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Thread: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    5 hrs

    Name One -- Day Eleven
    This morning I realized that the light fixture above my bed is still hanging at a crazy angle as a result of the earthquake and that two shelves of books are still laying down sideways.

    That's the way it is in a disaster. It's too much to take in all at once. It was the same way with the Miller's Reach Fire back in 1996. You keep on reaching for things that are no longer there, or trying to find things that were thrown out by someone else.

    It's crazy.
    And the "recovery" goes on and on and on, as you discover new things broken, or go into the garden shed for the first time in two weeks and realize, OMG! Another mess from the earthquake!

    Sigh. It gets tiring. So does the stress from the after-shocks. [Either they ran out of ammo at Fort Rich or someone got to the Commander and told him to stop all artillery barrages in the wake of an earthquake.]

    The dogs have gotten sensitized to the rumbling and jerking and now bark in advance, which could be good--- but isn't, because we Dumb Humans don't know if they are barking to warn us of an impending earthquake after-shock or just objecting to a cat crossing the yard or the UPS man making a delivery next door.

    We'd all love to take a nice, long, hot bath or shower, but really can't, because the after-shocks keep us ready to bolt out the door, so we dance through the shower in record time and get dressed like we are late for a fire alarm. Really, truly, this isn't fun.

    But we are muckling it, as my Mother used to say at moments like this, and stumbling our way forward. I was able to get a few gifts off to friends and family in time for Christmas-- just enough to say, "I'm still here! I still care!" So I won't feel utterly bad about Christmas. I had forgotten a stash of presents I bought earlier this year, and they survived the wreck.

    It may sound stupid, but the sense of connectedness and empowerment that you lose in a disaster is close to being the worst of it. One moment you are in charge of your world and have a clear view of tomorrow, and the next, well, the next... you can't even guarantee sending a Christmas card.

    There have been a couple nasty surprises in the aftermath -- things that waited a day or two to fall over, give way, slump -- after the main earthquake. I am told that is normal and to expect more damage to appear in the spring when the ground melts. Oh, joy.

    It doesn't feel or look like the normal holiday season here. We have our one string of lights turned on and one distant neighbor also has a single string of lights lit.

    That's it. No wreaths, no swags on mail boxes, no kitschy blow-up Santa Clauses, no reindeer, no pink flamingoes with wreaths around their necks and Santa hats. I almost miss the flamingoes, with their wry, determinedly jaunty plastic stare. Almost.

    Even my Obnoxious Neighbor (everyone has one, right?) hasn't put up his traditional decoration: a single giant glowing can of SPAM.

    It's an Alaska thing.
    Long after WWII we were eating the leftover rations: drinking canned milk and eating SPAM casseroles.

    And then to top off the general sense of loss and hard times, my ExO walked in this morning shaking his head.
    "I've been thinking," he said gloomily.
    With him, this is always an ominous prelude.
    "....and I can't think of a single world leader I can name, who really seems to have the good of the people at heart. Not one."

    Of course, I tried to help him with the search. After a few seconds I shrugged and looked at the wall.

    The new guy in the Philippines appears to be making a Good Faith effort to clean out the drug pushers and thugs. Trump promised to end the Chem Trails.

    But as usual, I had to admit that my ExO is right. I couldn't put my finger on any declared Knights in Shining Armor championing the cause of Mankind. All the world's leaders are mostly too busy trying to clean up after themselves, like Macron, or too intent on keeping a low profile to avoid past misdeeds, like the Queen, or just plain obscene, like Trudeau.

    Not a happy rumination, but one we need to make.
    What more or better can we expect, when we choose our leaders according to accidents of birth or which lobbyist group promises the most generous kickbacks?

    Bah, humbug.
    Macron promises a dollar more an hour for minimum wage. Eight dollars a day, average 23 work days a month, times 12 months = $2,208. That would keep Macron in cigars for a week, but after taxes, amounts to a net gain of about $1,400 for an average French worker with a family of four. Enough to buy a half-decent bicycle, so Dad can get to work.

    No, no heroes anywhere in this cold and dark December. Its just you and me, Jaime, and of course, the chickens. It is apparent that if any meaningful help is to come, it must come from within ourselves, among ourselves, by people making their own stand for Mankind and for decency. We must be our own heroes, our own leaders.

