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Thread: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    10 hrs

    The Tale of Two Governments
    There are two (2) Governments--- the American Government and the Federal Government.

    The American Government created the Federal Government.

    The State Jural Assemblies are part of the American Government, not the Federal Government.

    A Person (Federal) cannot function as one of the People (American).

    Now, most Americans don't realize that they have been signed up as Federal Citizens, and shanghaied and misidentified as British Territorial Citizens and/or Municipal United States Citizens, but that is what registration of all those Birth Certificates accomplished.

    You have been secretively signed up as a member of their clubs, held to all their membership obligations, forced to pay all their fees and dues --- and all without your conscious knowledge. You've also been "deemed" to have "voluntarily" given up all your constitutionally protected rights and guarantees and to have given up all your material interests as a "gift" --- a donated "decedent estate"--- for the benefit of their clubs.

    And all this has been done "for" you by your Federal Employees, who then benefit themselves at your expense.

    To get back home and be recognized as an American, you have to declare your actual birthright citizenship and claim it --- and that means revoking and expatriating from the foreign Federal citizenship that has been "conferred" upon you and which you have been unknowingly occupying almost all your life, since a few days after your actual birth.

    Many of you are balking about giving up Federal Citizenship and expatriating from it, because you don't know how beneficial it is to you and your country for you to do so. You assume that you are losing something precious, when in fact, you are letting go of the chains that bind you and the false claims that have impoverished and oppressed you.

    You are naturally part of the American Government, not the Federal Government--- and in order operate the American Government you are owed, you have to declare your "return" to your birthright citizenship as an American State Citizen and expatriate from any form of Federal Citizenship.

    It would be against international law for any Federal Citizen to occupy a public office of one of our States, and against the law of the Territorial and Municipal United States for anyone "deemed to be" a Federal Citizen to interfere with the operations of any other Federal agency.

    There have been some people suggesting that, "Anna is telling us what to do." and they are pridefully bridling up like little kids claiming to be King of the Sandbox. They think this is an issue of pride and authority. It's not.

    If a judge knows that you are in a situation that you don't fully understand and that you may already be acting in violation of law or skating on the edge of such violation---- and that judge fails to sound the alarm and explain the situation to you---- then they are culpable for your death or other misfortune.

    The Watchman must give the alarm. And so must the Watchwoman.
    In the course of my life I have often had to sound the alarm. I have had to explain this particular point of law and history more than once. And far from it being an issue of pride, it is an issue of grief.

    Each time I raise my hand and spell it out, there is some bonehead in the crowd who thinks he knows it all --- and he says, "Oh, she's just a woman! Come on, boys! We'll do it our way! This is our country! Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah..."

    And every time people get off track and led into the woods by these Pied Pipers, good men and women suffer, they get hauled into federal prisons, they get attacked by IRS agents, they get ambushed by their own employees.

    Ask Bruce Doucette. Ask Cliven Bundy. Ask LaVoy Finicum. Ask Randy Weaver.

    If you think that you don't have to listen to what I am telling you and don't have to declare your political status and don't have to expatriate from Federal citizenship to be part of your State Jural Assembly -- think again.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    6 hrs

    Comment On Pope's Agreement With Iman
    The Pope isn't polluting Christianity with Islam, he is polluting Islam with Christianity, which is what the Popes have traditionally done since 325 A.D.

    The Church Leaders colluding with Constantine just balled up every nasty pagan religion in Rome at the time and guaranteed it amnesty as long as the adherents claimed to be "Christian". That's still the quid pro quo.

    Just look at Nancy Pelosi, star "Christian" and "Catholic" adamantly in favor of murdering babies both before and after they are born.

    The same Church Elders adopted pagan customs and beliefs by the wagonload and just dubbed those "Christian" as well.

    Christmas is pagan in origin. Easter is pagan in origin. Most of the mythos of "Christianity" is borrowed from the religion of Ancient Egypt.
    It's all cobbled together and polluted from one end to the other, and whatever it is that is politically expedient, the Church Leaders continue to call it "Christian".

    They've even made pedophilia into a "Man-Boy Sacrament".

    They might as well call it what it has become --- "Garbage du Jour Religion".

    It has little or nothing to do with the teachings of a certain Jewish rabbi, who they secretly despise and use as window dressing. It has even less to do with Islam.

    So now, they are moving on to capture and ingest Islam as well. Just imagine a giant amoeba closing in on a morsel of food.

    Soon, they will have renamed the Fast of Ramadan and will claim that it honors something or someone else. Oh, the Season of Lent.... I forgot for a moment. We already have our Fast of Ramadan, don't we?

    We'll just call it something else, hang a new label on it, the sheep will continue to do what we tell them to do.

    If I were a Muslim, I'd denounce the Iman for this and go on about my business. At the end of the day, I might be wrong, but at least I'd be honest about my beliefs and they would remain unpolluted by the con artists wearing funny clothes.

    As a Follower of Yeshuah and someone who has Faith in Divine Grace, I think I shall no longer call myself a "Christian"; the Popes have seen fit to disgrace that name and redefine it into something unrecognizable and unworthy of my support.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    8 hrs

    No Valid Convention of States Possible
    I am receiving all sorts of questions about the idea of having a "convention of States to change the Constitution". The promoters of this idea openly admit that the "States" they are claiming to represent are incorporated entities.

    Our States are unincorporated entities. And they are not yet organized and qualified to attempt re-writing their own Constitutions or re-chartering their own Federal States of State, much less are they prepared to address the U.S. Constitutions.

