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Thread: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    7 hrs

    Why I Use the Description, "Our Father"
    ---instead of "God" or "Jehovah" or "Yahavah" or "Anisoph" or "Source" or all the other 72 descriptive names in the Bible:

    It's because the entire message of Jesus was about being part of the One Life that is the source of all life, including ours --- and being part of the family.

    He tried his best to explain it as being like a grapevine, with his Father being the root, and him being a fruitful branch, and we being the grapes, all part of the same plant, all sustained by the same sap, all inter-related and part of each other.

    Like your parents are forever a part of you.

    And that's why I use the phrase "Our Father" --- because the True and Living God is part of us and we are part of him, in exactly the same sense.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    1 hr

    For All The Jural Assemblies - 9 Grand Theories and "Responses" Debunked
    There are many people out there milling around, most of them are well-intentioned and some think they have "the" answer. Some are Disinformation Agents as described in "7 Discipline".

    I started life as a mathematician and for me, the numbers have to add up and the logic has to follow through and each quantity has to --- at least eventually --- be known.

    The simple facts are these: (1) our actual government ---which we are owed--- is not fully operational; (2) it is not functioning as it should because it was never fully restored after the Civil War; (3) we have not restored it, because we were not informed that it needed to be restored---certain parties profited themselves by keeping that obscured; (4) now that we have a grasp of the actual situation, we have the means to restore the government we are owed in our hands and all we need to do, is do it.

    Nobody can complain about us taking care of our own business, and there are a great many people worldwide who will feel relieved and reassured that the people of this country finally woke up and are taking control again.

    Thomas Deegan and those trying to organize the Oregon State Assembly have gone off the trolley and are advocating a "tear it down to the ground and start over" idea---an insurrectionist anarchist answer---at the same time they are trying to present themselves as the Oregon State Assembly.
    Think about this.

    How can you pretend to be a member of a State that you are bent on destroying?

    Do the words, "shoot yourself in the foot" come to mind? They should.

    Thomas Deegan spent two years in jail for trespassing against the Territorial State of West Virginia. He is lucky he didn't get 38 years like Bruce Doucette in Colorado, who basically did the same thing ---- all of them against my advice.

    Thomas's theories have been tested -- repeatedly -- and they always have the same result. The patriots espousing these ideas go to jail and the government putting them in jail is not one bit affected or changed for the better.

    So. Use your common sense. If you want to change the way things are run around here, you have to do the work of self-governance and assemble your State Jural Assemblies. Act in your unincorporated capacity, take care of business, and tell your employees what you want them to do.

    In a similar vein, there are all sorts of Petitions and Arbitrations and other actions being pursued by well-meaning people and groups who are attempting to "move" Congress and/or use principles of law to ensure their immunity.

    The Territorial Congress already agreed that you are immune by passing the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act in 1976. And the Municipal Congress has nothing to say about your immunity, because you are already the "authorized person" associated with all your ACCOUNTS.

    Again --- think about this.

    When you petition a foreign court or a foreign government, you are handing your authority over to them and subjecting yourself to their jurisdiction.

    If you are acting as an American, why would you petition the British Monarch about issues that you yourself are supposed to control?

    We don't petition their government, which is merely under contract to provide services to our own. We operate our own government and tell them how we want the service they provide to be run.

    Do you petition your groundskeeper to mow your lawn, or do you tell him how to mow it?

    Get your heads screwed on, organize your State Jural Assembly, and tell your Territorial employees what you want done and how you want it done.

    Then restore your Federal State of State and use it to direct the course of your State's international business affairs --- as the Founders intended, instead of abdicating that responsibility and letting the British Monarch and their Territorial Officers act "for" you.

    Arbitration of these matters is bound to more or less fail, because the first default is on our side, not the side of either the Territorial or Municipal Governments. We haven't done our part. We haven't assembled our State Jural Assemblies in 150 years. We haven't reconstructed our Federal States of States.

    They, the Territorial and Municipal Governments have been left without instructions---hence the claim of a perpetual "State of Emergency".
    We have to get busy and give them instructions or the "State of Emergency" continues.

    As an additional point on their side of the issue---we already have remedy.

    There is nothing stopping us from assembling our State Jural Assemblies, restoring the Federal States of States, and going forward-----nothing but our own ignorance about our own government. And sloth, of course.

    On an individual basis there is nothing stopping us from moving our Names and ACCOUNTS back to the land and soil jurisdiction of the States, either. Doing so instantly provides immunity from further presumption against us by either the Territorial or Municipal Governments.

