J. Mark Doe, JOHAN M. DOE, JOHN-MARKOE, Doe: John Mark, and so on.

    But your claim of all variations and permutations and spellings and punctuations and orderings will already be on the public record and they will all be pre-defined with a permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born, so no matter what, when the rats come to charge their newest "derivative" -- you will be ready to say, "Sorry, that's not a British prize. That's an American vessel. And here is my Certified Copies of the Public Records proving that I am the controller and owner of that name and trademark."

    The paperwork also shows the recorded permanent domicile of these "vessels" on the land and soil of a sovereign state. End of story.

    2. How to deal with THEIR courts?
    Once you have your own paperwork together and recorded, the only responsibility you have with respect to their courts in most situations
    (1) presentation of the Mandatory Notice required under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act;
    (2) proper rebuttal to any summons;
    (3) duty to inform.

    The FSIA Notice is required so that they are given fair warning that you are claiming your status. The reply to summons is to keep you out of trouble via any claim that you evaded them or showed them contempt. You are not obligated to respond to any summons other than rebutting it in a timely manner, which basically means "returning service to the court" with a registered mail letter saying, "Sorry, I am not obligated to appear and decline to do so." You will want to include a brief signed "Testimony in Fulfillment of Duty to Inform". This is just a brief statement of numbered facts in which you say whatever is true about the referenced issues you were summoned about. If you know nothing about them, you just say---
    By Special Limited Appearance I testify from without the United States on my honor that: (1) It is a fact that I know nothing about the people or issues referenced in the summons dated_________. And if you do know anything that would be helpful to the court, you enumerate the facts in a similar manner. You sign that Testimony using a by-line, meaning you claim authorship like in a newspaper article--- by:________ and thumbprint it in red ink, so that the thumbprint touches but does not obscure your name. And send it in with the Mandatory Notice and your Summons Rebuttal.

    For 9/10th of the supposed infractions people are summoned to appear for, this all that is necessary to avoid any further contact from the court or any possible claim that you showed them contempt or evaded anything.

    The key is to be polite and remember that these people are supposed to be working for you, so you do have a reasonable cause to assist them in the discharge of their duties and a duty under the Public Law to inform them regarding crimes that you may have witnessed.

    For the other 1/10th, you have to recall that while they do not have any nexus of authority related to you most of the time, they do have a general law enforcement duty related to the delegated powers and their governing constitution. If you stray into their jurisdiction, you become subject to their administration. For example, the federales have delegated authority over sales of alcohol, tobacco and firearms across state lines. If you are a gun shop owner engaged in selling guns across state lines, you come under federal jurisdiction for those activities and have to hop through their hoops and pay any applicable sales and manufacturing taxes related to those activities--- and if you fail to do so, their courts can legitimately call you to account for that.

    Similarly, if you are directly involved in any event on actual federal land, such as a fistfight on a Naval Base, you can be legitimately summoned as a Witness, even though you are a Foreign Sovereign with respect to them. If you participated in the fight, you can be held for 72 hours and then released to the local Sheriff.

    The rules are similar for the "federated" State of State and County corporate franchise organizations. Their General Sessions laws may arguably apply to (and for) you via administration of the Public Trust established for the actual state in the wake of the Civil War, but none of their statutory laws do.
    The thing to remember is that nobody wants a bunch of violent criminals ram-rodding around the country doing what they please. We are all obligated in our own small sphere to keep the peace and avoid harming other people and their property. Its a very simple and common sense standard when you get down to it and once you know who you are, who they are, and what is supposed to be happening.

    The other thing I want everyone to remember is that the American Common Law is very straight-forward and often Draconian. You rustle cattle, you get hung. Period. You get drunk and drive and run over and kill a teenager walking home from school, you get tried for murder no ifs, ands, or buts.
    I say this to point out that while the American Common Law offers people a lot more freedom, it also requires a lot more social responsibility. There is no moddle-coddling of criminals and no discretion for judges. What the jury decides, the jury decides. And that's that. Any other mitigating circumstances, your bad childhood, your fear of dogs--- doesn't count.