    If the organizers of this misbegotten attempt to infringe upon our names in Commerce continue, they will meet us in Court and they will lose. We will also make a formal complaint to the Queen to enforce against them as a our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways. They will be arrested and jailed for conspiracy against the Constitution and against the actual living Constituents of this country.

    Either these "persons" are so ignorant that they don't know what a "State" is, or they are deliberately trying to mislead people and seize power they don't have in another "similar names deceit" sleight of hand.

    The Missing Federal States of States are incorporated entities, but not the States of the Union.

    And only the unincorporated States of the Union can re-charter (our ancestors called it "re-construct") the Missing Federal States of States.

    So, first, the unincorporated States must form and muster and the people operating them must qualify themselves and learn the ropes, then the Federal States of States must be re-constructed and take up their rightful place, and then, finally, we may contemplate a Continental Congress to take up the issue of reforming and updating the Constitutions.

    None of this can take place apart from disciplined and proper action on our parts, so we might as well knuckle down.

    People need to cool their jets and learn their lessons and do the actual work set before us. Maybe if they do, they will learn enough to qualify as actual State Jurors and then hold valid elections for State Deputies, and who knows? Maybe they will all learn enough to be competent to tinker with the Constitutions?

    Until the people of this country learn the law and the history and do what actually needs to be done, they will constantly be in unnecessary danger of arrest and none of their actions will be taken seriously.

    Can Irishmen vote to change the Spanish government?

    Can Israelis vote in Argentina's elections?

    Can foreign incorporated "States" change our Constitutions?

    Go figure, everyone --- and especially those who are trying to set up some kind of "Convention of the States".

    P.S. Our States don't do "conventions" for the purpose of amending the Constitutions. Our States meet in Continental Congresses.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    51 mins

    Answers to Common Questions and Misconceptions for the Jural Assemblies
    1. Misconception Number One: that colored people and women are not welcome to join State Jural Assemblies.

    This idea derives from the fact that to be on safe ground legally and lawfully, the State Jural Assemblies need to go back and pick up where at least some of them left off -- in 1860. They need to re-establish a Quorum of Jurors qualified by 1860 standards, and that Quorum then needs to update the membership rules to officially include people of color and women.

    Please note that in the days of slavery there were both white and colored slaves in this country, and "indentured servants" too --- none of whom could act as State Electors.

    The real qualifier was land ownership and neither slaves nor indentured servants could own land, hence, could not act as Electors.

    However, both black men and Native men who were Free and who owned land in a State, could act as State Jural Assembly Members and still can.

    The important idea behind all this was that nobody not tied to the State by commitment to the Land of that State should have a voice in the affairs of that State.

    If you think about this, it is a reasonable requirement: otherwise, people passing through the State could cast votes with no skin in the game. They could, with a large enough population of transients (known as "residents"), dictate to and obligate those people who are actually committed to living in and building their businesses in that State.

    We see some attempt at this with the current Border Crisis, where people foreign to the State and with no actual material commitment to say, California, are influencing public policy and helping themselves to public assistance and dictating elections --- all with no substantial actual and material commitment to California.

    This is why our States all require Electors to hold only one citizenship --- State Citizenship. They also require State Citizens to be landowners. Color requirements as such, don't actually exist in the American States and never did, except in limited portions of the Deep South.

    The more potent issue in 1860 and today is the capacity in which we are acting.

    The affect of having the Territorial Congress arbitrarily "confer" citizenships on people and then claiming that they are acting as "persons" via a process of undisclosed enfranchisement, has established a situation in which average Americans are now almost uniformly "presumed" to be in the condition of either indentured servitude to the Queen, or slaves owned by the Municipal United States Government, or both.

    It isn't until we take action to Expatriate from any such presumed federal citizenship that we can actually own land in fact, and therefore qualify as State Citizens and as State Electors.

    The question of the landownership requirement continues to be contentious. It has been argued in some States that our bodies are made of "dust" and "to dust returneth", and therefore all men and women are "landowners". This may serve the esoteric point, but doesn't answer the actual dilemma posed by non-landowners voting on issues that don't impact them, but which do impose increased tax burdens on landowners.

    Women in Europe and America were able to own land and had been able to own land for centuries prior to 1860, so landownership was not the crux of the matter for women. It was more the prevailing idea that women were gentle and needed at home, ill-suited to the hurly-burly of politics and demands of public office, that kept them from being included in Jural Assemblies.

    Now that two World Wars and the Civil War itself have convinced us otherwise, women have claimed (and earned) equal rights, and merely updating the old State Jural Assembly rules suffices.

    It's a small burden to find 30 free men above the age of 21 who are claiming their birthright political status and who are land owners, to hold the first quorum meeting for each State Jural Assembly, but it is one that assures that the further actions of the Assemblies going forward are properly sanctioned and brought up to date.

    And in no case does any of this prevent anyone at any time from: (1) expatriating from federal citizenship status, (2) participating in the State Jural Assembly organizational activities and meetings, (3) making sure that their Assembly is fully staffed, fully informed, and on firm ground going forward.

    2. Misconception Number 2: that people have to give up things like Social Security payments or medical coverage owed to them by Federal Government agencies, if they reclaim their birthright political status.

    Most Americans never knowingly left their birthright political status. This was merely a self-interested legal presumption being misapplied to millions of people based on equally self-interested falsification of registration documents and improper demands that we "apply" for Social Security, "register" to vote in what appeared to be public elections, and so on.

    Having to take action to rebut this legal presumption is anti-intuitive to most people and the resulting confusion is paralyzing, especially when they assume that they will lose pension dividends and health care and other things of value that they are owed.

    Fortunately, the only thing we lose is the ability to vote in private elections hosted by foreign corporations, which is quickly made up for, as we hold our own public elections, instead.

