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Thread: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    What is "my" govt?
    A charitable trust. These are the only legal fictions allowed to extend beyond 99 years. All other legal fictions expire at this boundary.

    The Federal Reserve (if it claims existence) is such a charitable trust. If otherwise it expired in 2012.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    Who is the slave?
    A clue and let you decide. Gold is for sovereigns, silver for gentlemen, copper for peasants and paper is for slaves. Where do YOU fit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    This is supposed to be my court system.
    "The Judge in a Court of Common Law is an impartial referee of the dispute, and he is bound to protect the Rights of the parties to the dispute, or he will have lost whatever jurisdiction he may have had"

    At common law a judge in the singular sense has squat for authority. Common law requires a panel of judges, one being of the quorum (knows the law ... not the law presently taught to all lawyers). [my authority for this statement is a magistrates manual printed in 1604 called EIRENARCHE]

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by ziero0 View Post
    A charitable trust. These are the only legal fictions allowed to extend beyond 99 years. All other legal fictions expire at this boundary.

    The Federal Reserve (if it claims existence) is such a charitable trust. If otherwise it expired in 2012.

    A clue and let you decide. Gold is for sovereigns, silver for gentlemen, copper for peasants and paper is for slaves. Where do YOU fit?

    "The Judge in a Court of Common Law is an impartial referee of the dispute, and he is bound to protect the Rights of the parties to the dispute, or he will have lost whatever jurisdiction he may have had"

    At common law a judge in the singular sense has squat for authority. Common law requires a panel of judges, one being of the quorum (knows the law ... not the law presently taught to all lawyers). [my authority for this statement is a magistrates manual printed in 1604 called EIRENARCHE]
    How did my govt get to be a legal fiction?

    The form of the united States is still intact. Minnesota is one of those nations.

    I have enough gold and silver, so I'm a sovereign.

    The Judge in a common law case is the Jury of 12.
    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were his fellow German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    How did my govt get to be a legal fiction?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    The form of the united States is still intact. Minnesota is one of those nations.
    Minnesota wasn't around in the beginning so must not be essential to the existence of the united States.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    I have enough gold and silver, so I'm a sovereign.
    So you are insolvent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    The Judge in a common law case is the Jury of 12.
    12 what?

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    9 hrs

    The Unknown Past -- Part 2

    Steven T. Mnuchin and Michael Pompeo and all these other characters aren't acting as Americans.

    They aren't acting as any kind of U.S. Citizen nor as a Municipal "citizen of the United States", either.

    These Cabinet-level Officials are acting as Interpol Officers and have renounced their obligations to this country. They work for the World Trust and the World Bank as Enforcers.
    When we send Mnuchin and/or Pompeo a Form 56, Notice of Fiduciary Relationship, and a "Birth Certificate" issued to a presumed-to-exist Municipal CITIZEN, we are surrendering a runaway slave and making them responsible for its well-being. Caesar's noxious property has been returned.

    All roads lead to Rome, and from there they lead to Bern and Brussels, where the "Secular Church" ---ha! --- has long had its base of operations.

    Mr. Trump isn't serving as President of The United States of America. He is serving as President of the United States of America --- the British Territorial Government operating under our name. He is also serving as Chairman of the (Municipal) National Security Council.

    As President of the United States of America, Mr. Trump is a Level 18 Administrative Officer. There are ten (10) levels of authority above him.

    We are dealing with a very ancient control structure that has been "corporatized" for about a hundred and fifty years, a process that began in the 1850's. The result is what I have dubbed "Corporate Feudalism".

    About ten years ago, give or take a few, a group of Dutch Mathematicians who were running a statistical analysis completely unrelated to any of this picked up on some startling data correlations. I believe I first read about this in Scientific American. What they discovered at that time was the existence of interlocking trust directorates connecting a large number of corporate structures that otherwise don't appear to be connected.
    By now, their studies have grown to include 43,000 corporate entities, and the rabbit trail has led to the identification of 700 corporate officials who are the "keymasters" of this system of secretive collusion and what has been dubbed the "Global Network of Corporate Control".
    Mathematics to the rescue, again.

    Corporate Feudalism is, if possible, even more toxic than plain old Feudalism.
    At least with traditional Feudalism, you had a Monarch with a face and a name. If things were rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark, you had someone specific to blame.

    Now, with the move to Corporate Feudalism, the "Monarch" is a faceless, undefined, unknowable ---- and, this is the important part ---- unaccountable, network of corporate interests conspiring to rule the world.

    Let's return to yesterday's topic and the year 1868 when what I shall call "The Scottish Interloper" set up shop as The United States of America, Incorporated.

    As we observed, Amendment 14 of their Corporate Constitution, identified all Municipal Government "citizens of the United States" as criminals and allowed enslavement of criminals.

    So you have a Scottish Commercial Corporation holding all these Municipal United States citizens to be criminals and enslaving them.

    This was so they could charge them for the cost of war reparations and continue to arrest them as "rebels" even after the military hostilities ended.
    But, wait a minute, you say ---- the Queen operates the British Territorial Government under our delegated authority and she also charters all corporations in the United Kingdom and she is also the Pope's Right Hand, running all the Commonwealth operations worldwide.....
    So how does the Pope's employee operating a British Commonwealth as a subcontractor to our government allow the charter of a Scottish corporation that is infringing on our trademarks and further allow it to declare economic war against an entire Municipal population that is under the Pope's protection?

    That would be like my gardener creating a company designed to hunt down and enslave my family. Why would I continue to employ him?

    The Babylonians and later the Romans, have always been pro-slavery. It's no surprise and no secret that the Pope/Pontiff's Municipal Government sided with the South in the American Civil War.

    And so, also, it is no surprise that the Queen's 1868 Scottish Corporation and its Fourteenth Amendment also enshrined and continued the practice of slavery -- simply slavery of a different kind, applied to a different group of people, for the purpose of extracting war reparations.

    The Pope couldn't care less, because it was all just business to him, a matter of taking it out of one pocket and putting it into another pocket. He was content to let the British Monarch work out the dreary details.

    However, as a result of all this, a completely innocent civilian population was caught in the middle, and both the Queen and the Pope were (and are) obligated to act as their Trustees: the American People.

    So now what? It's 1868. You have two groups of foreign citizens --- British Commonwealth and Papist --- on our shores, and the Brits are busily trying to track down the Papists intending to make them pay war reparations and enslave them as payback for siding with the South.