    So when you put your Trade Name back on the land and soil and place yourself under the American Common Law--- be aware that true freedom requires the responsible exercise of that freedom.

    3. What about people born in the District of Columbia or to members of the military serving overseas?

    If either one or both of your parents was born on the land and soil of an American state, you can claim your nationality through either one them.

    If neither parent was born on the land and soil of an American state, you are stuck being a Federal Citizen, and have to claim Equal Civil Rights as your remedy, until you establish your own permanent domicile within an actual state of the Union.

    A similar situation pertains to first generation immigrants. They are naturalized as United States Citizens and retain that public status until and unless they meet the requirements (varies from state to state) to become state nationals-- what the Federales call "United States Nationals".

    Generally speaking you have to live in a state for a specified period of time, have to declare your intention, have to establish a permanent home, have to avoid any felony convictions, and demonstrate that you are self-supporting, of age, of sound mind, and generally good character. Its a rigorous but reasonable standard established in the General Session Laws of each state, and if you meet the standard and follow the instructions established by the law, you can claim to be a Floridian, Vermonter, or Wisconsinite like everyone else there.

    4. What about Social Security and other federal programs? Won't I lose all that I paid for if I do this?

    See Item 1. You don't lose anything. You gain control of what is rightfully yours and cease to be treated as a mentally incompetent ward of the State of State.

    For people already getting payments from Social Security the key word is "retired". The "federal government" is nothing more or less than corporations in the business of providing stipulated governmental services, just like GM is in the business of building and selling cars, and Dell is in the business of building and selling computers. If you are like most Americans, you have never been employed by the federal government at all and have been mis-identified as a federal worker and "taxpayer" most of your life. You paid into their social welfare/retirement fund, called the Public Charitable Trust, by mistake, as the result of disinformation and coercion telling you that you were required to get a Social Security Number and required to pay federal income taxes and required to act as a federal citizen.

    It's still the same situation as if you had worked for GM or Dell and vested in their retirement program. Once you are retired, you no longer have to wear a GM uniform or name tag or carry a Dell Employee ID. Same thing with the federal government. You are retired from any and all such obligations of their "citizenship" and are free to return to your birthright status without it impacting any iota of what you are owed.

    But, but, but.... OMG! What happens if these federal corporations go bankrupt and I lose my pension?

    Not to worry. You are actually their Priority Creditors. The Veterans and the Pensioners get first dibs. Just claim up your Name/NAMES and remove their permanent domicile to the land and soil of your birth state. We have already set up the Indemnity Bond for your State and an Equal Protection Claim for you, and since your whole problem has been caused by fraud and Breach of Trust in the first place, you are triply indemnified.

    The Social Security program established by the Federales was a cheapskate program that was mismanaged---a bureaucratic nightmare, and on top of everything else, anything you got back from it was taxed. This makes more sense when you realize that Social Security was twisted around and redefined as part of the Public Charitable Trust that was established in the wake of the Civil War as a welfare trust to take care of displaced plantation slaves--converting the pension payments you are owed into welfare benefits that are a non-obligatory debt of a bankrupt corporation.

    There can be little to no doubt that the rats in Congress intended to bankrupt their governmental services corporations and stiff the American Veterans and Retirees.
    However, this was observed and objected to twenty years ago, and doggedly pursued all this time, to prevent that from ever happening. Instead of you all suddenly facing old age without a penny and no medical care and all the other nightmarish possibilities that present themselves to your imaginations, you will be in receipt of far better care, far better payments, and far less red-tape.

    The new system will be far better than anything currently available and provide a much broader spectrum of care and higher retirement payments for both Veterans and Retirees in general, whether retirees in the public or the private sector. It will also provide services that are currently unavailable-- counseling and physical therapy options that don't exist now, in-house treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction, nutritional and natural healing options that aren't currently covered, hospice and caretaker respite services and much, much more.

    So, instead of fear-mongering and spreading rumors and sitting around on your duffs feeling helpless and scared, get up on your hindlegs and start walking with your heads up and your shoulders back. You have worked hard all your lives and paid your dues in Good Faith. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Those who have defrauded you and abused your trust are the ones who need to re-think their values and blush.

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