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Thread: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    As usual, I have no idea what you are talking about.
    Agents deal with agents. Principals outrank them. As described in the movie MATRIX .... when you see an agent RUN!!! Or as I prefer to do present them with a business card stating that I only deal with Principals.

    The carte de persona is described in the First Law of the Defendant ... don't answer until the agent proves his right to represent the principal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigjon View Post
    I thought you had run off without so much as a bye your leave.
    So I did. Who am I going to request leave of?

    A woman gave up her twin sons for adoption. One went to Spain and was named Juan. The other went to the middle east and was called Amal. Years later Juan sent her a photo. She was depressed because she had no photo of Amal until her husband told her "They are identical twins. When you have seen Juan you have seen Amal"

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    10 hrs

    Dear Kirk Pendergrass

    Let me point something out to you --- nothing in Federal Code pertains to the States and People except those few portions of legislation published in the Federal Record, not the Federal Register, and only those portions published in the Congressional Record that are in alignment with the original intent of the Constitutions are valid.

    That means about 8 percent of all the "Acts of Congress" have portions that apply to actual Americans, and of those, about half,are either contrary to the original intent or otherwise invalid from the get-go.

    Title 42 says virtually nothing about the actual States or People; it concerns itself with British Territorial Government operations and United States Citizens and issues that don't pertain to any Joe Average American. It's all well and good -- what you are doing -- but it still only pertains properly to Territorial United States Citizens: that is, to Legal Persons, not People.

    And why are we bothering to fight that fight?

    It would seem that only a rather small percentage of Americans would ever need to do such a thing --- attorneys, doctors, dentists, pilots, and certain other "licensed" professions that have been illegally and immorally conscripted under color of law, are about the only ones impacted.

    I am not suggesting that we leave these Americans to their fate, merely that the point is illegal conscription of civilian "assets" all across the board, not a case by case campaign to obtain redress from foreign British Territorial State of State Legislatures that shouldn't even be in operation on our shores.

    These are our subcontractors and employees. We don't petition them. We don't seek redress from their legislatures. We kick them in the rump for insubordination and return their "legislation" to them for repeal or correction.

    There is an entire living government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" that exists outside of and beyond the Federal Subcontractors and their Agencies and operations, a whole "other" jurisdiction that belongs only to the States and People of this country, and which is foreign with respect to both the United States [Territorial] Citizens, and Municipal "citizens of the United States".

    And our Subcontractors operating under our Delegated Powers, the Queen and the Pope, both know it.

    How is it that so many other worthy people, including yourself, are caught up and confused about who we are and what we are owed and what the actual proper action is?

    I understand that Field may have elected to retain US Citizenship as a result of his own situation, but that leaves him in a different political status --- NOT the normal political status Americans are heir to and which at least 90% of us should be exercising.

    If he had corrected his political status prior to all this happening, he wouldn't be in any "Federal" jurisdiction and would not be considered any "subject matter" for them to arrest and impound, either.
    Redressing his grievances in the Legislature is part and parcel of accepting Territorial United States Citizenship, and most Americans have no rational reason in the world to accept such a foreign and subordinate political status.

    The living people and Lawful Persons of this country are not subject to Statute. As the name implies, Statutory Entities, that is, legal fiction entities, are subject to Statute because they are created by Statute.

    Are we created by any form of Statute? My parents would disagree.
    The actual People, that is, the Lawful Persons who are State Citizens, retain the right to directly nullify any legislative act, code, or regulation derived from legislation. Our courts can directly overturn any legislation via jury nullification.

    No petitioning to any executive officer getting a paycheck from us. No redress sought from the criminals in the various territorial and municipal legislatures.

    Just flat out average people operating in their proper political status and organizing their own State and local County assemblies have the power to overturn whatever criminal or civil statutes these roaches "offer" to "presume" upon us while pretending to "represent" us.

    Pray tell, why would we need someone to "represent" us, when we are present ourselves?

    This curious concept of "representation" is made necessary only by constructive fraud and impersonation being practiced against us by members of the Bar Associations, which are, as you have begun to uncover --- illegal "guilds"---- trade unions. A Bar Card is a Guild Card is a Union Card.

    The Bars, both the so-called "American Bar Association" and the "US Bar Association" have been operating what appear to be our courts as closed Union Shops, and the Municipal COURTS have been operating in violation of Federal Code, and they get away with it because they don't operate under Territorial Federal Code, they operate under their own Municipal Code which nobody (hardly) references.

    So these foreign interlopers have both been sitting dry docked on our shores, both impersonating us, with the Municipal COURTS operating in flagrant violation of the Smith Act and Taft-Hartley Act, both.

    They, the Bar Associations and the Courts they are operating, all need to be busted as criminal enterprises --- undeclared Foreign Agents engaged in racketeering, coercion, identity theft, human trafficking, impersonation, barratry, and more on our shores.

    Any legislation repugnant to the Constitution, to the spirit and intent of our Public Law, our Declaration of Independence, or our moral sense, needs to get tossed out the door in our courts without a backward nod to the "Congresses" or the foreign State of State Legislatures. And that is why the perpetrators of the Great Fraud have tried for so long to suppress us and suppress our land and soil jurisdiction courts --- ever since the Civil War.

    These animals literally steal our identities as Americans and impersonate us while we are still babies in our cradles, then lie to and extort us into adhesion contracts as youths, and illegally tax and mortgage us to death as adults.

    I see no reason for us, Americans, to pander to nor to seek redress from their foreign legislatures. I see reason to fire the whole lot of them and subject them to the actual Public Law of this country and the actual international Law of the Admiralty.

    Why bother getting involved in some internecine one-by-one brush fire contest with these Buggers, grinding our way through Due Process and seeking redress from their foreign legislatures?

    Why not attack the issue of their unlawful and illegal conscription and press-ganging of Americans into their jurisdiction in the first place, which is at the root of all these problems and issues, including those suffered by "licensed" professionals?

    Why not address them in Admiralty and bust them for genocide on paper and human trafficking of American babies in violation of both the Hague and Geneva Conventions?