    We have the spectacle of two groups of slave owners and slavery proponents, each calling the other names. One group enslaved black people based on the color of their skin, the other group enslaved people based on owing war reparations to the victors in a mercenary squabble.

    None of this has anything to do with us --- nothing to do with The United States of America, nothing to do with the American States, and nothing to do with the American People.
    We have been, however, caught in the middle of all this nastiness.

    Despite the fact that both the Queen and the Pope are obligated to act as our Protectors and Trustees under the international treaties ending The War of Independence and also the constitutional contracts that followed--- both decided that they needed more victims to pay war reparations, and it was convenient to start "mistaking" Americans as "citizens of the (Municipal) United States".

    So, for the past 150 years, they and their various minions have been colluding to accidentally-on-purpose misidentify Americans as "citizens of the United States" instead of State Citizens of The United States.

    All this wrong-doing, all this abuse, has been based on such semantic deceits (lies) as you can see demonstrated above. It takes a sharp and vigilant cookie to split the hairs between "the" United States and "The" United States and when you say the words verbally, there is absolutely no way to tell the difference.

    This example above also neatly demonstrates how the "Secular Church" --- another one of their favorite oxymoron descriptions --- is built on lies and represents the Kingdom of the Father of All Lies, also known as "the Kingdom of God"---- which god was that, eh?

    Make no mistake, brethren. You are owed The Kingdom of Heaven, and all that Satan has is forfeit to you, so long as you have sense enough to see the shell game.

    Millions upon millions of Americans have been the victims of this Gross Breach of Trust by the Pope and the Queen. We have been purposefully misidentified as "citizens of the United States" and deprived of our true standing as American State Nationals and American State Citizens via constructive fraud and purposeful semantic deceit.

    And as every attorney around the world has cause to know, fraud vitiates everything. Fraud has no statute of limitations. And fraud taints everything it touches. They have no leg to stand on, and like their Father, are reduced to crawling on their bellies.

    So the moment that the Queen's men seized upon a baby who was given the name "Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger - von Reitzenstein von Lettow - Vorbeck", a Seventh Generation American born on the soil of Wisconsin----and renamed her "Anna Maria Riezinger" and misidentified her as a "citizen of the United States" and sold her back to the Pope as a slave ---- they committed the crime of genocide against a little baby in her cradle.
    They killed the American baby on paper and created a Municipal slave for themselves, all based on the prior fraud and lawlessness of a long defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation: a fraud based upon a fraud.

    A more filthy, more violent, more deceitful, more vile, more venal, more self-interested scheme can scarcely be imagined. And that is what these sanctimonious con artists have been using as their excuse to act as predators and a plague upon people that they owe "good faith service" to.

    So now, as Paul Harvey used to say, you know "the rest of the story".

    As we all have cause to know, both peonage and slavery have been outlawed worldwide since 1926, yet these fraud artists have contrived to get around this prohibition against slavery by pretending that we are all corporations--- "named franchises".

    In this process they defraud living people of their most basic identity and reduce them to the level of being "Things" --- Legal Entities, and that, too, is nothing but a Great Big Fat Lie.

    The Roman Curia has further promoted and endorsed this grotesque fraud by adopting "The Collective Entity Doctrine" to replace their former excuse, "The Doctrine of Discovery".

    The time has come for the Beast to be removed from our sight.

    It is time, Mr. Trump, for you to shut down the Municipal Courts that have been allowed to proliferate on our shores and which have no valid business in our Territories. Declare the Peace. Admit the distinction between Americans and "citizens of the United States" and put an end to the cradle snatching. Re-task the Internal Revenue Service to balance the books and unblock our credit accounts.

    The Scottish Interloper ceased operations in 1907. It has been more than a century since their Articles of Incorporation, including their "Fourteenth Amendment", ceased to have any meaning whatsoever.

    The actual Territorial Constitution still stands and its duties are still owed.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were his fellow German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    The Babylonians and later the Romans, have always been pro-slavery.
    Slavery = compassion. Although there is an element of greed involved as well.

    Now the reason for this is in war when you defeated an opponent you had two choices ... kill him or make him a slave. The compassion part came from sparing the warriors life instead of harvesting it.

    Now in the Spanish civil law the decree of the crown is that no Christian can be the slave of a Moor (Muslim). This is a declaration of war to the death .. no quarter asked or given.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    7 mins

    My Opinion? Okay, this really is just an opinion.

    What did I think of the Democratic Candidates?

    Seven out of the group led with stories about all their failures.

    What does that tell you?

    It tells me that they are consciously trying to appeal to losers, trying to get a "I'm a loser, too." vibe going. They are telling their fans, literally, that they are backing a loser. Failed lawyers. Failed businessmen. Failed politicians.

    Do you want to vote for a loser? Really?

    Must be some new Democratic Party polling meme: capture the Sympathy Vote.

    Tell what a failure you are, how you did really dumb stuff that forced you to seek a career in politics, because you failed at everything else....
    And tanking now, too, I thought. More than once.

    Such an approach doesn't really show a lot of respect for or actual empathy for the voters. Even sick, hurt, old, disabled, unemployed, and poor people want an effective champion. They want a winner. They're not stupid just because they are sick, hurt, old, disabled, unemployed, and poor.

    That, and "togetherness". That's the obvious buzzword. We're gonna do it together! Yeah!
    Yes, we can..... rah, rah, rah!

    But what it is that they are going to do---together or separately--- they fall down on that part.

    Only one candidate (by my count) made a good faith stab at defining any focus for all the togetherness ya-ya. And his presentation fell flat.

    There was, of course, Bernie Sander's suicidal Charge of the Light Brigade attack on all the Special Interests at once. I guess that counts as an Action Agenda, but not a Togetherness Agenda.

    Not that many politicians in Washington actually want to do anything, much less bite the hands of the Special Interests. So, once again, Bernie Sanders, like The Cheese, stands alone.

    Bernie is the Last of the True Believers. Really. He puts me to shame.

    I get regular Dutch Uncle notes from people telling me how naive I am. I can't hold a candle to Bernie Sanders.

    Anyway, most of them were clearly pandering for sympathy votes and none of them have any talent for stand up comedy, which is a shame.

    A guy who could come in and make people laugh about innocent things instead of rehashing vicious old partisan themes could go far. Instead....

    Creepy, creaky Joe? I'd rather vote for Doctor Strangelove.