    Once we return our Given Names (also known as Trade Names) to the land and soil jurisdiction of our States of the Union, we are no longer in La-La-Land, and we can no longer be "presumed" to be in the Queen's service or the Pope's.

    All the franchises they have "gifted" us with are similarly under new ownership--- American ownership, not "U.S. Citizen" ownership.

    The only impact this has is that both the Queen and the Pope and all their employees are now obligated to obey the Constitutions and the Public Law of this country again, with respect to you and your assets.

    The magic words are: "I accept all gifts and waive all benefits."

    "Benefits" are gifts that come with strings attached-- unseen, unstipulated, undisclosed contracts and conditions that you are "presumed" to know and accept when you accept "benefits".

    Thus, when they mischaracterize Social Security Earned Dividends that you and your employers paid for as "benefits" they are claiming that you are acting in the capacity of a "U.S. Citizen" or "Citizen of the United States" --- and moreover, that you are a Federal Citizen in receipt of welfare.

    Now, there are many people receiving "benefits" from the Social Security Administration as public assistance that they never earned. Some never contributed a dime and are receiving thousands of dollars in medical care and support payments every month.

    Those of us who unknowingly signed up for Social Security and vested in this program meant for Federal Employees are not in receipt of "benefits". Anything we get back is an "earned dividend". The import difference is that "benefits" can be discontinued at whim, whereas "earned dividends" owed to former employees have to be paid.

    The situation is analogous to going to work for a foreign corporation in a foreign country. While you are in that foreign country, you obey its laws. You also obey the internal "laws" of the corporation you work for.

    When you quit or retire and return home -- what happens?

    You are no longer living under the laws of that foreign country, and are back living under the laws of your own country. That's for starters.

    The corporation you worked for still owes you every bit of your pension plan.

    That includes medical services (not benefits) and monthly dividend payments (not benefits).

    It's the same way with Social Security and Medicare.
    They still owe you every jot, and they owe it to you as "earned dividends and services", not as "benefits".
    Similarly, the franchises and ACCOUNTS held in YOUR NAME and created "for" you have been mischaracterized as belonging to "U.S. Citizens" and/or "Citizens of the United States".

    These franchises and ACCOUNTS are toxic to you until you return home to the land and soil of your State of the Union via expatriation from any Federal Citizenship, and claim ownership of them as an American State National or American State Citizen.

    It's the difference between "benefits" and "earned dividends" again.

    As a "U.S. Citizen" or "Citizen of the United States" you are obligated to pay all the bills related to these franchises and ACCOUNTS created in YOUR NAME, but as an American State National or an American State Citizen, you are the inheritor of the assets and credits owed to these accounts.

    Suffice it to say that as long as you cling to your identity as a "U.S. Citizen" or "Citizen of the United States", you are a Pauper by definition, obligated to function under foreign law, obligated to obey foreign corporation policies, obligated to pay for every whim of the British Territorial Congress--- but when you reclaim your birthright political status, you are owed the return of everything that is rightfully yours.

    Your Trustees, the British Monarch and the Pope, have to act as your Trustees again ---and return your "borrowed" property, plus interest, leases, fees, etc.

    So, you lose absolutely nothing of any importance when you return to your birthright political status, and you regain all that was stolen and commandeered, including your Constitutional guarantees.

    As you will be conducting your own elections and dealing with your own issues and taking control of your own purse strings, you will not need to overly concern yourself with the circus in Washington, DC, and you will have no reason or desire to participate in their political parties.

    The world will come back into focus and the tail will stop wagging the dog once enough people understand the circumstance and take the necessary action -- (1) reclaim your birthright political status; (2) join your State Jural Assembly and boot it up.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    7 hrs

    For All The Jural Assemblies - 25 State Nationals, State Citizens, and State Electors
    State Electors, State Nationals, and State Citizens

    Okay, let's try it again:

    State Nationals = everyone born within the physical geographical borders of a State. A National has no particular duty to serve the State other than to obey the Public Law (Non-Statutory Law) and keep the peace.

    State Citizens = those State Nationals who additionally choose to serve the State Government in some capacity, such as Jurors, Militia Members, elected officials, or hired officers.

    State Electors = those State Nationals who own land in the State and meet other requirements such as legal age, etc., to participate in State Elections.

    You can be either: (1) a State National or (2) a State Citizen.

    Being a State National or a State Citizen does not necessarily mean that you qualify to be a State Elector. You can be part of the State Jural Assembly and serve as a Juror without being a State Elector. You can be elected to a Public Office, such as Sheriff, without being able to vote for yourself.

    This is because of the pesky issue of letting non-landowners vote on questions that only affect landowners, and therefore the requirement that State Electors be landowners.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    7 hrs

    By Their Works
    I have always preferred to think of myself as a "Christian", a member of the Universal Church, and have always regarded doctrinal and denominational differences as big question marks.

    There may indeed be only one correct doctrine in the end, but just as easily there might be no correct doctrine ever created by man. The same goes for denominations. So far as I know, God did not come down to Earth and declare a schism between Catholics and Methodists and Baptists and Mennonites and Baptists and.... men and their differing opinions did all that.

    Judging from the number of times the Disciples had to be directly corrected, and even with the help of the Holy Spirit ---accounting for our egos, bad hearing, temptations, and other faults--- I don't put my faith in doctrines promulgated by men.

    This is why I have an inclusive and broad view of religion. So long as people are trying to live honorable and peaceful lives, taking care of each other and their families and communities, I tend to call that "good". Live and let live.