    Where is Quantico when we need them? Forgot who we are? Forgot who they actually work for?

    Everyone needs to get a move on and start striking at the roots, not the leaves and branches.

    We need to kick their rumps back into the sea where they belong, liquidate their corporations as criminal operations, and seize upon every asset that they think they own. We need to bust up their monopolies including the Media Circus and Bar Associations and rip and tear through them like so much frozen butter in the face of some very hot knives.

    Of course, I support any and every effort to put an end to the criminality by any means and in whatever venue. I do. But fighting the brush fires is not really the point. Nailing the arsonists flat to the floor is the point.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    9 hrs

    BWAAAH! What Have I Been Telling You

    For several years now, I have flatly defended Pope Benedict and praised him for his efforts to dismantle the criminal machinery of the Pontificate and the incorporated governmental services entities masquerading "as" national governments worldwide. I have explained and published my role giving Notice and Due Process to his employees, to stop the wrong-doing and fraud they have been engaged in, in numerous articles, published letters, and especially my book, Disclosure 101.

    But there have been those who have instead told you that Benedict XVI was an evil man and that as Pope he "had to be" in on the fraud, and those who have tried to paint me as an "Agent of the Vatican" even though it is plain as the nose on my face that acting as a "private attorney" for Benedict XVI has nothing to do with the Vatican.

    My business with the Pope was with the Holy See, regarding the contracts we hold with them since the 1700's; the Vatican only came into existence in 1929.

    And now, today, look at what comes across my desk.
    Confirmation of the "Vatican Coup" led by Soros, Obummer, Killary, Biden, and the rest of the Goon Squad from Hell, promoting a radical leftist --- Pope Francis, who, technically, isn't even eligible to serve as Pope.

    Jesuits take their Oath to serve the Pope, which logically precludes the premise of a Jesuit holding the Office. Anyone who knows anything about the Roman Catholic Church was taken aback by that, including millions of Catholics.

    And here, at last, is the confirmation of what I always knew: Benedict XVI was black mailed and deposed by force. The whole Papacy has been reduced to a politicized farce and Francis does well not to accept obedience, because he is owed none. Read on:
    WikiLeaks: Clinton, Obama, Soros Overthrew Pope Benedict In Vatican Coup Posted by Francesco I

    George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in the Vatican to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict and replace him with radical leftist Pope Francis, according to a group of Catholic leaders citing evidence from various sources including WikiLeaks emails.

    Pope Benedict XVI reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013 before unexpectedly resigning in unusual circumstances. Becoming the first Pope to step down since Pope Gregory XII in 1415, Benedict is widely considered the first to do so on his own initiative since Pope Celestine V in 1294.However the group of Catholic leaders cite new evidence uncovered in emails released by WikiLeaks to claim the conservative Pope Benedict did not actually resign on his own initiative, but was pushed out of the Vatican by a coup that the group of researchers are calling the “Catholic Spring.”

    Soros, Obama and Clinton used the United States’ diplomatic machinery, political muscle, and financial power to coerce, bribe and blackmail “regime change” in the Roman Catholic Church in order to replace the conservative Benedict with the current Pope Francis – who has since become an unlikely mouthpiece for the international left, stunning Catholics around the world.

    Now the group of Catholic leaders have sent a letter to President Trump urging him to launch an official investigation into the activities of George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (and others) who they allege were involved in orchestrating Catholic Spring that resulted in their goal of “regime change” in the Vatican.

    The Catholic leaders cite eight specific questions they seek to have answered concerning suspect events that led to the resignation of Pope Benedict, the first papal abdication in 700 years.

    “Specifically, we have reason to believe that a Vatican ‘regime change’ was engineered by the Obama administration,” say the petitioners, in their January…/3001-did-vatica….

    “We were alarmed to discover,” their letter notes, “that, during the third year of the first term of the Obama administration your previous opponent, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other government officials with whom she associated proposed a Catholic ‘revolution’ in which the final demise of what was left of the Catholic Church in America would be realized.”

    The letter includes links to documents and news stories underscoring their claims. It first directs attention to the notorious Soros-Clinton-Podesta e-mails disclosed last year by WikiLeaks, in which Podesta and other progressives discussed regime change to remove what they described as the “middle ages dictatorship” in the Catholic Church.

    Regarding the Podesta e-mails in question, The New…/24289-clinton-c…
    last October:“

    Podesta, a longtime Clinton adviser/confidante and hand-picked top activist for left-wing funder George Soros, revealed in a 2011 e-mail that he and other activists were working to effect a “Catholic Spring” revolution within the Catholic Church, an obvious reference to the disastrous “Arab Spring” coups organized that same year by the Obama-Clinton-Soros team that destabilized the Middle East and brought radical Islamist regimes and terrorist groups to power in the region.

    The Podesta e-mail is a response to another Soros-funded radical — Sandy Newman, founder of the “progressive” Voices for Progress. Newman had written to Podesta seeking advice on the best way to “plant the seeds of the revolution” in the Catholic Church, which he described as a “middle ages [sic] dictatorship.”

    In their letter to President Trump, the group of Catholics leaders write: “Approximately a year after this e-mail discussion, which was never intended to be made public, we find that Pope Benedict XVI abdicated under highly unusual circumstances and was replaced by a pope whose apparent mission is to provide a spiritual component to the radical ideological agenda of the international left. The Pontificate of Pope Francis has subsequently called into question its own legitimacy on a multitude of occasions.”
    “We remain puzzled by the behavior of this ideologically charged Pope, whose mission seems to be one of advancing secular agendas of the left rather than guiding the Catholic Church in Her sacred mission,” they say, expressing the thoughts of millions of Catholics around the world stunned by Pope Francis’s left-wing ideology. “It is simply not the proper role of a Pope to be involved in politics to the point that he is considered to be the leader of the international left.”
    “With all of this in mind, and wishing the best for our country as well as for Catholics worldwide, we believe it to be the responsibility of loyal and informed United States Catholics to petition you to authorize an investigation into the following questions:

    – To what end was the National Security Agency monitoring the conclave that elected Pope Francis?