    Pocohontas? If she'd lie about THAT, she'd lie about anything.

    Bernie? Enough said.

    The Middlemen --- the pack of middle-aged career politicians jockeying for position, mainly to get experience and face time for later ambitions. Blah, blah, blah. I think I heard every cliche in the history of politics in less than an hour.

    That was really cloying. I felt like a dog that ate too much peanut butter.

    The Young Turks -- Ms. "Harris" -- lies about who she is, just like Pocohontas.

    And.... even if you don't like a President, anyone in politics needs to respect his office, especially when you are running for his office.

    There's a screw loose there that goes beyond young and dumb.

    It was a singularly bland and re-hashed and re-run presentation overall, with the oddballs sticking out like displaced porcupine quills.

    There was only one candidate who struck me as wise and measured and serious-minded. Sincere. And as luck would have it, she was the one whose name zipped right by and wasn't mentioned again. She was the one who spoke about her Mother telling her not to let anyone tell her who she was.

    If I didn't know better, I'd think it was a set up to make her shine by comparison to all the others. But I do know better.

    Brainy, soft-spoken, serious-minded people have a real uphill battle in Washington. The same Special Interests that Bernie loves to punt with don't like their tools too sharp. And without substantial Special Interest funding, it's a very long shot to get traction and face time in the media.

    I would certainly look for her in events to come and be interested in what she had to say, I know that much.

    Remember, Grandma doesn't have a dog in the fight. I am a disenfranchised Elector. I don't have a thing to say about it, except to speak my mind. And so far, if you want to vote for a loser, it looks like the Dems have a full roster to choose from.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were his fellow German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    6 hrs

    Good Questions!

    As a result of three recent Articles, "The Unknown Past" and "The Unknown Past - Part 2" and "Quick Primer", I have received some good questions that deserve good answers.

    1. Is the Civil War ongoing? Do you mean it never ended?
    The hot war ended in June of 1865 in the Arctic. The last shot was fired by the legendary C.S.S. Shenandoah, one of the finest American fighting vessels of all time. Even this was lied about in our history books and we were left to believe that the Civil War ended with the surrender of Lee's Army at Appomattox, Virginia in April of 1865. Oh, well. Those of you who care to know the truth are invited to read Lynn Schooler's "The Last Shot". Naval history buffs won't be disappointed.

    The cold war has continued, because it has allowed the associated European Powers, the British Monarch and the Pope, to plug a siphon into our wallets and keep pumping. That this is the fact can be easily observed by the existence of such Offices as the United States Attorney General, the Lieutenant Governors, and other undefined quasi-military offices that have no legitimate provenance in our government.

    Yes, People, those of you who are just waking up. Our disloyal employees have been staging a mercenary cold war conflict on our shores for a hundred and fifty years, and they have been conscripting you into this illegal perpetual mercenary "war" without your knowledge or consent.

    They have falsified the public records concerning your political status, nationality, and other facts, so as to continue and promote this circumstance, while leaving you no means to object. You can't object or defend yourself, because you have been left ignorant and uninformed ---deliberately. Most Americans don't have a clue.

    The fundamental Breach of Trust takes place when we are only a few days or weeks old, long before we are truly conscious and able to defend ourselves. This results in Unconscionable Contracts being set in motion.

    Keeping us ignorant about the actual circumstance has been their means of enforcing Unconscionable Contracts benefiting them. They keep the fake war going so that they can continue to claim costs related to the "war" and so that they can assert oppressive military common law. Instead of supporting and obeying the actual civilian government as their contract demands, they have been running rough shod over their employers.

    The only Courts left that are competent to convene a Three-Man Officer Court and make a determination in our favor as a Military Tribunal are the Circuit Courts. All the other courts are being operated as private bill collection agencies under a series of deliberate false legal presumptions.

    They've been treating us like cattle in a stockyard, and picking us off one by one via illegal confiscations and foreclosures, illegally conscripting and press-ganging our children, distorting our textbooks, infiltrating our universities, converting our rights into privileges, asserting legislative statutes over the Public Law, converting our private property into public trusts which their attorneys are allowed to pillage at will.

    This secretive and highly illegal and immoral plundering has been taking place for decades.

    2. How would a Declaration of Peace change anything?
    Every time we visited the Civil War in any history class I ever attended, the teacher took at shot at Andrew Johnson, the Vice-President who became President after Abraham Lincoln's death. We were given no details but left with the impression that Andrew Johnson was a bad President, incompetent, etc.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Andrew Johnson is quite possibly the bravest man who ever sat in the President's chair. He issued no less than three (3) Public Declarations firmly establishing the Public Peace. He did everything he could to prevent and put an end to exactly the situation described above.

    The Plotters eventually got around his actions by creating corporations to do the dirty work and by getting later Presidents to go along with their criminality.

    Trump, like Johnson, is in a position to put an end to the worst of it by issuing a similar Public Declaration of Peace. He could also open up the Electoral Process simply by recognizing the over 150 million Disenfranchised Electors who have been coerced to either
    (1) register to vote and give up their property rights to the federal corporations or (2) stop casting ballots in the General Elections and be counted as criminals if they do.

    This racketeering scheme and manipulation of our Electoral Process has somewhat backfired on them in that it keeps them from ever achieving a mandate for their "democracy"--- a form of government that is patently alien to our country and our people.

    3. What are we going to do about it?
    At the end of the day, we have to wake up and get organized and stand on the jurisdictions that we are heir to.

    Now that we know what has gone on here and how we have been misidentified and who and what is being manipulated to secure these deplorable results, we are enabled to take action in our own behalf.

    First, we have to stop drifting along letting our employees define us and our political status to suit themselves. Because the two sides of this phony "war" are both groups of our employees, one British Group, one Papist Group, they have sought to misidentify us as federal employees, too. They do this to involve us in their "war" and provide themselves with excuses to confiscate our property and harass us.

    This requires them to mis-characterize us as either a "United States Citizen" --- one of the Brits, or, as a "citizen of the United States", one of the Papists. We are in fact State Citizens of a different "United States"---- The United States, with a capital "T".

    Most of us are not federal military employees or dependents, nor are we federal civil service employees or dependents. As a result, the correct way to describe our political status is: "State Citizen of The United States", but the similarity of the names and general ignorance has allowed them to confuse people about which "United States" is being referenced.

    They deliberately and forcefully falsify our records at hospitals using the Dead Baby Scam.