    As irritating as it may be in view of the abuses that have gone on, we have always had remedy in our hands and under our control.

    This does not mean that we have not been defrauded and suffered Breach of Trust and been the victims of many crimes, because we have, but we must exercise our remedies first before addressing all of that.

    Which means --- record your decision as the rightful "Authorized Person" to leave Territorial and Municipal Jurisdiction and to return your Good Name and ESTATE back to the land and soil jurisdiction of your State.

    Sign the Act of Expatriation from these "presumed" foreign political statuses, re-convey your Trade Name back to permanent domicile on the land and soil of your State, then move all the derivative NAMES back to permanent domicile on the land and soil of your State, too. This process is like re-flagging a ship and moves your "vessels" back to America and back under American Common Law.

    Instant immunity, no questions asked.

    This is necessary because your Mother was deceived and coerced and mistakenly identified you as a British Territorial Citizen when you were a baby. That is the fact.
    Now, as an adult, you have been told about this circumstance.

    It is your responsibility to correct the records and declare yourself an American, if, as is to be supposed in most cases, you would rather enjoy your assets and freedom and benefit from the guarantees provided by all the treaties and constitutional agreements---than be counted as a pauper and treated as a debt slave of a British Territorial corporation.

    The same is true of the State Jural Assemblies --- the States own and are supposed to control all the Federal "State of State" organizations for their benefit, but as we didn't step forward and reorganize and "reconstruct" the Federal States of States after the Civil War, that part and function of our actual government ran amok.

    Neither the Territorial nor the Municipal Governments are supposed to be running "State of State" organizations at all.

    There is nothing stopping us from finishing the reconstruction of our Federal States of States, taking them out of mothballs, and returning them to full operation --- nothing but our own ignorance. Again.

    So, no Petitions to members of the Territorial or Municipal Congresses are appropriate (it would be appropriate if we had an actual Federal Continental Congress present to address, but we do not at this time) and no Arbitration of these matters is advised because the default is on our side of the line.

    Any knowledgeable Arbitration expert is going to look at this and say--- "Well, this appears to be a situation in which you were identified as a British Territorial United States Citizen as a baby, and you have voluntarily remained in that status ever since, so what are you complaining about?"

    You can be anywhere you want to be. You can live in Scotland or you can live France. You can live on the sea or in a houseboat on the Mississippi or you can choose to live on land.

    FDR arbitrarily declared that all Americans were to be "presumed" to be out on the sea on holiday, acting in the capacity of British Territorial United States Citizens, and donating all their assets as chattel backing the debts of the local Territorial State of State franchise of the bankrupt Roman Catholic Church non-profit corporation known as the "United States of America, Inc."

    It's up to you to declare it bunko and make your other choices known. If you don't want to live on a wrecked boat drifting around out in the middle of the ocean, by all means, forget the Roman holiday and come back home. Ditto the "offer" of British Territorial Citizenship.

    It is also up to you to operate your own government and to do so according to the rules your ancestors established until this entire country is awake and organized and educated enough to make other choices.

    Finally, there is confusion about what "states" we are talking about. Some people have erroneously identified the Municipal STATE as one and the same as the PEOPLE without realizing that neither have anything to do with us.

    The Municipal United States Government runs on the basis of accounts, as in bank accounts. All the various NAMES you see are bank accounts belonging to either incorporated or unincorporated entities.

    For example:
    "JAMES ALLEN JOHNSON" is a Municipal ESTATE trust bank account belonging to the British Territorial United States Citizen "James Allen Johnson", a franchise of the British Territorial State of Ohio, or, depending on your choice of political status, it can also be interpreted as an ESTATE bank account belonging to the American Tradesman "James Allen Johnson".

    "JAMES A. JOHNSON" is a Municipal PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY bank account that belongs to British Territorial United States Citizen "James A. Johnson" or, depending on your choice of political status, it can also be interpreted as an ACCOUNT belonging to the American "James A. Johnson".

    These ACCOUNTS are all "under your name" and you are supposed to know how to operate them, but the Trustees and perpetrators of this whole identity theft and credit fraud scheme neglected to tell you a word about it, much less how to operate these ACCOUNTS.

    Nonetheless, bank accounts are what they are, and obviously, a bank ACCOUNT cannot actually own land and PEOPLE cannot actually represent people, either.