    – What other covert operations were carried out by US government operatives concerning the resignation of Pope Benedict or the conclave that elected Pope Francis?

    – Did US government operatives have contact with the “Cardinal Danneels Mafia”?

    – International monetary transactions with the Vatican were suspended during the last few days prior to the resignation of Pope Benedict. Were any U.S. Government agencies involved in this?

    – Why were international monetary transactions resumed on February 12, 2013, the day after Benedict XVI announced his resignation? Was this pure coincidence?

    – What actions, if any, were actually taken by John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and others tied to the Obama administration who were involved in the discussion proposing the fomenting of a “Catholic Spring”?

    – What was the purpose and nature of the secret meeting between Vice President Joseph Biden and Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican on or about June 3, 2011?

    – What roles were played by George Soros and other international financiers who may be currently residing in United States territory?”

    The investigation the group of Catholic leaders is requesting of President Trump should be of interest to more than just Catholics. George Soros’s ability to co-opt leading political figures to assist his radical plans for nation states is well known; but his ability to force “regime change” in the Catholic church, an institution previously thought impenetrable from the outside, raises serious questions about his potential for global chaos. The investigation — and punishment — should begin at once.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    18 hrs

    Facts to Keep Firmly in Mind

    The actual government of this country is vested entirely in the living people. That is why it is called a government "of the people, for the people, by the people".

    It follows that no incorporated entity can ever be the government of this country.

    Corporations of various kinds can serve the living people. Only.
    When a living man, one of the people, acts in a Public Capacity -- for example, serves as a Juror, he is acting in a "corporate" capacity --- the Office of a Juror, but still not acting in an "incorporated" capacity.

    This is the same difference you see between unincorporated small businesses, like Mel's Autobody, and incorporated businesses like GE, Inc., or Intel, Inc.

    A unincorporated small business is "corporate" but unincorporated. It does not owe its existence to any charter granted by any government.

    In the same way, when a living man acts in a Public Capacity, as a State Citizen, a Juror, a Sheriff, a Coroner, a Justice of the Peace, and so on, he acts in a corporate but still unincorporated capacity as one of the People.

    While acting in a Public Capacity of Office, each American acts as either (1) a Lawful Person (land jurisdiction) or a (2) Legal Person (sea jurisdiction). The land jurisdiction protects you while you are standing on the land and soil, and the Queen or King of Britain is supposed to be protecting you on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" but they haven't been doing that.

    "We, the People" who created the Constitutions were all acting as Lawful Persons. The Founders were acting as State Citizens and State Delegates to Congress---that is, they were acting in a "corporate" but "unincorporated" capacity. If they had been acting as Legal Persons-- that is, incorporated entities, of any kind, the phrase would read, "We, the Persons".

    It is only when we adopt the same political status and shoulder the same responsibility that we have the same standing as, "We, the People" in the current day, and are able to enforce, negotiate, and enter the jurisdiction of the Constitutions and their guarantees.
    So-- take that fact to heart. Underline it.

    Now, here's the next fact, even though you were born in the proper political status, your name and identity were kidnapped and transported --- "trafficked" into the realm of corporations and incorporated entities, the strange "Land of Oz" world, where both Legal Persons and INCORPORATED PERSONS exist.

    According to the fraud artists, you were identified as a "Legal Person" and, furthermore, as a Public Person -- but not an American, when you were just a few days old. The evidence of this is the Birth Certificate the rats were obliged to give you.

    It shows that you were the victim of "Unconscionable Contracting Processes" when you were only a few days old, long before you could become conscious of what this meant.

    As a result, you are being "presumed to be" a British Territorial Citizen, like someone born in Puerto Rico, a member of the Commonwealth, who is, for whatever reasons, living as a "resident" --- a temporary sojourner in America, called a "United States Citizen".

    Obviously, this is a false presumption and you never knowingly, willing, or voluntarily adopted such a foreign political status. You were born in an actual State, like Kansas, and you were far too young to choose to live in any imaginary State of State like the Territorial State of Kansas (or the Land of Oz).

    Nonetheless, the Wicked Witches cast a spell on you, trafficked you into their realm and redefined you as a Legal Person, a Public Person, and a British Territorial Citizen obligated to follow Federal Code, but not having any Constitutional Guarantees.

    They did this because they acted in Breach of Trust concerning you and did not fully inform you of the circumstance, nor did they assist you to recoup your natural, lawful and owed political status. Why?
    Because by "redefining" you and trafficking you into their foreign jurisdiction, they could latch onto your Good Name and Estate and buy and sell your Person and everything you own.

    So, the first thing these Evil Cretins did was to sell you and your labor to the Pope and his Flying Monkeys.

    You were then "additionally" presumed to be a Dual Citizen of both the British Territorial United States AND a MUNICIPAL "citizen of the United States".

    This also took place under cover of darkness, before you were old enough to object, and resulted in several incorporated entities operating under you name being established "in your name".

    These are incorporated THINGS are like any incorporated entity you are familiar with --- and may be defined as different kinds of trusts, C-Corps, S-Corps, 501 (c) 3 Corps, Cooperatives, Public Transmitting Utilities, Foundations, LLCs, LLP's and whatever other phony business structure designations the Roman Curia can define and sell as patented and trademarked and copyrighted products.

    JOHN DOE is a Public Charitable Trust.
    JOHN R. DOE is a Public Transmitting Utility.
    JOHN ROY DOE is a constructive Cestui Que Vie Trust.
    And so on.

    All these entities are created by the Municipal United States Government, and according to the Vatican Chancery Court, they are all supposed to be "gifts" to you ---- rather like the Trojan Horse, because on the other side of Dual Citizenship created by your Stolen Identity, the Queen gets all the benefit of these "gifts" and you get to pay for them. And the Queen works for the Pope.....