    We are in fact American State Nationals at birth and need to reclaim that status.
    Our team has pioneered a paperwork process to do this. It is explained and templates are made available on my website,, Article 928, and at website.

    A man has no name for himself. God did not give us names and we were not given any authority to name ourselves. All this goes back to Biblical constructs in the Western World.
    So, all living people are nameless.

    What happens is that we are "Given" a name as a "Gift" and as an "Inheritance" in the same way that we might be given a bicycle. This is your Person, also known as your Trade Name, because you use it to identify yourself and others use it to identify you when conducting business affairs.

    This Given Name in the West is Bicameral --- represented by the House of Lords and the House of Commons in England. Your Bicameral Name is split in two parts, your Christian Name, for example, "Peter" and your Family or Sur Name, for example, "Olson". "Peter" is supposed to be represented in the House of Lords, while "Olson" --- which is a name that can equally belong to many people --- is supposed to be represented in the House of Commons.
    This same principal applies to the representation in The United States Senate vs. The United States House of Representatives.

    The idea is that we are individually sovereign and "lords" as living people in our private lives, while maintaining an association with our families and communities "in common" ---- thus, there is a natural separation between private interest and public interest which is reflected in the legislative bodies and in our Bicameral Names.

    The introduction of a so-called "Middle Name" was adopted as a means of creating an additional "immaterial" Person --- a business entity separated from this system of "recognizable" and "lawful" government.

    As you will discover if you read Law Dictionaries, the use of a Middle Name invalidates this system of lawful national government and puts you in a different international status.

    Your Lawful Person is "Peter Olson". Your Legal Person is "Peter John Olson".

    Unfortunately, the Legal Person has been substituted for the Lawful Person and as a result, only those who happen to know this information can access the protections of their Nationality, or, alternatively, redefine the Legal Person by a process of "Lawful Conversion" --- which is what we do.

    Most of us have suffered from the "Unlawful Conversion" of our Lawful Persons like "Peter Olson" into these foreign, international Legal Persons, like "Peter John Olson" and must undertake an answering "Lawful Conversion" to reverse the process.

    Because we have many records and property held in these foreign, international Names, we have to keep control of the Legal Person we've been unwittingly operating under.

    To rectify this and still keep control of our property interests requires us to "convert" the Legal Person by declaring its permanent home and domicile on the land of a Sovereign State.
    This process effectively "dry docks" the Legal Person and makes it subject to the Law of the Land, bringing it under the protections and conventions of the Constitutions and the international land laws, such as the Geneva Conventions.

    A Judge seeing the name "Peter John Olson" assumes that he is dealing with a Legal Person in the international jurisdiction of the sea; after you lawfully convert this Legal Person by seizing upon it and declaring its domicile on the land jurisdiction, a whole new set of legal presumptions and laws apply.

    It will be your responsibility to inform the Judges in your cases that your Legal Person, for example, "Peter John Olson" has been lawfully converted and returned to the land jurisdiction.

    The paperwork that you record is evidence of the lawful conversion you have executed and the fact that "Peter John Olson" is now subject to the Law of the Land.

    You must do a similar correction with all the Municipal PERSONS that have been "gifted" to you, for similar reasons.

    When you are addressed by any Municipal or Territorial District or State of State Court, you must immediately challenge its jurisdiction and appeal the issue to the Circuit Court---- "I challenge this court's jurisdiction and appeal to the Circuit Court."

    The Circuit Court is the only court left that can bring a panel of three military officers and make a determination of your political status, consider the facts of your case, and grant you relief.

    4. Okay, I have lawfully converted all these "persons" and returned them to the land jurisdiction. I returned and surrendered the Municipal PERSON Birth Certificate to competent international law enforcement officers and returned the trademark NAMES to the land jurisdiction, too. I recorded the Certificates for those along with the rest of the paperwork. I understand that I am a State National of The United States with a capital "T", not a "United States Citizen" and not a "citizen of the United States". Now what?

    You are now clear to claim your actual State Citizenship and assemble your State of the Union. Go to: to get started.

    5. How can we enforce this?
    The moment you "arrive" back on the land jurisdiction and assume your role as one of the People of this country, you are enabled to enforce the Constitutional Agreements and have a duty to do so.

    We enforce the Constitutions by assembling our States, populating our public offices, filling our vacated courts, commissioning our Continental Marshals, electing our land jurisdiction Sheriffs, and joining our State Militia.

    Many people assume that only uniformed police officers have the power to make arrests and only "state of state" courts have any ability to prosecute crimes. They also think that militias are dangerous and inhabited by right-wing nutcases. None of this is true.

    In this country, every American who accepts the responsibility of State Citizenship has the right to make citizen arrests. Even Americans who happen to be working as foreign Law Enforcement Officers on a For-Hire basis, have the ability to enforce the Public Laws including the provisions of the Constitutions. See Mack and Prinz vs. USA, Inc.

    Moreover, every State Citizen between the ages of 21 and 45, who is mentally and physically fit, is by definition a member of the State Militia. We are not at war with anyone and we are not part of the commercial mercenary squabbles of our run amok employees, but we do owe a duty to the Public Peace and we also have a duty to ourselves and to our country to enforce the actual Public Law.

    In addition to a Public Declaration of Peace by President Trump, we can lawfully and peacefully impose our control over our jurisdictions which include the land and soil of this country. Bringing a permanent end to the bogus Civil War and all the false legal presumptions and frauds and unauthorized offices associated with it is as easy and as difficult as issuing a credible Order as an organized civilian government.

    This requires having active jural assemblies in at least a majority of the States. We are close to that goal now, and could have the job done tomorrow, if certain parties would wake up and face the necessity of doing the paperwork to "return" the Legal Persons and convert them into Lawful Persons.

    6. Why can't we just use our plain names, the original Lawful Names, like "Peter Olson", form our Assemblies, and go forward?

    Because there is now no record of anyone called "Peter Olson" being born at the time and place where you were born. This is what I meant about having to maintain control of the foreign Legal Person and lawfully convert it.

    Your name has been unlawfully removed from the land and soil of your country, and illegally administered. A foreign improper Legal Name has been substituted for your Lawful Name. You have to convert the Legal Name and re-convey it back to the land and soil jurisdiction of the State where you were born and operate it "as" your Lawful Name in order to retain and control your assets and still be able to operate the land jurisdiction of your State.