    So "PEOPLE owns STATE owns LAND" means "Account # 1092-79991-1 owns Account # 51-456902-001 owns Account # 57757779-1-8985030." And there is absolutely no indication in any of that about who owns "PEOPLE"---or at least, pretends to.

    These are issues that Donald Trump needs to sort out.

    The rest of us have our own hash to settle --- beginning with declaring our political status as American State Nationals and explicitly moving our Name and our ACCOUNTS back home to the land and soil jurisdiction of our State, and following up with joining our State Jural Assembly.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    7 hrs

    For All The Jural Assemblies 10 - Existing Contracts
    Once more, this is a discussion that centers basically around the topic of service contracts, treaties, and related issues, but before we go there I want to address for the Second time the pernicious idea that State Jural Assemblies are religious assemblies. They are not.

    For starters, if they were religious community assemblies coming to us through the tradition of the English Church such Christian assemblies are called "Congregations" and if coming to us from the Catholic tradition, they would be called "Parishes". Observe that with the single exception of Louisiana, those words are not used anywhere in America to designate any political subdivision.

    Second, we all have good cause to know that our Forefathers negotiated a "republican form" of government for our states --- not a theocracy, not a democracy, not an oligarchy, and certainly not a monarchy of any kind.

    Third, if they had created a Christian theocracy, being a Christian would be a requirement of Citizenship, and of holding Public Office, and of being an Elector. You can see for yourselves that none of this has ever been the case in America.

    Fourth, some people have read the book I recommended as a starting point overview, The Excellence of the Common Law, by Brent Winters, and have taken his comments about the Common Law being based on the Bible to an irrational extreme. The "Common" part of "Common Law" is the Old Testament which all three major land jurisdiction religions in the Western World hold in common. That is why our land and soil jurisdiction court buildings have traditionally featured art depicting Moses and the stone tablets of Ten Commandments.

    Fifth, if our Forefathers wanted to start a theocracy, the Bible would have been the whole of the law and there would be no other "law" or legislation in evidence. Islam seeks theocracy and has established it in many countries with the result that all law is directly and explicitly taken from the Koran and interpretation of the Koran. If America were ever a Christian theocracy and its government had ever been constructed as such, the Bible would be the only law book in evidence, with many tomes interpreting the Bible for church members (ecclesiastical law) and church priests and lesser clerics and administrators (canon law). Observe that this is not the case in our courts and never has been.

    Sixth, observe that freedom of religion is a fundamental guarantee and precept of our government, which means freedom of belief and practice of religion for all Americans, not just Christians. Faith is a private matter, and the only way it becomes a public matter in America, is if one's faith embraces crime--- murder, rape, theft, etc. --- which we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the Public Law.

    Seventh, we all have cause to know about the Separation of Church and State and the arguments that surrounded it at the time it was adopted, and the same wisdom that ruled our Forefathers then still needs to rule us now.

    And that is perhaps an unintended lead-in to the actual topic.

    As many of you have noted, the American Government is not a signatory to any modern treaties, memberships, accords, or similar conveyances.
    Time more or less stopped for us in 1860 with respect to those sorts of things, because the Federal States of States ceased to function. We could have, if we had been properly informed, operated our actual States then as now to resolve the issue --- but other parties obscured the facts to profit themselves, and here we are, 150 years later.

    So we are not members of the "United Nations". We are not bound by the treaties ending World War I or World War II. We slept through it all. Our largely disloyal subcontractors obligated themselves and pretended to have authority to obligate the American Government to a great many things, all of which are foundationally flawed contracts.

    But there are contracts that are not foundationally flawed by fraud and disclosure issues, most of which are now over 200 years old. The most important of these contracts are not the three constitutions creating the subcontracting "federal" government, but are in fact the Peace Treaties that guarantee our peace with the rest of the world and the National Trust indentures of every State and the country as a whole.

    The Constitutions are important for the sake of reference points and basic principles, but one must realize that the function of the Constitutions was to set up governmental service agreements. The primary service agreement went to the Confederation of Federal States of States doing business as the States of America. The next service agreement went to the [British] Territorial United States. And the last service agreement went to the Holy See.

    Each of these honorable service contracts imposed responsibilities on each of the parties and the granting of "powers" ---- basically permission to act and provide the stipulated services--- required to enable the recipient of the contract to perform their duty.

    This is not unlike hiring a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick-maker. You are giving your "business" to vendors. If a vendor goes out of business or for some reason does not want to contract with you, you have to do the work yourself or find a new vendor.