    The excuse for this is that they have been pretending to be involved in a perpetual "civil war" with the Queen's Territorial (Northern) Government against the Pope's Municipal (Southern) Government in a continuance of the illegal Mercenary Conflict known as The American Civil War.

    It ended more than 150 years ago, but they kept right on pretending, because it profited them and let them pillage and plunder you. That is, they acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract.

    All that is silly enough, if the consequences for Americans were not so dire, but on top of that, the fraud is two-faced and double-sided, in other ways.

    The Pope controls the Queen who acts as his Overseer for the Commonwealths, and the British Territorial Government is operating as a Commonwealth. So when the British Territorial United States fights with the Municipal United States, you've got the Pope telling the Queen to fight with him and with those who are working for him.

    It's actually all just a mercenary conflict with the Pope against the Pope (indirectly through the Queen), which is ridiculous.

    More recently, the Pope, has attempted to use the United Nations as his "storefront" and bring UN Troops in to fight with the Territorial United States. Either way, he hoped to get a hot war going and kill off millions of his Priority Creditors --- but as you can now see, since the Pope owns majority stockholder interest in the UN Corp, he is merely proposing to fight with himself again.

    Now he is attempting to spread the war his predecessors and minions created in the Middle East, by selling off his purported interests in the two Governmental Services Corporations --- "the" United States. Inc. and "the" "United States of America, Inc." to his Arab and Jewish Creditors, so that maybe they can drum up an excuse to bring their quarrels here.

    Just look what they have done in Europe. Wholesale "seeded" war throughout Europe using humanitarian aid as their excuse --- but not their object.

    Take a tiny Norwegian hamlet of 6,000 souls, import 300 Shiite Muslims and 300 Sunni Muslims, and what do you get? War in Norway, Norwegians unable to ride their bikes to work because the "crazies are using bicycle blades and saws to kill each other in our streets now, and often enough, killing us, too".

    The Pope and the Boyz aren't creating peace on Earth this holiday season. Far from it. They are creating new wars, endless wars, endless conflicts, because that is how they make their money and excuse themselves for the evil they choose to create.

    But is it the fault of the Muslims, really? What do you expect? They have been at each other's throats for centuries. Both sides have have evicted from their homes. Their families have been killed and abused and robbed and given no peace or rest for generations.

    What I want to know is --- who are and where are the senseless evil bureaucrats who didn't separate these populations and encapsulate them, instead of blowing them like mold spores all over the entire Earth?

    We are plainly, loudly, and unequivocally telling Francis to go stuff his head up the nearest elephant butt, because no matter what they say or do: these entities that he controls are our employees.

    They have no permission to front any kind of a "war" or commercial mercenary operation on our soil, and neither do any would-be "Successors to Contract", either.

    Hence the word has gone out to the Pope, the Brits, the Saudis, the Israelis, everyone who needs to know. We are the actual employers of these "governmental services providers" and we have had enough of their Breach of Trust and Dis-service.

    There is the Fact that needs your attention. We are the actual Employers of these Monsters.

    If the cretins responsible for this situation don't back down, it won't matter if Nancy Pelosi impeaches Donald Trump as the "President" of "the" United States, Inc., a bankrupt corporation liquidated for criminal activity. It won't matter who was stupid enough to buy such vacuous claims and non-existent property interests.

    All that will matter is that throughout the world: (1) the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church will be exposed as a crime syndicate that has dishonored our Trust and our service contract with them without cause; (2) the Queen and her Predecessors have done the same; and (3) no Successors have a contract of any kind, except the quid pro quo we established for President Trump on a month by month basis.

    We own the actual unincorporated United States and these Several States and the States of America, and we also own our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America --- we are the actual, factual government of this country. All the rest, is just foreign subcontractors making a huge mess.

    We are not at all confused nor are we amused. Our records and our paperwork and our liens are all in effect and in order.

    Buying and selling and trading upon what they don't in fact have any valid claim to own, may be the style and habit of these hucksters, but at the end of the day, it's all still ours and we can hire whomever we wish to hire to do a better job of providing us with services, because in actual fact --- as an entire country, we are richer than Midas. And we are owed our re-venue.

    We are also owed peace, because the actual government of this country has been at peace since 1814 and if the erstwhile "Trustees" force us into any other pattern or status, this is Published Notice to the Principals and their Agents, that in our world, those who start wars pay for them 100% and also do so 100% of the time, to the full, plus interest.

    The actual government of this country did not participate in the baseless and fraudulent "Civil War" promoted by our Employees.

    We aren't paying for any "Mouse That Roared" scenario. Our Employees are going to stand down and shut up or be shut out.

    Keep these facts firmly in mind going forward. There is and can be no "civil war" here so long as we overtly forbid it --- which we do, and so long as we, the actual Employers, refuse to fund it and/or refuse to fund those people including the members of "the" Municipal Congress who are attempting to pull off this gross criminal escapade.

    There needs to be a Detente established with Rome and with the Vatican and the Queen and all their Bankers, such that they clearly understand that we know who we are and also know who they are; we have assembled our States accordingly, and we are "home" with 40 States reporting and more on the way.

    We are conducting our own business, thank you very much.
    As the actual and factual Americans, those having the political status, standing, and jurisdiction to speak as "We, the People", we are telling Pope Francis and the Federal Civil Service and the Federal Agencies to go back in their box, mind their business, do their jobs, stop fomenting fraud and causing trouble, or they will all be out of work.
    Any would-be Successors are similarly instructed and under the same demands and particulars.

    Judging by the impact of numerous other "federal government shut downs" they aren't doing anything much anyway----and what they are doing, they are doing wrong.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    23 hrs

    Proof A -Plenty --- I Repeat, Yes!

    I have published this before and will publish again. Please everyone be prepared to really dig and update it.

    I have had my copy of this list for years. Don't remember if it was the Informer or not who landed this on my desk during the dark days of "complete confusion" back in 1998-1999. It was a welcome addition to the reference desk and at the time, every reference checked out and was easy to find. Remember that "THEY" have been busy Moving the Cheese and you will have to track things down, again, unless you are lucky enough to have "Period Documents" from that time period.