    New records will have to be established. This is only a sufficient fix to protect everyone's material interests, and bring our civilian populace back under the protections of land law.

    The ultimate resolution of this Mess involves the Queen or her Successor returning all the purloined copyrights to the American Legal Person names which have been operated for profit by the British Crown, and the Pope calling an end to the issuance of Municipal PERSONS in our names.

    Until then, we have to slog it out one by one by one, and we have to use the authorities that we definitely do have to correct the records and deal with the circumstance.

    They are our Employees and they have no right to conduct any "war" on our land and soil, no right to presume anything about our identities or political status as babies, no excuse for what they have done. We have every right to fire them and hire new subcontractors to provide whatever services we want.

    Once we return to our proper status and accept the responsibility of self-governance we have the power to direct both the Territorial and Municipal United States to stand down and put a permanent end to their squabbling and self-interested double-dealing----and especially their attempts to genocide Americans on paper and retain institutions of slavery.

    7. If, as you say, the document we are familiar with as "The Constitution of the United States of America" is just a Doppelganger of the real Territorial Constitution --- very similar, but not the same --- and its Fourteenth Amendment is just a By-Law of a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation, not an Amendment to any Constitution ratified by our States ---what in the name of Jesus is going on?

    Fraud. Just plain old garden variety fraud.

    There is no excuse or valid basis for the enforcement of the "Fourteenth Amendment" or, for that matter, any such "Amendment". Mr. Trump has made references to the purported Fourteenth Amendment and like most Americans has taken it seriously.

    But like Black's Law Dictionary, it began as a spoof --- a knowing fraud, that was taken seriously. That allowed the con artists to assume our identity, access our credit, and operate our government "as if" they were us, when in fact they were just con artists---- an early version of identity thieves and credit card hackers.

    Until we wake up and inform Mr. Trump of the facts and he realizes that he is standing on sand, both lawfully and legally, the Territorial Government he represents will continue to enforce a known fraud as if it had validity and will continue to enforce de facto slavery long after all such provisions have been outlawed on a worldwide basis.

    If we are sick and tired of this preposterous circumstance, it's time to lift our ugly heads and roar something to the effect, "The Articles of Incorporation of a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that ceased operations in 1907 have no authority, meaning, or enforce-ability on anyone today. Get your heads screwed on or go away!"

    The greatest danger to this country is our own gullibility, general ignorance, and failure to take action.

    Those of us who are awake must make every effort to act as modern day Paul Reveres and put as many sticks in the wagon wheels of these run amok corporations as possible.

    8. What is being done to stop these criminals from doing us and other people harm?
    First and foremost, the information is getting out and into the hands of foreign governments including the foreign governments responsible for this horse hooey.

    This has two immediate effects: (1) friendly governments now have an understanding of what has gone on here and are inclined to intercede in our favor; (2) governments and corporations that were scheming against us and against our property interests on many levels are now exposed and their criminality is apparent, thus, they are "encouraged" to cease and desist and are being obliged to slink back into the shadows.

    Second, once the Legal Persons are seized upon and converted and returned to the land jurisdiction, land law clamps down and people are again protected by the Constitutional guarantees and Geneva Conventions and other provisions that the Perpetrators have to honor or be further exposed as crime syndicates.

    Third, your Federation of Sovereign States, The United States of America, which is your official "Ship of State" is still sea-worthy and competent to act in your favor while you attend to the task of assembling your States and getting on your feet.

    We have lost no time in rebutting False Claims of Abandonment and False Claims that our currency is insufficient. We have also put numerous protections in place to stop the looting at an international level, including Notices and Liens and Fixture Attachments on all assets belonging to the States and People of this country.

    This has been a long process that has run in tandem and in multiple jurisdictions, and poses an effective rebuttal to Globalist claims that we "no longer exist" and their attempts to seize our property.

    I know this is all a huge amount of unhappy information to take in, and I fully sympathize with the dismay and sense of being overwhelmed that many people feel.

    However, the actual States and People of this country have many friends and supporters, The United States of America is widely revered, our founding Principles are strong and valid and second to none, our government structure has resisted all attempts to circumvent it, and we have cleared the pathway home.

    What remains is for each one of us who are free to do so, to correct the records and convey and convert the Legal Persons associated with us, and then assemble our actual States, which are physically defined and occupy the international land jurisdiction of this country.

    Go to: website to get help with the paperwork involved and to get started on the whole reclamation process.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were his fellow German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    7 hrs

    Whoa! Find Your Butts.... A Message for the White Hats

    You are talking to the woman who first defined this evil as "Corporate Feudalism". To suppose that I don't know what we are "living under" is the height of stupidity.

    Unlike a lot of my critics, I listened when Eisenhower warned us about the "Military Industrial Complex". I heard him. I was only a little bitty kid, almost a toddler, but I heard what our President said and I took notice. All my life, I have remembered Eisenhower standing there and telling us that.

    Where were all the rest of you?

    I know exactly how we got here, the patent system that controls it, and more importantly, I know how to correct it without firing a shot.

    We can return this country to civilian government and enforce the peace we are owed, but right now, the greatest stumbling block to this happy conclusion are a bunch of old military honchos who don't want peace, who are in fact afraid of peace.

    They see war as the source of their power, their expertise, their life's purpose.
    So when I say, "Hey, fellas, you can come home now!" ---- that's not what they want to hear.
    When I say, "If you just do your job and actual duty and help return this country to civilian government, all this can be done very peacefully and lawfully with nobody getting hurt." --- that isn't what they want, either.

    That answer doesn't ring the "Ca-ching!" in their cash registers.

    That answer doesn't leave them in control.

    And they still want to be in control even though their incompetence has landed us in this Mess and even though they don't know how to get out of it, short of blowing the world up.
    Much to the disappointment of the proponents of the Military Industrial Complex this is a spiritual war first and foremost, and beyond that, an economic war staged as a cold mercenary war between foreign federal subcontractors.

    May I add, it's a totally illegal mercenary war. A criminal and dishonorable and unnecessary "war" that is against international law and the Geneva Conventions.

    I know how it was built, so I know how to take it apart.

    There are two paths set before you --- a peaceful return to civilian government with abundance and freedom for everyone concerned, or, World War III and the total destruction of the planet.


    I don't consider most "White Hats" to be White Hats. I consider most of them to be self-interested flunkies of the Military Industrial Complex intent on preserving the same old Military Protectorate that has existed in this country since 1863 and which has functioned with Bad Faith and self-interest to keep the civilian government from finding its feet and putting an end to the Gravy Train.