    Many thanks are being sent to all of you who have shouldered that extra burdern this Christmastime, and who have shared our losses. The need is still heavy, but we don't feel alone--- and we may be depressed by the entire situation, but, there is progress.

    Bit by bit and piece by piece, the Great Fraud is being unraveled and the criminals are being exposed. More and more people are waking up worldwide.

    With this week's clean up of the more corrupt elements in the "US" military--- the old DOD, US NAVY, USAF, US ARMY, PENTAGON--- all of which are commercial corporation franchises of the French-Belgian-Swiss UN CORP engaged in commercial mercenary activities under color of law, we reached the Tipping Point.

    I feel confident that the Swamp is in fact being drained and despite all the rhetoric and attacks by the corrupt demagogues in Washington, Donald Trump is keeping his word. He may not be a Knight in Shining Armor, pure in thought, word, and deed--but among the world leaders, he is coming close to that.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    2 hrs

    Dorothy, Come Home!
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published in 1900, so all those people who are drawing upon the obvious similarities between Dorothy's trip out of Kansas and our jurisdictional kidnapping must be wrong..... or are they?

    Everyone forgets that there was an earlier bankruptcy than the one in 1933, the bankruptcy of the Scottish Interloper doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" from 1868 to 1953.

    That first bankruptcy technically began in 1896 and went to court in 1907 and was in process until it finally settled in 1953. Frank L. Baum had plenty of time, if he was an Insider, to contemplate the impacts of this first bankruptcy and write it all down as a children's story.

    By the time the second bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Incorporated hit in 1933, our land resources were already impounded as security for the first bankruptcy and weren't available. So FDR used us, our bodies and our labor and our private assets, to back-stop the debts of the second bankruptcy.

    That's why the results that Frank L. Baum presented originally in 1900 didn't become as obvious as he assumed until the 1930's.

    We have been "transported" to the foreign jurisdiction of the British Territorial United States and then kidnapped again into the foreign jurisdiction of the Municipal United States --- and all without any Due Notice or Due Process from our unfaithful servants.

    At which point, it's time for "Dorothy" to click the heels of her Ruby Slippers three times and realize --- "There's no place like home...."

    If you are missing America the way it should be, then it is more than past time for you and millions of others to take up the challenge posed by these Usurpers and False Trustees.

    Donald Trump is doing his best, but he can't do it alone from his side of the fence. It requires a collaboration. Dorothy and Toto have to do their part, and then the Good Witch Glinda has to do hers.

    If you've been in the proverbial "Land of Oz" as long as you care to be, then get started on the road home. Declare and record your correct nationality and political status, and either join or start your own County Jural Assembly.

    There are a lot of people out there selling one idea or another, focusing on one part of the fraud or another, but the only ultimate solution is to go home to Kansas and restore the lawful government and the Public Law you are owed.

    Donald Trump is the President of a bankrupt foreign corporation. About the best he can do is keep the boat afloat and fend off false claims against the cargo by would-be pirates. The real solution and the only real solution that there is, is up to me and you.

    Click those Ruby Slippers.
    Assemble your State Jural Assemblies and get ready to "reconstruct" the Federal States of States---- a job that has been pending for 150 years. Once you reclaim your status as a Kansan, Vermonter or Minnesotan or..... and assemble your State Jural Assembly, the so-called "Eternal Emergency" will be over at last.

    And so will any excuse for European hanky-panky and false claims in commerce.
    You will be home, back in Kansas. Or California. Or Wyoming. Or Michigan. Or Maine. Or..... and all the Wicked Witches can just go flap their jaws somewhere else.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    13 hrs

    Money and Favorite Uncles
    I had five Uncles on my Mother's side of the family, and they were all favorites--- in different ways.

    There was Julius, the hunting, fishing, orchard-pruning, campfire- making, ghost story-spinning Uncle. He would pack an extra bologna sandwich and take me along just because he missed his own daughter who was all grown up.

    And Gene, the High Society Uncle, with the fancy suits and Lincoln Continentals and an addiction to good whiskey. He was so handsome the women used to literally gasp. Not that they meant to. He'd blow into town like a High Wind and take us all to the movies or the Strawberry Festival or whatever else was going on.

    And Merrill, the Bonne Homme Uncle, who taught me how to catch a Snapping Turtle with a willow branch, how to lay a straight course of bricks, and who could name all the constellations in the sky. He was the quietest Uncle, but also the most observant. That's why I got the most spankings from him....