    We will all get our corrections when the time comes.
    But when "Christians" harbor organized crime within their Church and benefit from it....

    When they act as Trustees in Gross Breach of Trust with respect to entire countries and billions of people suffer....

    When they take crimes and sins like pedophilia and make them into sacraments....

    When there is no end to this relativism and wishy-washy spineless lack of basic ethics and honesty....

    When they twist any reasonable plausible recognizable definition of "Christianity" into something else....

    Then I protest -- because they are not just giving themselves a bad name, they are disgracing all those who answer to the name "Christian".

    And they are disgracing Christ.

    If a Christian will not stand up for the memory of Yeshuah and his Teachings and his Living Spirit, who will?

    I have been polite. I have been patient. I have been supportive of Church reform all across the board.

    I have often stood in the gap and defended people who are trying to do the right thing though their sins be as scarlet and also defended the millions of completely innocent Christians who are being disgraced and misrepresented.

    Yes, I have called forth the Loyal Angels of the Living God and I am not ever going to be wishy-washy about that. Nor will I apologize.

    Being a Christian is not a "relative thing" subject to "interpretation" via some kind of "fluid definition" that suddenly includes cannibalism and the rape of little children. No.

    That's not "Christianity" you feckless, shameless Liars.
    That's Satanism, and by your works you shall be known.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    6 hrs

    For All the State Jural Assemblies - 26 The National Jurisdiction: Soil
    In our discussion of the American Government that we are heir to, we identified three "unions" of various kinds of "states" that existed long prior to the creation of the Federal Government.

    They were and are:

    The United States -- a union of soil jurisdiction "landed (e)states" formed by the former colonies via Unanimous Declaration issued July 1, 1776, published July 4, 1776. This is our "national jurisdiction". Each state has defined geographical boundaries.

    The United States of America - a federation of Land Jurisdiction States formed September 9, 1776 for the purpose of joint operations in international jurisdiction, including the international land and sea jurisdictions. This is our international jurisdiction. Each State has defined geographical boundaries.

    The States of America -- a confederation of inchoate "States of States" formed under The Articles of Confederation, March 1, 1781, for the purpose of conducting the business of the States in global commercial jurisdiction. These "Federal States of States" have no defined geographical boundaries and exist only on paper. (These are the "Missing" Federal States of States.)

    Please note --- all this is our American Government, which existed prior to and which created the Federal Government as an "instrumentality" to provide services to the States and People of this country.

    Let's look briefly at our "national jurisdiction" --- the soil jurisdiction of each state in The United States.

    Imagine the familiar outline of your State of the Union. Got it?

    Now pretend you are slicing it like a layer cake horizontally, taking the top six inches of the soil off. It has the same outline and shape, but not much depth.

    This is your state's national soil jurisdiction.

    We call all the rest underneath the soil "the land". The land is also shaped exactly like the outline of your State of the Union, but it is a much thicker layer, miles deep, and it forms your State's international land jurisdiction.

    Together we call this "the land and soil" of your State of the Union. The two jurisdictions -- the national soil jurisdiction state and the international Land Jurisdiction State -- are both geographically defined and both work together hand in glove.

    So, what does the "national" soil jurisdiction of your State do and how does it operate?

    The first thing it does is guarantee local control.

    This is the level of the "state republics" and "republican states" guaranteed by the constitutional contracts.

    The soil level states are seldom referenced in print, but when they are, they appear in all small letters: maine, virginia, florida, etc. These are the member states of The United States.

    When we are born we all enter the world via the soil jurisdiction of our state, and are in the political status of a "man of the soil" known as "jus soli" or a "state national".

    This determines our basic nationality. We are, for example, "virginians" and because we are "virginians" we are also considered "Virginians".

    This in turn identifies us as "Americans" for international purposes.

    When we are born, we are not "citizens" of anything.

    Being a "citizen" implies an obligation to serve a government. It is patently ridiculous to claim that a newborn baby has an obligation to serve any government, nonetheless, certain disreputable governmental services corporations have made exactly such claims against babies born in America for several generations. This is part of what we need to address.

    It is the "jus soli" status of the baby that leads to the political status at the State level of State National. Neither one have any obligation to serve any government at all; they are required to obey the Public Law and keep the peace and other than that, they are free as birds.

    The basic dictum of the national soil jurisdiction is, "Harm none and be harmed none."

    Likewise, the republic states and their state republics are seldom referenced in print and even more seldom are they officially populated and used to conduct business --- but they can be. This results in a quorum of state nationals opting to act as state citizens, and invoking the national soil jurisdiction of their State of the Union to conduct national-level business.

    For these purposes, Texas is a nation. Pennsylvania is a nation.

    The soil jurisdiction also includes surface water, so each state republic also has a republic of state attached to it, and for business purposes, you have "The Texas Republic" operating the soil jurisdiction of Texas and "The Republic of Texas" operating the surface water jurisdiction of Texas.

    All of these entities are unincorporated and operate as unincorporated businesses.

    They are owned and operated by the people who are native to Texas and those who have been "naturalized".

    Naturalization at the State level is a process of having a home inside the borders of the State for at least a year and a day, without committing any felonies or taking public assistance, and firmly declaring on the public record your desire and intention (after meeting the basic requirements) to make that State your permanent home.

    In the old days this was done by taking out three small ads in the local papers over a period of 90 days, and there is still no obstruction to doing this now. In this way, a guy from Florida can adopt Texas as his home, for example, or a "U.S. Citizen" born in Croatia or Washington, DC, can become a Minnesotan.

    Obviously, the soil is like the skin on a body. By owning and controlling the skin, the local people retain the vast majority of the power of government if they act in their proper capacity and organize to do so.