    And that is what I really think about most of the vaunted "White Hats" who, to my knowledge, have done nothing but try to infiltrate and lurk around like a bunch of overgrown schoolboys sneaking a drag on a single cigarette.

    When I call on the "White Hats" for help, you know what I get? People like Destry Payne, Citizen of Luxembourg, sneaking around spreading crap about me and causing trouble that doesn't need to exist.

    If the White Hats want to help, if the White Hats want their country back, if the White Hats realize that their "government" isn't what is supposed to be running this country and that in fact, the military is supposed to be taking its orders from the civilian government --- not the other way around --- then for God's sake, find your butts with both hands.

    Lawful assets can only belong to Lawful Persons. You can't qualify because by definition all Military Personnel are functioning as Legal Persons.

    But if you get out of our way and put on your Thinking Caps instead of your jock straps, you will realize that we, the civilians, are the only ones who have the key and the right and the standing and the provenance to reclaim the actual assets of this country. Restoring the civilian government is the key and the difference between victory and defeat.

    In two weeks the military government will default unless you fellows do your actual duty and assist us.

    So you can sit there and rattle your sabers and watch the Debt Clock digits fall, or you can do the right thing. Support the civilian government this country is owed. Stop acting as predators upon the people you are hired to protect.

    And if you aren't going to do the right thing and return this country to civilian government, stop calling yourselves "White Hats".

    Grey Hats with a lot of dingy stains and spots is more like it.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were his fellow German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    4 hrs

    A Restatement for the Confused

    It's apparent that at least in some corners, my message is getting distorted, not being clearly understood---- or being deliberately sabotaged.

    We, the American States and People, are not at war.

    Technically, we have haven't been at war since 1814.

    Get those facts very clearly established in your minds.
    1814 not 1914.

    And here is the actual structure of the government that is supposed to be functioning and running this country:

    The Union of republican states known as The United States, fifty in number, in control of the national soil jurisdiction, populated by people who are all American State Nationals who owe no duty to the government beyond keeping the peace. These are living men and women.

    The Federation known as The United States of America, composed of fifty States in control of the international land jurisdiction of this country, populated by People who are American State Citizens who owe their singular allegiance and duty to their State and who run its government. These are people functioning as Lawful Persons.

    The Confederation known as the States of America, composed of fifty Federal-level States of States, populated by American Persons. These are people functioning as Legal Persons. This level of our government hasn't been functioning since the 1860's.

    Add to the above American institutions, two foreign subcontractors:
    The British Territorial Government operating under our name as "the" United States of America, populated by British Territorial "Inhabitants" who are supposed to be here providing us with "essential government services" per Article IV of the separate Constitution governing their activities. These are all foreigners dubbed "United States Citizens".
    Americans can choose to act as "United States Citizens" and do so when they work for the military. These are all Legal Persons.

    The Roman Municipal United States Government operating under our name as "the" United States, comprised of Federal Civil Service Employees and Dependents. These are largely former American State Citizens of The United States who operate the "civil" --- not the "civilian" government functions we associate with the Federal Civil Service. Again, these are all Legal Persons dubbed "citizens of the United States" and while they continue in Federal Civil Service employment, they remain in this capacity.

    Okay? Got that much firmly fixed in your brains?

    The American part of the Federal Government hasn't functioned since the 1860's.

    All the "federal" functions were taken over by the British Territorial Government operating "as" --- "the" United States of America -- on an "emergency" basis as of 1868.

    [Our country has been run as a British Territorial Military Protectorate from 1868 to 1976, when the Perpetrators of this situation handed the Protectorate over to the United Nations.]

    At the conclusion of the "American Civil War" which was in fact not a war, but a mercenary conflict like Vietnam, this Interloper published a new "constitution" for itself modeled on and very similar to the actual Territorial Constitution. This Scottish-chartered Commercial Corporation rapidly adopted a number of "Amendments" to this fake Constitution (their "Amendments" were in fact corporate By-Laws) including the infamous Fourteenth Amendment.

    The Fourteenth Amendment declared all "citizens of the United States" to be criminals, and subjected them to slavery, because the Pope sided with the South in the so-called Civil War, and the Brits wanted to collect war reparations from the Federal Civil Service workers.

    This cold commercial mercenary "war" between these two groups of foreign governmental services contractors has been ongoing ever since, even though the Scottish Interloper went bankrupt in 1907 and whatever slim legitimacy its "Constitution" --- including any "Amendments" --- had, vanished with it.

    Our actual States, the members of the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, were never involved in any Civil War.

    We can be sure of this because:

    1. Our States are not "Civil" entities.

    2. No war was ever declared by our Congress.

    3. Lincoln bankrupted the Northern [Confederation] States [of States] in 1863; but, our Sovereign States are not eligible for bankruptcy, therefore, we can be sure that none of these actions involved our States.

    4. No official Peace Treaty ever ended anything called the "American Civil War".
    The "American Civil War" was a vicious mercenary conflict between Federal Service Providers --- the American Federal Service Providers were destroyed or disabled, and their duties were usurped by the foreign-backed government employees.

    These two remaining groups of foreign-backed Federal Employees, have been conducting a cold mercenary war on our shores ever since, with the British (now United Nations) controlled entity being used to promote wars for profit, and the Municipal "Civil" entity being used to collect "war reparations" for their activities.

    To make this work for the benefit of the Perpetrators, a complex and now-mechanized constructive fraud scheme has been used to kidnap Americans and mis-characterize them as Federal Citizens--- both "United States Citizens" and "citizens of the United States". Basically, we have been illegally and immorally press-ganged as babies in our cradles.

    The point is that these are our Employees doing this to us, and their Managers, the Pope and the Queen owe us Due Diligence under both Treaty and Commercial Contract to make sure that nothing like this ever happens. Period. At all. They are both in Gross Breach of Trust.

    The collapse of the Confederation of the Federal States of States had nothing to do with us, beyond the fact that we should have been alerted immediately and assisted to reorganize new business entities to perform the duties assigned.

    Instead, the Brits secretively substituted their own franchises --- substituting their Territorial States of States for our Federal States of States. They usurped upon our authority and "expanded" their commercial service contracts via an undisclosed process of assumption without our knowledge or consent.