    America is all grown up now and able to provide its own Navy and its own military, administer its own territories, control its own money, set its own trade policies, handle its own patent office, provide its own postal service, and exercise all the other nineteen (19) enumerated "powers" that the States originally handed over to: (1) the Federal Confederacy of States of America; (2) the British Territorial United States; and (3) the Holy See.

    Fine enough. In those practical ways it is safe to say that we have outgrown the Constitutions, that the Constitutions have failed to protect us in numerous ways and have been undermined, and so forth----but it is also true that these pre-existing contracts provide a basis for stability and guarantees that if properly enforced are very beneficial. They also provide a framework for our government that cannot be arbitrarily or thoughtlessly demolished without causing a great deal of destruction and havoc.

    For these reasons and because if we wish to have lawful progression and succession and maintain our rightful claims and our National Trusts we must maintain our continuance of government. That is, we can't inherit what our Forefather's provided and handed on to us if we go off willy-nilly. We have to keep our heads and maintain our connection to our past in order to secure our rights and assets for the future.

    All of this means that we have to go back, pick up where we left off, restore the government we owe ourselves, and then deal with making changes --- whether those changes are service vendor contract changes or fundamental changes to the whole structure of the government we inherited.

    Think of the American Government like a grand old Victorian Era house we have inherited. Does it need updating? Of course. Will it still function? Yes.

    Do the service vendors we hired to cut the grass and deliver coal to the furnace still owe us Good Faith Services? Yes, they or their successors do.
    The cloth-bound electrical wiring and antiquated plumbing need to go. In fact, we may have to tear out and rebuild walls, install new heating systems, and change a roofline or two. No doubt.

    We can't just "blink our eyes" and make it so, can we? There is a whole process involved. The inheritance has to be settled and brought forward. The new generation of owners have to take on the responsibilities and deal with the service providers. Then they have to agree on a plan for updates and changes.

    It's the same kind of process that we all face now to restore, update, and bring forward our American Government into the modern world.

    Educating ourselves, getting our own records corrected, and 'inhabiting" our land and soil jurisdiction States by explicitly re-conveying and permanently domiciling our Names/NAMES back to their jurisdiction -- all that is just the first hurdle: reclaiming our inheritance.

    Forming up our State Jural Assemblies is the second vital step: taking charge of our house and dealing with the service vendors.

    Those who would mislead you into thinking that this is a "free for all" process without a rhyme, reason, logic, or necessity of process seek only to destroy this country and to provide an excuse for external powers, such as "the UN", to come in here and decide our future "for" us.

    That danger and those provocateurs are precisely the reason that we must start where we left off and proceed forward calmly and agreeably and in a business-like manner to restore the government that we both owe ourselves and which the service vendors owe us.

    Once our State Jural Assemblies are restored and fully functioning, we can call for our Public Elections in each State, and elect Deputies to send to a Continental Congress of the land and soil jurisdiction States.

    And that--- with the actual land and soil jurisdiction States in Congress Assembled and in Session --- is where we can make the updates and plan for the changes.

    I want to take a moment to explain how we were "Grandfathered In" at the end of the Civil War. This has, obviously, been a problem of Law and Legality, both, for a long time. Provision had to be made to preserve the Inheritance rights to each State National Trust and to the Federal Trust as well.

    Those of us who have ancestry going back before 1860 can claim back all rights, properties, assets, and interests of the National Trusts we are heir to, and this is, in terms of Law, what we are doing when we "return home" to the land and soil jurisdiction of our States.

    Nobody can say that our States are "abandoned" so long as at least one eligible Inheritor shows up, and thanks to the work we have already done: (1) the Federation Trust has been renewed; (2) each one of the State National Trusts has been renewed and claimed by one or more eligible Inheritors.

    This does not mean that these eligible inheritors "own" all the land and soil of say, Louisiana, in their private capacity. It means that they connect the continuity of ownership and right of jurisdiction and inheritance over the land and soil that defines "Louisiana" for themselves and for all other Louisianans.

    All it takes is one birthright inheritor in every State who has reclaimed his or her proper political status and identity, and who has ancestors born in the States prior to 1860 to claim back that State's National Trust----and we have long ago surpassed that threshold requirement thanks to brothers and sisters who were paying attention and taking action three years ago.