    (1) State Citizens v. (2) US Citizens

    3. "There are two classes of citizens, citizens of the United States and of the State. And one may be a citizen of the former without being a citizen of the latter" Gardina v. Board of Registers 48 So. 788, 169 Ala. 155 (1909)

    4. Federal citizenship is a municipal franchise domiciled in the District of Columbia, and the political rights of federal citizens are franchises which they hold as privileges at the legislative discretion of Congress.” (Murphy v.Ramsey , 114 U.S. 15 (1885)).

    5. (1 "The only absolute and unqualified right of a United States citizen is to residence within the territorial boundaries of the United States," US vs.Valentine 288 F. Supp. 957

    6. "Therefore, the U.S. citizens [citizens of the District of Columbia]residing in one of the states of the union, are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an "individual entity." Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L.Ed. 1143, 56 S.Ct. 773.

    7. “A “US Citizen” upon leaving the District of Columbia becomes involved in“interstate commerce”, as a “resident” does not have the common-law right to travel, of a Citizen of one of the several states.” Hendrick v. Maryland S.C.Reporter’s Rd. 610-625. (1914).

    8. "There is in our Political System, a government of each of the several states and a government of the United States Each is distinct from the other and has citizens of its own." . US vs. Cruikshank, 92 US 542.

    9. "...the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States do not necessarily include all the rights protected by the first eight amendments to the Federal constitution against the powers of the Federal government."Maxwell v Dow, 20 S.C.R. 448, at pg 455;

    10. "The rights of the individuals are restricted only to the extent that they have been voluntarily surrendered by the "citizenship" to the agencies of government." City of Dallas v Mitchell, 245 S.W. 944

    11. " might be correctly said that there is no such thing as a citizen of the United States. ..... A citizen of any one of the States of the Union, is held to be, and called a citizen of the United States, although technically and abstractly there is no such thing." Ex Parte Frank Knowles, 5 Cal. Rep.300.

    12. This can also be confirmed in the definitions section of Title 5 USC, Title 26USC, and Title 1 USC.
    Therefore a US citizen is a piece of property. If you read any of those old court cases prior to the civil war where slavery was the issue, the debate was ALWAYS over property rights, therefore a US citizen, is a SLAVE.

    13. The Fourteenth Amendment defines what a US citizen is; "Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States,....."

    14. The so-called Fourteenth Amendment criminally converts US citizenship completely upside down from what the founding fathers intended. A US citizen is a corporation:
    Congressional Record , June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646). A "citizen of the United States" is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT, the private constructive, cestui que trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment, which upholds the debt of the USA and US Inc. in Section 4.

    15. [US citizens] have not the political'[ rights]'which are vested in citizens of the States. They are not constituents of any community in which is vested any sovereign power of government. Their position partakes more of the character of subjects than of citizens. They are subject to the laws of the United States, but have no voice in its management.

    If they are allowed to make laws, the validity of these laws is derived from the sanction of a Government in which they are not represented. Mere citizenship they may have, but the political '[rights]' of citizens they cannot enjoy…”People v. De La Guerra,40 Cal. 311, 342 (A.D. 1870)

    Del Sharp--- United States Code that uses “American national” while maintaining no such status as 14th Amendment “naturalized citizen of the United States”. 8 U.S.C. 1502 :

    Certificate of nationality issued by Secretary of State for person not a naturalized citizen of United States for use in proceedings of a foreign state.

    The Secretary of State is authorized to issue, in his discretion and in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by him, a certificate of nationality for any person not a naturalized citizen of the United States who presents satisfactory evidence that he is an AMERICAN NATIONAL and that such certificate is needed for use in judicial or administrative proceedings in a foreign state. Such certificate shall be solely for use in the case for which it was issued and shall be transmitted by the Secretary of State through appropriate official channels to the judicial or administrative officers of the FOREIGN STATE in which it is to be used.

    Corpus Juris Secundum 883, [t]he United States government is a FOREIGN CORPORATION with respect to a state.8 USC 1101(a)(21), [t]he term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.”

    8 USC 1101(a)(22), [t]he term “national of the United States” means (A) a citizen of the United States, or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States.

    American national ≠ national/citizen of the United States. These are TWO distinct statuses within the system. The former is a freeman and Freeholder.

    I might also add, that our research into FDR's Inaugural Address indicates that these cretins have also claimed to own our souls via the issuance of "Baptismal Certificates" returned to them for safe-keeping, but actually traded as "private assets".

    So not only do you have to claim your "vessel" --- your DNA and body from the moment of fertilization (not "conception" and not anything else but the moment of fertilization) but you must also claim your private relationship with your Creator since before your physical incarnation here, and also must maintain that you are not a member of any "religious cult".

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    22 hrs

    America Never Sold, Just Foreign Corporations Abusing Our Names and Credit

    For several days I have been getting this photo lobbed at me, as if it was any huge surprise, and as usual, the people sending it to me have jumped to the mistaken idea that "America" was sold to these Billionaires: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Duponts, Harrimans, and Warburgs in 1927.

    The only things sold were foreign corporations "doing business as" the United States (Inc.) and the United States of America, (Inc.) ----- British Territorial and Municipal corporations in the business of providing "essential governmental services" --- not our country.

    That is the key fact you have to know and stick to and realize that while corporations can be bought and sold and go bankrupt, etc., this actual country and the people who live here are not eligible nor in need of any "bankruptcy protection". We are, in fact, immune from bankruptcy of any kind. Period.

    So when you see things like this --- step back, remember your history. What was happening in the 1920's? The Internal Revenue Service was brought ashore as a Delaware Corporation in 1925, the stock exchanges were bought up and up and up in preparation for the Big Bust in 1929, just two years after this report.

    We are in the midst of the Roaring Twenties and these are five of the Robber Baron Families benefiting from all the graft and identity theft and "false titles" being issued by "the" United States of America, Incorporated.