    Everyone is standing on the soil, so the power of arrest basically belongs to the soil jurisdiction and the republican state authorities and their county/County Sheriffs.

    However, operating the Soil and Land jurisdictions of our States of the Union requires us to foreswear and expatriate from any other citizenship, including any federal citizenship.

    Most Americans do not realize that they have been kidnapped on paper into a foreign jurisdiction and misidentified as either "United States Citizens" or "Citizens of the United States" or "US CITIZENS" almost from birth, a circumstance that keeps us from actually owning land and controlling our own assets.

    In fact, most States of the Union became severely de-populated prior to this current effort, simply because people didn't realize that they were the victims of unconscionable contracting activities by their own employees.

    Coming home to the "land and soil" of your State means that you are eligible to inherit all that you have been deprived of, that you come under the Public Law, instead of any private "Statutory Law", that you can exercise local control of your land and surface water resources, and that you can operate your "republican states" ---that is, the national soil jurisdiction of your State of the Union, again.

    So long as you see the advantage of doing so and educate yourselves and declare your birthright political status--- and work with others of like-mind to restore the "land and soil" jurisdiction government owed to this country--- there isn't a power on Earth than can stop you from inheriting and controlling what is rightfully yours.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    1 hr

    For All The Jural Assemblies - 27 International Jurisdiction
    One of the most important things to remember is that in America and for purpose of the American Government, the word "interstate" is completely synonymous with the word "international". This is because each State is in fact its own country and its own nation.

    For the sake of streamlining certain functions and creating uniformity in some areas to bulwark our strength (such as military operations and expenses) and to expedite free trade (such as interstate banking services) our States have agreed to act together as members of an unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America --- but each and every "power" that this Holding Company has or can delegate derives from the member States and powers which they intrinsically possess. And the member States remain sovereign.

    As we saw, the national soil jurisdiction is controlled by unincorporated republican states which are members of The United States.

    The international jurisdiction is controlled by unincorporated States which are members of The United States of America, a Federation of States

    The international jurisdiction controlled by your State has three components, air, land, and sea.

    We have discussed the international land jurisdiction of the States briefly and described it generally as the thick layer of rock and material underlying the top six inches of soil. Land obviously includes your State's mineral and groundwater resources. The international land jurisdiction of your State is also able to appear in some contexts above the soil -- as it does when we build railroads and post roads and post offices and interstate highways and interstate electrical services.

    These are transit lanes and service stations on land analogous to sea lanes and docks in the jurisdiction of the sea-- resulting in routes and infrastructure that have been created to deliver interstate/international or global services within your State. Because this interstate/international infrastructure is within the borders of your State such facilities remain under State control, but because of their international nature and their role as part of the connecting service web other States depend on, they fall under your State's international land jurisdiction and function under international law.

    Both the railroads and the post offices have been used to promote various in-roads against local law and control. Many States have allowed these foreign international entities to exercise the right of Eminent Domaine, for example, which allows them to "condemn" public and private property --essentially commandeering it-- to allow construction of infrastructure.

    Thus, these enterprises have been allowed to abuse both public and private property owners for their own benefit using the excuse that the Public Good they provide outweighs the loss to other's property rights.

    Similar arguments have been advanced with less success to excuse the imposition of "property taxes" on landowners within each State to pay for public services, such as snow removal on pubic roads. This places a disproportionate and arbitrary burden on the landlords that is nonconsensual and is in fact an unlawful conversion of property rights.

    The Territorial State of State that is functioning in a "care-taking" capacity and mandating these practices in our States of the Union has no actual authority to impose upon the States and People in this way, and instead of presuming upon the landlords should be paying back dividends and lease fees and compensating the States and People for the use of their resources.

    An examination of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports of each Territorial and Municipal State-of-State organization reveals that the income these organizations receive from the use of our State resources each year is far in excess of all expenses and that largesse should, logically, be available to pay for public services such as snow removal and fire departments without any additional taxation. However, without active and competent input from the State Jural Assemblies, the For-Hire State of State employees and their corporate legislatures have padded their own pension plans instead.

    The Checks and Balances System has been totally out of whack in this country because the State Jural Assemblies have not been meeting regularly, have not weighed in on the deployment of State income, have not protected private property rights, have not insisted on the enforcement of the Public Law, and haven't been doing their job representing the interests of the actual State and People.

    Also, because these interstate/international businesses are operating in international jurisdiction but are interfacing directly with our State's soil jurisdiction, there are conflicts of law that result.

    The most visible part of this conflict of law arises from the fact that these private and international business organizations functioning under international law have been allowed to employ "Pinkertons" -- private law enforcement agencies -- within the boundaries of each State, and these LEO organizations have proliferated and been hired as subcontractors in other venues to substitute for actual peacekeeping officials and officers.

    Law enforcement officers are, generally speaking: (1) not familiar with the Public Law, having been trained to enforce the "code and statutory law" of the international jurisdiction instead; and (2) are not properly directed to enforce the Public Law, even when they are hired to do so.

    These private security agencies have become abusive and have failed to recognize the fact that the People of the State are living under the Public Law and, except when they are actually on a train, in a post office, or otherwise in direct contact with these limited international land jurisdiction functions--railroads, electrical power line right of ways, post offices, etc., the living People of each State are not subject to international law within the boundaries of their States.

    Territorial State of State employees and Municipal STATE OF STATE employees, are subject to international law, but the States and People are not --- until and unless we directly interface with a railroad, post office, or other interstate/international utility --- for example, we rob a Post Office, vandalize a power pole, or commit murder on a railroad right of way.