    And now a few words about the dangers of the Paris Accord that was recently boycotted by President Trump, and which too many traitorous and unauthorized Presidents, Monarchs, and Prime Ministers signed:

    The first thing I want to point out to all of you is that most of those persons acting to obligate their countries and people to this insane agreement--- which is not, by the way, primarily about "climate change"--- are not competent nor authorized to do so.

    Like the situation in the "United States", their leaders are not actually "Presidents" of countries, but are instead functioning as "Presidents" or "Prime Ministers", etc., of commercial corporations. The Paris Accords are therefore designed to deceive people into thinking that they and their country have been obligated, when in fact the most that these Fakirs can contribute is the support of their corporations----- either Territorial corporations or Municipal corporations.

    It's a another Sting.

    It is an attempt by the Holy See to consolidate and control all the organizations providing governmental services at the Territorial level worldwide and to place those corporations under the control of a "Queen".

    Via this fraudulent mechanism having nothing to do with the actual countries and peoples of the world, the Pope and the Queen would then control all governmental functions in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and usher in a new age of Commercial Feudalism.

    The people in charge of the Territorial service corporations were, for the most part, either deluded or corrupted or just plain gullible enough to vote for this "in behalf of" the presumed shareholders --- most of whom don't realize that their identities have been stolen and their natural property rights have been unlawfully converted and that they are "shareholders" at all.

    And the motive for all this cooperation and agreement about a carbon tax? Gold. Or to be more exact, access to gold that in fact belongs to the countries and people being defrauded.

    This is a long-planned global coup which if successful, would end all national sovereignty on Earth and hand our countries and our corporations and everything we are and own, over to a multi-national group of Planners.

    And who elected them?

    And where, wearily, have we heard and seen this song and dance before?

    Semiramis, also known as Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, Columbia (as in District of) and also as "the Mother of all Harlots" and "the Great Abomination" is also called "the Queen of Heaven".

    Catholics of the world, is this your Church anymore? The rest of us thought that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was the only "Queen of Heaven" --- at least in the Christian world.

    How would they fund this scheme? By their usual means: lies.
    By creating a completely bogus and now thoroughly discredited theory that climate change on Earth is caused by excess emissions of carbon dioxide and imposing a horrible, destructive worldwide "carbon tax" --- which is just another excuse for continued extortion and piracy.

    The Russians, the Chinese, and the Americans are the only ones with the good sense to see through this Sting Operation and label it for what it is --- yet another bid of the discredited hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church to launch yet another "Holy Roman Empire" to the detriment of everyone on Earth.

    Catholics -- your Pope proposes to play the role of the Anti-Christ, to reboot Satan's Casino using gold stolen from almost every country on Earth, give some gold back to everyone to prime the pump-----and use a Great Big Fat Lie justifying a "carbon tax" to pay for it all.

    Playing a game of "Good Pope" / "Bad Pontiff" for generations, acting as Middlemen and Gatekeepers in the Spiritual Realm in the same exact way as Bankers have acted as Middlemen and Gatekeepers in the Realm of Commerce ---- stealing the Good Names and estates of babies, and assigning these assets to the credit of "deceased" afterbirth debris---then blocking these bogus ACCOUNTS and using our credit and assets as they please, copyrighting our Names as franchises of their corporations, patenting our DNA, selling our labor, taxing us to death for purported "good causes" like the Crusades, and killing for Christ?

    It's literally time for all this crappola to end.

    You can help by educating yourselves and exposing this gross corruption, and if you are Catholic, you can help by bringing your membership in the Church and your influence with your local priests and bishops to bear. It sincerely gives me no pleasure to bring these urgent and ugly issues to the attention of innocent Catholics worldwide.

    I tried to work with the Roman Catholic Church leadership to put an end to this hideous nonsense, but ---while professing a willingness to change and make correction with one breath, they have continued their sins with the next.

    You can also help by alerting your local authorities, by correcting your own political status records, by explicitly making a choice and re-conveying your Given Name permanently back to the land and soil jurisdiction of your home State, and last, but not least, by helping to organize and join your State Jural Assembly--- and operating it according to the guidelines I am giving you.

    Be aware that these are indeed perilous times we live in, and there is a great deal of urgency in all of this. Also be aware that your safety and your property interests depend on reclaiming your natural birthright political status, operating your lawful State Jural Assemblies, and retaining for the time being, all the existing contracts, treaties, and conventions that you are owed.

    Don't let anyone cheat you or trick you into "voluntarily" giving away the protections and the government you are owed.

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