    If you own a house and you have a Lawn Service and a Housekeeping Service and they both act crazy and abuse your credit without you knowing or approving and then they go bankrupt ---- what happens?

    Well, the bankruptcy and the credit theft is their problem and the problem of the banks issuing the credit ---- not yours. And as for the rest, it doesn't matter if they stay in business or go out of business after the bankruptcy, because it has nothing to do with you as their Employer.

    You can cluck, you can duck, you can offer help, you can ignore the whole situation and deny them as much as access to a single penny of all the credit that is owed to you. Why?

    Because they are all incorporated entities, separate from you in nature and in fact, and the most that you really have to do is look around for other organizations that can mow your lawn and swab your kitchen floors.

    Give Paul a little while to post the actual news photo. It's interesting, but it does not mean that "America" was sold---or bankrupted, either. It's just a big corporate merger that subsequently went South and created the Great Depression, because these men were wanted it that way and profited themselves from it by bilking you.

    So, learn from it, and don't let them get away with what they are trying to do again.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    2 hrs

    Frustration on the Home Front - Mine

    I realize that there are those of you who want action, action, action.

    There is actually more than enough to do, if you concentrate on learning all that you need to know and mastering the ins and outs of setting up your own State Assembly, your own Courts, and your own State Militia and Offices. But instead of doing that, certain people just have to rush around, looking for other things to do and more rabbit holes to tunnel around in.

    No, we don't need any Treaty of Peace. We were never involved in any unresolved war. We are members of the Federation of States. Not the Confederation of States of States.

    Think, people. The actual States are sovereign entities. They cannot go bankrupt. They don't need insurance -- they have indemnity.

    Our actual government hasn't been at war since 1814.

    American State Nationals and American State Citizens are owed The Law of Peace, AR 27 -161- 1. Period. And there is no excuse for anyone in government not knowing that and honoring that.

    The entities that need to enter into peace accords are the States of America Confederation members, and these cannot be formed and "reconstructed" until our actual States assemble and charter them.

    So get the horse in front of the cart and realize that there is a profound difference between States that are members of the Federation doing business as The United States of America and the States of States that are members of the long-dormant Confederation doing business as the States of America.

    We have to assemble the States of the Federation, and then the States of the Federation reconstruct (re-charter) the State of States of the Confederation. Wisconsin reclaims the property assets vested in The State of Wisconsin and re-charters it, for example.

    Next order of irritation....

    No, there is no advantage to any Joe Average American in joining any tribal trust and doing so automatically voids all the work that you have done to extract yourselves from the maze.

    Our States are Nations.

    Our States require one singular political status --- one nationhood.

    You can't be part of the Algonquin Nation and serving as part of the Wisconsin Assembly for the same reason that you can't belong to the Texas Assembly and the Wisconsin Assembly at the same time, and for the same reason that you can't be a US Citizen and a State Citizen at the same time.

    One means one. Singular means singular. No other allegiances or political statuses are allowed while adopting American State Citizenship and running a State Assembly.

    Actual Native Americans have always been free of taxation and are Constitutionally guaranteed that. It has nothing to do with belonging to a trust and everything to do with meeting the Federal definition of "native". Last I heard, that requires at least one-eighth native DNA.

    Tribes can adopt white people as friends and family within their own community but this makes no difference to Washington, DC. White people can belong to tribes if they wish, but they get no tax or other benefits and won't be recognized as Natives by the Federal Government.

    White people claiming tax exemption or other "Federal benefits" as Tribal Members are regularly prosecuted for tax evasion and fraud--- and they should be. What is given to one should not be claimed by another.

    So if you are Native, there are some advantages to being Native, but there are also downsides, too. Native Tribes are under a condition of Dependent Sovereignty. As a result, all Native Tribal Members are (with a few exceptions) considered United States Citizens and citizens of the United States.

    This precludes them from accepting Tribal status and benefits and State Citizenship at the same time.

    We have noted and formally declared that our States of the Union accept people of all races, kinds, colors, and ethnicity without prejudice, meaning that so far as our States are concerned Natives are as welcome as anyone else to embrace the protections and benefits of State Citizenship.

    But also like everyone else, once you step over the fence, you are no longer eligible to receive emoluments from any foreign government and participate in a State Government at the same time.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    4 hrs
    IRS Fraud 101 - Tacit Admission

    I recently mentioned that HR - 1 [House Resolution 1] of 2017 is a tacit admission of wrong-doing with respect to the so-called Sixteenth Amendment, in that it attempts to redefine the taxing authority under which the "Income Tax" is collected and to place it under the general taxation provisions of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1.

    Why is that important?

    They are admitting that they've been collecting this tax under false premises for decades.

    They are admitting that they had no subject matter jurisdiction over money accrued from our labor as men and women--- our earnings and salaries that they taxed as "personal" --- meaning "corporate" income.

    As Thomas Freed has said, regardless of any power to create a tax, there must also be the ability to write law to enforce it. "The fact that the 16th Amendment never gives Congress the authority to write law with respect to the enforcement of this alleged direct taxing just ignored...."

    Notice that Congress has the power to tax us, but only under the limits and constraints of the Constitutions.

    And next....
    Notice that Congress can tax Federal Citizens, both Territorial and Municipal, any way it wishes to tax them. Constitutional constraints don't apply to Federal Employees and their direct dependents.

    This is another case of the foreign court system operating under Roman Law and "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived."

    All my American Readers now know that this law was created for and applied to whom? United States Citizens and "citizens of the United States" ---- Federal Employees and their Dependents, in other words.

    Federal workers are not in receipt of any Constitutional guarantees, so they were fair game and not protected by Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3, nor by Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4.

    Federal citizens of both kinds, military and Federal Civil Service, are defined by the Constitutions and are not parties to these agreements, so they can be abused at will.

    Simply by redefining all of us as "Volunteers" working for the Federal Government for free, as "Withholding Agents", they could strip us of our constitutional protections, too.

    And they did.

    So what does this change in the source of claimed authority from the Sixteenth Amendment to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 do?
    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 contains no ability and no claim to the ability to impose an un-apportioned direct tax on us and our earnings and salaries.