    To the average person on the street, the only change that was observable was a change from receiving services from "The State of Wisconsin" to receiving services from "the" State of Wisconsin.

    And so the American People have been cullied and gulled by their British-controlled (and now United Nations controlled) Employees, used for gun fodder in foreign wars for profit, and then made to pay the cost of those wars when they got back home.

    Do you see the scam now? Finally?

    The Brits get us into the wars, we fight them, then we pay for them, and the Brits and the Pope reap the profits.

    The Brits reap it directly as money and credit extorted from us under the false legal presumption that we are Municipal Civil Service Employees owing perennial war reparations under the bogus corporate Fourteenth Amendment.

    The Pope reaps it indirectly via backdoor payments from the Brits.

    And both of these governments are supposed to be our Allies, our Friends, our Protectors and Trustees under contract, committed to providing us with good faith service, "perpetual amity", to be Defenders of our National Trust ---- and if we hadn't pulled their chestnuts out of the fire in two World Wars, they wouldn't even exist anymore.

    This is the "thanks" we got.

    This is exactly what went on in the 1750's with the "French and Indian War" and exactly what the Colonists, including George Washington, objected to and which led (among other factors) to The War of Independence. We fought that war for the Brits and they rewarded us with punishing taxes, as if we were the Enemy.

    It's the same exact circumstance and only a slightly more sophisticated scam was used in constructive fraud to gain the desired result: Americans forced to fight their wars for them, then pay for the cost of the wars, and they keep the profit.

    Wake up.

    And its all criminal. It's all both unlawful and illegal as hell. It's all based on fraud and Unconscionable contracts. Better (or worse) still, its all based on "Amendments" made to a corporate charter by a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907.

    Let's get this straight --- corporations can provide government services, but corporations are not governments.

    Corporations are chartered --- that is, created --- by governments.
    Not the other way around.

    So all these corporations that you see here have been chartered by the British Government and by the Papal Municipal Government. And both those foreign governments are utterly responsible for the behavior and actions of these corporations on our shores.
    The Creator is responsible for the Creation.

    We have no more intractable enemies on Earth than the members of the UK Parliament and the Lords of the Admiralty sitting in Westminster, and once again, we are being asked to pull their chestnuts out of the fire, fight their wars for them, and pay for their wars afterward.

    If we had the sense of Guinea Hens, we should have turned all our fire power on London and Rome and let both burn a long time ago. Add Brussels, Bern, and Hong Kong.

    And as for the Traitors who have infested our Capitol and acted as Inland Pirates and fostered this entire charade, we should have recognized them for what they are, too, also a long time ago.

    Since when do political lobbyists hold the strings to the Public Purse in this country?

    Wake up. If you don't get it, if what I am telling you is too hard to understand, go back and re-read it as many times as necessary.

    Satan's Kingdom is forfeit. We won the game without a hot war. Now all that has to happen is for Mr. Trump and our military to wake up, support the actual civilian government of this country, and assist us in collecting our assets.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were his fellow German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    1 hr

    Bringing Everyone Up to Speed:

    We have the civilian government, which is the government of the people, for the people, by the people: our civilian government, which is supposed to be ruling the roost and giving the orders to our employees. We are born as State Nationals and accrue our nationality from our States – Wisconsinites, Virginians, Coloradans, etc.

    We are properly described as State Citizens of The United States.
    Please notice: The United States, not “the” United States.

    We are supposed to be in control of the Public Purse and making all the decisions about what goes on inside this country and also supposed to be directing our course of action in international affairs.

    However, things went wrong back in the 1860’s.

    Our government is supposed to extend its power into the international arena via its Confederation of States, the States of America, which was founded in 1781.

    Under our plan of government, we have both a Federation State, which is a geographically defined area and its body politic of people living within that area, and a Confederation State, which is organized as a business and service organization operating in international and global venues on behalf of our State.

    The Federation State known as Massachusetts is supposed to be served by a Confederation State known as The State of Massachusetts.

    Notice: The State of Massachusetts, not “the” State of Massachusetts, and not “the” STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS.

    During the Civil War, this system was disrupted and has never been “reconstructed”.

    Foreign business and service organizations secretively substituted themselves for our American Confederation of States, and thereby usurped the power of our intended Federal Government.

    The usurping business and service organizations were fronted first by Britain, beginning in 1868, and later, the Papal Municipal United States Government got into the act, too.
    This was only made possible because our military failed us and was misled. Men like Grant and Sherman had no experience in international politics and were easily lied to and led astray in the chaos immediately following the end of hostilities.

    Contrary to what we are left to believe, the entire Civil War was fought by “Confederate” States, that is, by members of the Confederation of States. Both the North and the South were Confederate States of States. The American Civil War was, therefore, a mercenary war between business organizations.

    Read that--- the Civil War had nothing to do with the Sovereign States of the Federation doing business as The United States of America. We, the actual States and People, were not involved. It was a fight among our federal service provider organizations.

    By 1863, the Northern Confederation was bankrupt. Lincoln turned to military command and issued the first Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief, which is known both as General Order 100 and as The Lieber Code, and from then on, we have lived under a military protectorate.

    By 1865, the Southern Confederation was in ruins and the Northern Confederation still in bankruptcy.

    The physical ruin was overcome in about twenty-five years, but the political ruin has continued.

    Once empowered, the military didn’t want to give up that power. The military protectorate which began as an emergency measure became entrenched.

    Meantime, the Papist Municipal Government of the District of Columbia, stepped into the role of the civilian government, secretively substituting its “civil” government --- as in Federal Civil Service --- for our civilian government.

    Thus we have had two groups of foreign-sponsored federal employees substituting for our intended American Confederation of States for many decades, and these dishonest, disloyal interlopers have conspired to wreck this country and pillage our people “in the name of” the legitimate government.

    So where is the legitimate government?
    Lulled to sleep. On auto-pilot.

    The government of the people, for the people, and by the people still exists, and will exist as long as one American stands up for it; but, while we sleep, the foreign federal service providers continue to run amok, continue to mis-administer our affairs, and continue to abuse our people under color of law.

    The fundamental premise of their operations is to involve us in constant war via the unauthorized exercise of our “presumed consent”, have us fight these wars for them, then have us pay the war reparations for them, and they keep the profits. Thus, our peaceful country and our kindly people have been abused and used as “the hammer” for these European manipulators.