    The Territorial and Municipal organizations in each State have discovered that they can make money by arresting people and filling up prison facilities, which has led to the proliferation of more and more oppressive statutory "laws" and burgeoning prison populations.

    This Prisons for Profit scheme is a direct affront to our sovereignty in which People of each State are deliberately mischaracterized as Territorial or Municipal "Persons", held to be subject to Territorial and/or Municipal international law, and incarcerated at our expense.
    This is not only an abuse of our People, it is an abuse of our Purses by our employees.

    They are profiting themselves by arresting us under color of law, charging us under statutory laws we are not naturally obligated to obey, and then charging our States for the service of putting us in jail.

    More abuses include registration and copyrighting of our private Given Names as property belonging to State of State and/or Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations, conferring of Federal citizenship obligations via unconscionable contracts, seizure, manipulation, and patenting of our unique DNA, securitization of living people as assets belonging to these organizations, and the bonding of public and private property belonging to our States and People for the debts of these "state of state" organizations.

    These are actions readily recognizable as crimes that have been going on in our country for decades via the abuse of our State's international jurisdiction.

    This has only been made possible because our trusting people have been deliberately kept unaware of the false claims being made against them by their employees, and our State Jural Assemblies have not assembled and kept watch on the proverbial store.

    The international sea jurisdiction belonging to each State varies according the individual State's location and geography. Thanks to the Great Lakes and abundant large navigable rivers, plus sea coasts on three sides of our country, most States have ample and direct access to the transport of goods and services via these natural conduits.

    Generally speaking, the British Monarch is supposed to be acting as the Trustee of all Americans and all American shipping on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and as such, our States should not have a great deal to worry about --- however, as more and more Americans have unwittingly allowed themselves to be mischaracterized as Territorial or Municipal "citizens" instead of reclaiming/retaining their birthright political status, the British Monarchs have been encouraged to escape their duty owed to the States and People, and eager to profit themselves from the States of States and Persons, instead.

    The Coast Guard owed to each seaboard State has been allowed to run amok and been privatized and misdirected similar to what has gone on with the hired law enforcement officers being used to substitute for peacekeeping officials and Officers of the Law. As a result, the Coast Guard has become a clearinghouse for smuggling and theft from the States and People instead of a bulwark in our defense.

    Port Authorities have similarly been employed in the interests of international crime and exportation of Americans, both literally and figuratively, along with our resources, using ports of entry and "Free Trade Zones" established in virtually every State.

    The international air space owed to each State has similarly been abused to favor international business interests and placed the profits of these commercial interests above any benefit owed to the States and People of this country. We are constantly bombarded with false advertising and propaganda from foreign sources clogging up our public air waves, and no effort is being made to impose any better standards.

    Media monopolies have become common and other monopolies have grown up uninhibited by the proper application of Public Interest anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation. Although these issues often bridge upon commerce rather than international trade, the State Jural Assemblies have a potent voice that needs to be heard in Washington, DC, and elsewhere.

    What goes on in our States is fundamentally under the authority and control of the People of each State, so this is all hash that we need to settle with our employees and service providers and international Trustees.

    In order to do our job, we have to choose to act in our birthright political capacity as one of the People of our State of the Union, and make public declaration of this fact by recording our deliberate and permanent expatriation from any "presumed" federal citizenship obligation.

    If we fulfill our obligations as State Nationals and/or State Citizens and/or State Electors, we will have more than enough to do.

    The members of our State Jural Assemblies have the critical role and function of nullifying unconstitutional and repugnant laws, upholding and enforcing the Public Law including the Constitutions, and controlling the soil (national) and land (international) jurisdictions of our State.

    Beginning with the fact that we are not acting as Federal "Persons" and are not accepting any Federal "citizenship" obligations, for all the reasons cited above and far more beyond the scope of this small discussion, our State Jural Assemblies must act to direct the proper administration of the international land jurisdiction we are heir to, and to bring effective complaints to our federal service providers and international Trustees regarding the misuse and abuse of the international sea and air jurisdiction of our States.

    As brief as this discussion has been, the issues raised are compelling and should be enough to convince any American that effective action must be taken to restore the People and the States and the Public Law.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    21 mins

    For All The Jural Assemblies - 28 Global Municipal Jurisdiction
    We could also call this section "From Trade to Commerce".

    When we engage in "peaceful national and international trade", this is a private and natural right held under our own authority. This is the realm in which we are supposed to use our "Good Name" also known as "Given Name" also known as "Trade Name" --- the name that our Fathers and Mothers gave us at birth.

    We are naturally unincorporated and sovereign entities when we stand on the land and soil of our geographically defined states/States;

    however, when we venture into the international jurisdiction of the sea or upon the navigable inland waterways to engage in trade with corporations or people from other countries, we are considered to be acting as "Foreign Situs Trusts" temporarily under the care of the British Monarch who owes us safe passage, aid and assistance --- so long as we are claiming our birthright political status as American State Nationals or American State Citizens.

    If, however, we allow ourselves to be misrepresented as Federal Citizens of any sort, no such guarantees apply; the same Name applied to a Federal Citizen may be mistaken for a "stateless Person" --- and stateless Persons can be attacked, salvaged, and plundered under the Laws of the Sea.

    So, how does this work? All Federal Citizens are "stateless Persons" of one kind or another, because their "states" are all "inchoate states" --- incomplete, non-physical, incorporated franchises of ---from our perspective, foreign governments and foreign commercial corporations.

    These corporate franchises are foreign first and foremost because they are not functioning as people. They are functioning as legal fiction "Persons".