    They can continue to do whatever they like to the Federal Employees and their Dependents, just as they always could before, but for those of us who declare our proper political status as Americans, the actual constitutional protections clamp down again.

    If Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 is the only basis for the income tax, then it must also take the form of an impost, duty, or excise tax and the source of that impost, duty, or excise tax must be explicitly stated in the written law and that source must be taxable.

    And we already know that 15 USC 17 specifically excludes any "excise taxation of labor", and we also know that as originally enacted in 1913 and still maintained as Subtitle A, Chapters 1-6, the intended "foreign persons" were all the Federal Employees, so that there is no possible application to the earnings and salaries of Joe Average Americans working in these United States.

    Take home message --- direct un-apportioned taxation of the earnings and salaries of average Americans as Federal "income" has always been illegal.

    They simply contrived to get around this fact by: (1) alleging that we "volunteered" to act as Federal Employees (Withholding Agents) and (2) misidentifying us as British Territorial Citizens and/or Municipal citizens of the United States at birth.

    This "unlawful conversion" of our political status stripped us of our Constitutional protections and guarantees and having converted us into "Federal Citizens" then made us subject to whatever taxes they imposed on their own employees.

    So, they've admitted -- tacitly--that the Sixteenth Amendment was bogus as a taxation authority, and that also means that all the tax enforcement actions taken against average Americans by IRS Agents acting "under the 16th Amendment" from 1913 to 2018, were also bogus.

    And now we get down to the reason that the Sixteenth Amendment was always a bogus taxation authority with respect to Joe Average American.

    The "Constitution" that was amended by the "Sixteenth Amendment" was actually the Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation, merely calling itself "The United States of America" --- Incorporated. And that corporation went bankrupt and liquidated in 1906.

    So we have been treated to the spectacle of a hundred years-plus of vicious taxation based on the By-Laws of a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that was infringing on our Good Name for purposes of deliberate deceit and identity theft. And is trying to do so again.

    But that's another story.

    For now, declare your proper political status, record it, give notification of it, and if you are not a Federal Employee or direct dependent of a Federal Employee, revoke your election to pay Federal Income Taxes.

    Thomas Freed has done a great deal of work on these issues though I have not been able to spend adequate time to evaluate it; it seems likely that he does not understand the reasons that the 16th Amendment had to be abandoned and may not understand that Federal Citizens were always subject to being taxed in ways beyond the constitutional provisions.

    Most Americans remain stubbornly unaware of the existence of the two second class citizenship statuses of our Federal Employees and the impacts on them and, if we are not vigilant, on us.

    Be that as it may, Freed does understand the implication of this tacit admission. Those who want to investigate more can find more at:
    & &

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    December 15 at 1:43 PM

    Glitzy Christians and Sunshine Patriots

    I was talking with a friend recently and he came up with a new description that startled me, but I knew right away what he was talking about: "glitzy Christians". We both have met many multi-millionaires and even billionaires in the course of our lifetimes and have rubbed shoulders and noses with these men and women over the course of decades, but somehow had never discussed our mutual experiences with the wealthy Christian community.

    Of course, I nodded. I knew exactly what he was saying, when he said "glitzy Christians".

    Christians who spend money on a new private jet every year, and who go hang-gliding in Nepal. Christians who wouldn't dream of missing the winter season in Geneva. Christians who wear million-dollar diamonds on the golf course. Christians who have season tickets at the Vienna Opera, that they might use once a year.

    The very best of them have "a" cause or maybe two, that they are passionate about. Saving the wild horses of the western states. Providing homes for outcast teenagers in LA. Promoting adult literacy. Saving wild parrots in Borneo.

    I wondered what Jesus would say. I wondered if it is even possible to be "Christian" and "glitzy" at the same time.

    Of course, it's not my call. Of course, I am not privy to the history of their souls or the lessons they are trying to learn. But if you think about it, Jesus was the Great Leveler, the One who brought it all down to brass tacks: tax collectors and prostitutes, Roman soldiers, Samaritans, lepers, sinners and outcasts of every kind came to him. The rich and famous stayed away.

    Too controversial. Too common.
    He is the one who said, "If you would be perfect, go and give all that you have away to the poor."

    It is part of His Testament that we cannot serve both God and Mammon.

    So maybe being rich is not such a good thing.

    Perhaps it is an obstacle to our souls' freedom and growth, that leaves us empty and disconnected at the end of the day, as so many of my very wealthy acquaintances seem to be.

    So many of them seem to be like little kids whistling in the dark, delighted that they "made it" and are so rich and powerful, and yet....
    Empty. Alone. Depressed. Running hither and thither, restlessly searching for meaning.

    They show up on my doorstep when they get in trouble with the government, and they presume because they are wealthy that they can buy first in line treatment. But they can't.

    They make their case about how important they are and how important their issues are, but I seldom agree. Usually, they are just like everyone else with a beef, a fight with a regulatory agency, or the IRS or a Zoning Commission someplace.

    It's not that I am not sympathetic when "the government" is in the wrong, as it often is. It's more a matter of seeing them and their problems without the fake glory of their money, and knowing that 90% of the time, their problems are just like everyone else's problems. They only think that they are special because they are rich.

    Recently, a billionaire acquaintance was arrested for money laundering and other charges. I thought back to when he approached me for a legal opinion about his latest get-richer-scheme. I wasn't encouraging. He left me with the tab for lunch. Now, he's in jail.

    I am wondering if he cashiered enough money with his family to pay for his defense team. No doubt the government has locked down his own resources and left his parents to pay his bail -- and all this, just before Christmas.

    I'm sorry he didn't take my advice. I'm sorry he was so wrong-headed about basic things, like being grateful when someone takes time out of their day and gives you a legal opinion for free. Like not sticking "the little people" with the bill. Like using your wealth for something more and better than just accruing more and more and more....
    Like caring --- really caring --- about the world we live in.

