"Imagine what would happen in the "US" if alcohol was decriminalized, everyone would be drunk, people would not know when it is appropriate to drink and not to drink, nobody would be able to control themselves, like a bunch of drunken native americans." "Cannabis would be exactly the same, people would not wait for Friday's to smoke cannabis, but would do so during work. You don't want people drunk or high during work, think about the big business owners, they don't want you drunk at work, they want you working 20 hours a day, every day, which is why chewing coca leaves could be great for big business". Have everyone on a steady diet of chewing coca leaves and working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week and the jew would be happy. Aren't many corporate workers coke heads and they are good slaves of the jew. Cannabis is dangerous because it is not like coca, coca makes you work with the system, Cannabis can free you and have you questioning all the lies in the system. Alcohol is a relaxant and is often used as a distraction from your worries and problems.

And how many lies are there in the jewish world disorder, the whole thing is a lies.

Was George Carlin so smart because he smoked cannabis?