    The instant that your State National political status is stolen from you as a baby, and your Good Name is misidentified as that of a "US Citizen", you are labeled as a "Federal Citizen" and deprived of all the protections and guarantees and property rights you are heir to. You and your estate can be pillaged and salvaged, and the Queen, who is supposed to be acting as your Protector won't say a thing; indeed, she will laugh all the way to the bank.

    This is because Federal Citizens have no Natural and Unalienable rights and their inchoate States (properly called "States of States") are not Parties to our Constitutions and other Treaties with Great Britain.

    Only the actual geographically-defined States and physical People have access to the constitutional guarantees as intended. States of States and Incorporated Persons are not generally "covered" by these agreements.

    So when we claim our proper birthright political status as American State Nationals or American State Citizens, our business is our own on the land and soil of our State, and when we venture out in the wider world, we are under the protection of the British Queen.

    If we do not claim our proper birthright political status and wind up identified as a Federal Citizen of some kind, we are considered temporary residents on the land and soil of our own State, we are unable to actually own our own land, and we have no constitutional guarantees --- only duties to perform.

    This circumstance above all others underlines the advantage and importance of claiming/retaining your birthright political status.

    This is just the first round -- what happens to us when we are innocently engaging in international trade and are mistaken-accidentally-on-purpose for Federal Citizens; there is another level to this same basic identity theft/misrepresentation scam that occurs when we enter the global realm of commerce and are "mistaken" for fully incorporated entities: PERSONS.

    In the international land jurisdiction where our States of the Union naturally abide, there are no living people; instead, we function as People -- State Citizens are functioning as Officials and Officers of our States -- Jurors, Sheriffs, Justices, Electors, and so on, while State Nationals function as Inheritors and may also be Electors.

    In the global municipal jurisdiction there are no people, either, just fully incorporated commercial corporations chartered by various governments, operating under the names of people, e.g., JOHN PHILIP SOUZA, as well as more familiar commercial corporations like GENERAL ELECTRIC.

    The Municipal Jurisdiction is Global in nature and is organized as separate Municipalities that operate as International City States and charter all these fully incorporated commercial corporations. Municipal Jurisdiction is also called the "Empire of the City", meaning Rome under the auspices of the Holy Sea, and since 1929, Vatican City, which has set up and operated all the Municipal Charters on Earth.

    This model of government is based on the plenary oligarchy of Ancient Rome, under the Caesars which established independent City-States and Roman Territories throughout the world.

    The Municipality of Washington, DC is set up as a plenary oligarchy run by members of the Municipal United States Congress under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. It is an independent, international City-State created under a Municipal Charter doing business as "the" United States, run in turn by a Municipal Corporation, doing business as the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia itself is meanwhile operated as a Territorial Democracy doing business as "the" United States of America.

    Similar independent international City-State organizations have been chartered all over the world, some of the principle members that boast their own flags are the Municipality of Washington, DC, the Inner City of London, Vatican City, the United Nations, and the City of New York. These chartered municipal entities engage in international affairs and international trade, and then go one step further and charter franchises for themselves known as commercial corporations, or PERSONS.

    Thus, the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia, a "doing business name of" the Municipality of Washington, DC, an independent international City-State doing business as the "United States" (Incorporated) has chartered the UNITED STATES, CANADA, DETROIT, JOHN PHILIP SOUZA, WESTMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIA....over a 185,000 such Municipal franchises, plus, via its UNITED STATES franchise and its STATE OF MAINE and STATE OF TEXAS and other franchises----- hundreds of millions of "individual franchises" named after each and every one of us, have been created without our knowledge or consent.

    The Global Municipal Jurisdiction is the realm of Commerce--- which is business between two fully incorporated entities--meaning that these entities are not just "Legal Fictions". They are LEGAL FICTIONS created and chartered by other Legal Fictions/LEGAL FICTIONS and are another step or two or three removed from the realm of actual living people.

    A wide variety of Legal Persons can participate in International Trade, including unincorporated Mom and Pop American businesses called doing business under State National and State Citizen Names like "Lisa Ann Purdue" or "John's Autobody Shop" or US Citizen Names like "John George Walton".

    Without firmly declared provenance recorded (Americans) or registered (US Citizens also known as Federal Citizens) the capacity in which any Person is acting is left up to presumption.

    Not surprisingly, the Queen's Territorial henchmen have chosen to "presume" that we are not acting in our birthright capacity, are therefore owed no protection and no constitutional guarantees. They have deliberately falsified the evidence in their favor by registering our Names and leaving us clueless that any of this was going on and equally clueless that we needed to declare and record our birthright political status as Americans.

    The Municipal Government has been just as busy registering its own franchises in our NAMES.

    As a result, we can, if we so wish, operate as British Territorial CITIZENS under the Spanish laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or we can operate as Municipal CITIZENS under the laws of the Municipality of Washington, DC.... or as Citizens of the United States (Municipal Franchise) or as United States Citizens (Territorial Franchise) or we can say "No" to all this fraudulent undisclosed identity theft and operate as we are meant to operate, by declaring our natural birthright political status, exercising our own country's sovereignty, and enforcing the actual Constitution owed to us.

    Please note that the Municipal United States is specifically limited to the ten miles square of Washington, DC, and the purpose of letting Congress run the City as a plenary oligarchy in the first place was to provide an equal meeting ground --- not to launch a competing "commercial" government made out of paper and hot air and false claims in commerce.

    The responsibility for these travesties lies both upon the members elected to serve "as" delegates to unstipulated "Congresses", and upon the foreign governments and governmental services corporations that have allowed, promoted, and profited from these activities.