    There's so much that he could have done, both in terms of making money and giving back. Oh, he wanted his freedom, but he wasn't interested in helping others achieve theirs. Contributing to the overall push to restore our lawful government wasn't on his radar. Just tweaking things so that he could be free was enough, in his opinion.

    Unfortunately, that seems to be par for the course with the rich and famous. That's why their money actually does so little worthy work and contributes so little to the benefit of humanity.

    Why invest in State Assemblies that will restore the lawful government of this country, when you could invest in mini-golf courses, instead?

    So I paid the lunch tab for him and his buddies and I smiled and I walked away, knowing that I was richer than all of them.

    And then today I got a note from a woman who is reduced to living on SSI, and it's Christmastime, and she sent me a donation of $25 for our work here, and she apologized because she couldn't afford to send more.
    I sat at my desk and wept.

    That same billionaire could have given me $25 million, and it wouldn't have hurt him half as much, as what she shared from what little she had.

    I wrote back to her and told her that we recently hit rock bottom with all the expenses we've had here, all across the board. We got down to 26 cents in our account, but we didn't go in the red. And her $25 was the first contribution after that low point.
    Think about that.

    There haven't been any big donors helping us pursue the American National Credit owed to Americans. There haven't been any "investors" backing our bid to recoup the gold FDR stole from our Great-Grandparents and Grandparents. No "glitzy Christians" have cared enough about the country to weigh in on America's side of the issues. No Big Timers have paid our way to the Philippines or the Hague or Rome.
    They seem quite content that everything go to wrack and ruin, so long as their investments run high. America? Their neighbors? The communities they live in? Who cares?

    A woman who is so crippled up, she's on SSI.
    A teen in Baltimore who makes a living mowing lawns in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter.

    A cowboy out in Montana who sends $20 every pay day.
    A man in New York who sends a small percentage of every sale he makes.... $1.01, $2.89, $1.78......

    A retired steam and boiler technician, a waitress at Don's Diner, a Korean War Vet, a farmer in the Midwest facing eviction, a dock worker who is on Workman's Comp, and so the list goes on. Our contributors.

    Not a truly rich man among them.

    If anyone has cause in years to come, to go back and look at how we survived the winter of 2019-2020, and how our effort grew despite everything against it. and they pour over our books and accounts as much as they like, they won't be able to say that there was any political party behind us, or any rich financier.

    All they will find will be "un-glitzy" people and patriots who cared.
    The day will come when the rich and famous will beat a path to our door, just as they now trample the road into Washington, DC, seeking favors and pay offs and buy offs and all the rest of it. Count on me to turn a deaf ear--- not to any injustice, but to any pretension of importance on their parts.

    It's clear to me who the really important people are, the ones who make the wheels turn, who wash the cars and the dishes, who feed the hungry, who do all the work and bear all the burdens. The race is not to the swift. The glory does not belong to the rich and famous.

    It belongs to us, down here in the trenches, slogging along day to day and year to year, to our workmates and families, to our friends. The glory always belongs to those who think and who care --- and it always comes down to us, because it is our will that finds its way to expression. It's our dream that we, together, build.

    We won't be alone or empty or wondering what life was all about when our time comes. We won't regret missing the ski season at St. Moritz. Or the unused season tickets at the Vienna Opera.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    December 15 at 7:27 PM

    The Bar Association and US Democracy

    The Bar Association is a Guild -- a European-style Labor Union.

    A Bar Association "license" is a Union Card.

    Bar Associations are operating their foreign courts in this country as Closed Union Shops.

    This is in flagrant violation of the Smith Act and Taft-Hartley Act, which are laws of the Territorial United States, published as part of the Federal Code.

    The [Territorial] Federal Code is not being enforced by President Trump as Commander-in-Chief, most likely because: (a) he doesn't realize that it is his job to oversee and discipline these foreign quasi-military courts; (b) they are using the Municipal COURTS to violate the Territorial law; (c) people assume (wrongly, it turns out) that members of the Bar Association would obey, and not evade, the law; (d) all the above.

    Law is an occupation of common right in this country and always has been. Attorneys are not allowed to speak for any injured parties or to deliver hearsay evidence in our courts.

    Demands or "provocations" demanding that anyone procure an Bar Attorney or that they accept a Public Defender, are part of the evidence that these foreign courts are engaged in attempted human trafficking and constructive fraud against Americans.

    This is yet another evidence in the face of obvious admission that the British Territorial Government is a "democracy" --- that is, it functions by Mob Rule. A 51% mandate legalizing murder, for example, is sufficient to condone wholesale homicide in such a vicious and primitive political system as theirs; it must also be faced that the British Territorial
    Government has never yet achieved any kind of mandate approaching 51% of the eligible voters, that less than 30% typically turn out in any election year, and that of those a mere plurality of 11-12% is what carries their excuse for a "vote".

    Please also note that "Political Parties" are foreign to the American System of Government, and are evils (very expensive evils) that only arose in this country in the wake of the Civil War.

    Any American reading this who isn't scandalized, should be.

    We spend billions of dollars every election cycle for the purpose of electing new slave masters. Every four years our country is subjected to mind-numbing public debates that only expose how stupid the political candidates are, how totally corrupt such a government is, and how stupid we are for putting up with it.

    We pay literally billions of dollars more each year for court services that we do not receive, and on the backside of it, we suffer pillaging, plundering and racketeering to the tune of billions more, to say nothing of the damage done in terms of lost jobs, lost property, broken families, and lost income, as these foreign courts run by the Bar Union deliberately misidentify Americans as Federal Citizens and attack them as "enemies" in a war that officially ended, and which we took no part in, over a century ago.

    We, Americans, do not live in a "democracy". We live in fifty republican States of the Union.

    The British Territorial democracy is subject to our lawful government and runs its concession on delegated authority, and if that is not true, then our run amok employees need to be fired, and the Trustees need to be arrested and subjected to public trials for treason, piracy, and conspiracy against the Constitutions.

    And instead of worrying about Russia or China, we need all fire power we can get focused on London and Rome.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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