    This results first and foremost in the death and maiming of our young people and secondarily in the pillaging, oppression, and enslavement of our older people.
    As we have fallen deeper into our slumber and ignorance about our own past and our own government, the European Powers actually responsible have become more corrupt, more virulent, and more obviously criminal in their activities ---- which are of course, all blamed on us --- the same Americans who are in fact being grossly victimized by their own Hired Help.

    By the time we woke up and began our organized action to reclaim the actual government and sound the alarm, the Perpetrators had almost reached their goal: exclusive legislative representation. Almost.

    But enough of us woke up and stood tall, and now they are the ones who have to answer to our account. Both the Queen and the Pope are in Gross Breach of Trust and in gross violation of their commercial service contracts. Both are responsible for the actions of every one of these “service” organizations on our shores since 1868.
    The military is also responsible for allowing the “civil” government to usurp upon the “civilian” government.

    Instead of assisting our civilian government to hold new elections and national plebiscites in the wake of the Civil War, the military decided to take control and collude with the Papist Municipal authorities to put on a show --- a masquerade, in which the “civil” government would replace the civilian government and the military would pretend to obey it.

    Over time, of course, the appearance became the reality and the military was subjected to the usurping civil government via the municipal government’s control of the Public Purse, which they have all been pillaging “in our names” for multiple generations.

    These are criminal activities, all predicated on fraud.

    We have “returned” although we never actually left, to find that our country is in ruins, our substance eaten away by these criminals, our wealth transported offshore where they have planned to use it to buy off other governments into their control scheme; the duty to assemble our actual States and to enforce the Constitutions and to finish the task of Reconstruction of the Confederation is set before us.

    But before we can do this, we must reclaim our natural birthright character and identity as Americans and as State Citizens of The United States, not “United States Citizens” (Territorials), and not “citizens of the United States” (Municipals).

    Almost all of our records regarding our actual nationality and political status have been deliberately falsified. Our disloyal and criminal “Public Servants” have conspired to create a gigantic identity theft scheme against the American People and have committed genocide against us on paper.

    They have misidentified us as members of their foreign organizations, in order to access our credit and bring false claims in commerce against our assets.

    We are officially and internationally making everyone aware of these actions by the Pope and the Queen and their minions on our shores, and we are calling up the United Nations and all countries owing us support via treaty and contract to bring forceful international assistance to bear upon these matters and to compel the following immediate actions:

    1. Shut down the Municipal COURTS which have been used as private collection agencies while pretending to operate in juridical capacities related to us;

    2. Shut down the IRS and retask the Internal Revenue Service to efficiently process Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption Claims;

    3. Notify the Government of the Philippines that The United States of America is alive and well and coming to claim its part of the gold horde;

    4. Notify the World Bank of the same;

    5. Notify the Hague that both the United States (Municipal Government operating in our names) and the United States of America (Territorial Government operating in our names) have violated the Hague Conventions and practiced genocide against their Employers;

    6. Notify the Geneva Convention Members of the same;

    7. Notify President Trump of the circumstance and the necessity to correct the falsified political status records and reinstate approximately 150 million American Electors, enabling them to vote in the 2020 Elections without any compromise of their political status;

    8. Engage in a broad spectrum educational effort to bring the American Public up to speed and enable them to act in their own rational self-interest;

    Besides spreading the word, what do you as an American need to do?
    Those who are not under any obligation to adopt federal citizenship are advised to get busy and correct your own individual political status records, reclaiming your birthright as an American State National, and, if you love your country, then join your State Assembly.
    The Federation States are called to Assemble and to conduct business for the first time in a 150 years.

    Only those claiming their unique office as State Citizens can participate and all those who thus assemble must be either American State Nationals by birth, or Naturalized State Nationals who have entered the country legally and who have officially adopted State Citizenship.

    These are serious issues that require everyone’s immediate attention.

    Federal citizens, both United States Citizens and citizens of the United States, are called upon to support the actual civilian government of this country --- which is, in fact, your primary and actual duty.

    All international organizations and governments are placed on alert.

    The Queen and the Pope are called upon to honor their obligations to the American States and People and to voluntarily and immediately cease and desist:
    (1) all attempts to engage our country in any more wars, mercenary or otherwise;
    (2) all false claims against American property assets;
    (3) all false claims of abandonment of our assets;
    (4) all conscription and child labor contracts;
    (5) all press-ganging;
    (6) all falsification of our nationality and political status records;
    (7) close the Municipal COURTS which have no business operating on our shores;
    (8) shut down the IRS and re-task the Internal Revenue Service to accept and process Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption claims;
    (9) release our assets being claimed by the ‘Federal Reserve’ and drop the Dead Baby Scam operations;
    (10) discipline and redirect all members of the Bar Associations;
    (11) return all State Trust assets to the lawful owners.

    The Pope and the Queen and all their subsidiary personnel are also hereby requested to expedite the correction of American Passports and Identification Cards and to speed up the issuance of correct Identification Cards owed to us under the Geneva Conventions.

    The entire world knows what you owe us, and the entire world now sees how both the Pontificate and the British Government have mistreated, lied to, cheated, and abused your most loyal Allies and Treaty Partners. Without the American People and without the use of American resources, both your governments would have been wiped off the face of the Earth a long time before this.

    A “prompt and permanent reconciliation” and correction is called for, along with negotiation regarding your respective debts and obligations to us going forward.

    Mr. Trump and Joint Chiefs and Grey Hats/White Hats ---- whatever. The military owes its honor to honorable service and earns it no other way.

    You have been used as self-interested Useful Idiots by these named European Powers to enforce a criminal system of political genocide and oppression upon the American People ---- your Employers. How stupid is that?

    Even given the plots to change your base of operations to China and all your efforts to remove our wealth offshore and keep it cashiered in Slush Funds ---- you can’t succeed. The days when the Dutch East India Company could just sail over the horizon are over.

    The plots to use the Municipal Agencies to kill your Priority Creditors are also exposed.
    Stop trying to deny what has gone on here and stop trying to finagle some “justifiable” excuse to continue it. Do your job: protect us. That is all your contract calls for --- to defend the American States and People. You have been doing a piss poor job and acting as predators upon us, instead. If we sound a bit testy, we are.

    All Federal Employees need to get back in their boxes and assigned duty stations, performing their actual jobs. Your contracts are all hanging by a thread, and if you don’t jump to it and assist us in reclaiming the assets owed to this country, you will be in financial default by October 4.
    Get moving.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were his fellow German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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