    The unrestrained corruption of the Municipal United States Congress is also the particular responsibility of the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire which issued the Municipal Charter(s) and failed to oversee them. As this is written, many key Municipal Charters have been revoked and the offending corporations have been or are being liquidated for cause; however, the same guilty parties running these crime syndicates as "service organizations" have been allowed to re-apply for new Municipal Charters and to shelter their ill-gotten gains, so that a true Good Faith correction is lacking.

    By substituting foreign corporate franchises --- in effect, their own "Persons" / "PERSONS"--- to replace and usurp upon the living American People, our States, and our lawful Persons, these criminals have endeavored to steal our identities one-by-one, to falsely indebt us and accrue debt against our public and private assets, to set up a gigantic national mortgage fraud, and to embezzle trillions of dollars out of our country's economy

    Again, although this is a summary discussion, it should be clear to any American that there is compelling reason and advantage in reclaiming and retaining our birthright political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens---- and very significant adverse consequences from allowing anyone to consider you a Municipal CITIZEN, as all Municipal CITIZENS are by definition debtors, criminals---- and slaves because they are criminals.

    See the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Territorial Constitution made by the Scottish corporation doing business as "The United States of America" (Incorporated) in 1868.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    9 hrs

    For All The Jural Assemblies - 29 The Confederation of States
    Both the word "state" and the word "of" need special attention when we read.

    The word "state" can represent a multitude of things. It can refer to a state of mind, or the soil jurisdiction of your natural state, or your landed State of the Union, or, as too often happens, the word "state" can be used as short hand for something that properly needs to be called a "state of state".

    We have the Federal "States of States" also being called "Confederate States" almost from the moment The Articles of Confederation were signed in 1781.

    Please duly note this confusion and know that "Confederate States" are not "States" in the same way nor existing in the same jurisdiction as our land jurisdiction "States". They are instead "States of States" which are entirely fictional and disconnected from the world of fact.

    The word "of" creates a separation between "States" like Maine and "States of States" like The State of Maine, which was the original Federal State of State for Maine. That is also to say that The State of Maine was the original Confederate State created under The Articles of Confederation in 1781, two years before the end of the Revolutionary War.

    About now we have people scratching their heads. What? Confederate States during the Revolutionary War?

    Yes. Contrary to what most of us have been taught or left to assume, Confederate States, more properly and less confusingly called Federal States of States, existed and operated long before the so-called Civil War.

    In the case before us, the word "of" also implies ownership. The State of Maine (a Confederation State) belongs to Maine (a Federation State) and Maine belongs to the People of Maine.

    A State of State is not a State.

    A State of State is a commercial business entity operating in the Global Municipal Jurisdiction. It is pure legal fiction -- a fiction created by a fiction. In this case, Maine created The State of Maine.
    Let's review the process:
    The living people of a state come together to form a State Jural Assembly, and this group operating in the capacity of "People" -- that is, elected Officials, hired Officers, Jurors, and Electors of the State Jural Assembly-- create their State, for example, Maine.

    "Maine" is a complete State, because it is not entirely fictional. The State of Maine is called an "incomplete State" or an "inchoate State" because it is entirely fictional, having no express material boundaries or location in space.

    Maine is geographically defined and has substance and assets. At the same time it is "corporate" and a legal fiction in the sense that it has a fictitious and arbitrary Proper Name: "Maine" only stands for the land and soil of Maine because that is the name the People of Maine chose.
    They could have chosen to call their estate "Wamsutta" and we could have The State of Wamsutta to deal with instead.

    The United States is composed of unincorporated republican states like "wisconsin", doing business as The Wisconsin Republic (national soil) and The Republic of Wisconsin (national surface water), and it is populated by living people using Proper Names like: James Woodby.

    The United States of America is composed of unincorporated but "corporate" States like Ohio, doing business as Ohio (international land and sea) and is inhabited by the People of Ohio, that is, living people acting as Lawful Persons, and populated by these Lawful Persons using Proper Names like: James Allen Woodby.

    The States of America is composed of incorporated States of States like The State of Pennsylvania, doing commercial business in the global municipal jurisdiction of the air.

    The state (soil and surface water) gives rise to the State (international land and sea) which gives rise to the State of State (global municipal jurisdiction).

    The people of a country populate its soil and surface water jurisdiction and they give rise to the People, Lawful Persons, populating States operating in the international jurisdiction of the land and sea, and thence, the Lawful Persons give rise to Legal Persons inhabiting States of States operating in the global municipal jurisdiction of the air and commerce.

    Actual living people acting as Lawful Persons create States, but States then create States of States populated by Legal Persons, so at each stage of this process we observe increasing "fictionalization".

    We go from actual and factual to airy fairy in three basic steps: state > State > State of State, and from living person to Lawful Person to Legal Person in the same three steps.

    As you will note, the State level is the last connection to the actual, factual world we know. After that, its all fiction and fictions creating more fictions, spinning off endless "doing business as" Legal Personas.

    It's in this completely fictional realm of the global municipal air jurisdiction that the States of America was created to function in 1781.

    The members of this "perpetual union" of "Confederate States" were "States of States" belonging to our States and operating in the global municipal jurisdiction of the air---in commerce.

    The Confederation of States, more properly, The Confederation of States of States, doing business as the States of America as of March 1, 1781, was composed of commercial businesses owned and operated by our States.

    Maine owned and operated The State of Maine.
    Virginia owned and operated The State of Virginia.
    Georgia owned and operated The State of Georgia...
    This is the way our American Government was already set up as of 1781, and with a little alteration caused by the adoption of the Constitutions, this is the way it was structured until after the Civil War when the Federal States of States went "Missing in Action".

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