    There was Merton, my Mother's Fraternal Twin, the dreamy musician and mathematician who could play any instrument in the band, do any kind of sum in his head, and make a stone grow. He was a Radio Operator in Patton's Third Army, and I don't think he ever really came home.

    And finally, Henry, who was a Pilot in the US Army Air Force flying giant transport planes "over the Hump" in World War II; he had a smile like Henry Fonda and everyone loved him, even me, though he teased me without mercy and was forever pulling sly jokes.

    Henry was the kind of Uncle who would pull quarters out from behind his ears and pretend to have captured your nose, the kind of guy who would tell you that your face was covered in purple spots for no reason at all, who would switch his empty can of pop for your full one if you let him, who would ask what time of day it was at ten o'clock at night....

    You had to stay on your toes with Henry.
    Not one of us kids was slow on the uptake, and it was largely because of him.
    He was always up to something. Some joke. Some deceitful prank. Some silly observation that was a combination of cynical and sweet.

    It's because of Henry that I recognized the con job of money early on.
    It was plain to me that no piece of paper was equivalent to candy bars. Even at age four.

    I said to him one day, "Why are all these people pretending about money? Is it some kind of game?"
    He coughed rather violently, then gave me a slow, considering stare.
    "Well, yes, I suppose it is," he said. "But it's a game nobody has any choice about playing."

    That set my young wheels spinning again. Okay, it's a game, but we don't have a choice? Since when are games mandatory?

    The plain fact is that money is a con game worse than any sideshow scam, is now and always has been. And just as Henry said, we are being forced to play this con game via "Legal Tender Laws" which are themselves illegal.

    Can you all say, "forced and inequitable contract"?
    For over a hundred years, we have been treated to the spectacle of otherwise sane Americans accepting nothing but an I.O.U. from the Federal Reserve in exchange for our apples and widgets and labor.

    That's where the staggering "National Debt" of the Municipal and British Territorial United States comes from --- from all the credit that we have extended to them under force and duress of "Legal Tender Laws". And that's what makes us their priority creditors.

    Paper really isn't equivalent to chocolate bars.
    That, and the fact that we paid the blackguards up front face value for their otherwise worthless script. We, ourselves, underwrote the currency even before anyone began trading it, which adds another whole layer to the fraud.

    Robbed, embezzled, conned --- call it what you will. Our public servants have done this to us all and the banks have colluded with them on it.

    The day is going to come when you are all going to wake up and shake your heads like Rip Van Winkle and say, "What is all this nonsense?"
    And you will know, as I have known all these years, that money is nothing but a game that you've been forced to play by people having less than zero authority to impose Legal Tender Laws on you in the first place.

    When you finally realize that its all just an ugly joke, that you have been a fool, and that "the government" is at fault for this, you will no doubt be angry, too.
    And you will wonder---- oh, my! oh, my! --- what do we do?

    The first thing most people do is run headlong down to the jewelry store or gold exchange and start buying gold coins and bullion and stock in mining companies, but there, too, you are being short-changed.

    It's the whole proposition of money that stinks, not just the form of it.
    It doesn't really matter what you use "as" money --- paper or metals or plastics. Wampum beads will do as a cure. It's all just nothing but Flim-Flam de Jour.

    And that is the part where most people balk and blink and think: what? There's no good alternative? It's not even a matter of alternatives? It's all just bunko in the first place?

    But if there's no money --- no money at all --- what then?
    Then we finally deal with the reality of life and our need to be able to translate bongo drums into shoe leather and pig snouts into pomade. And we deeply consider --- maybe for the first time ever --- how to construct a monetary system that is honest?

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    23 mins

    Why PARSE is Another Fraud
    I could explain it in mathematical terms, but most people are not mathematicians and it would be as useful as speaking Greek to my Labrador Retriever. Everyone would cock their heads, look polite and concerned, then go chase more rabbits.

    So, let's discuss this in terms everyone can understand.
    All languages on Earth --- Swahili, English, Ancient Hebrew --- all our various languages ancient and modern use just three (3) operations to produce the infinite possibilities of grammar.

    This underlying simplicity makes it possible to test the grammatical construction of all languages in exactly the same way.

    It also means that if PARSE is true for English, it must be true for all other languages worldwide. It must be as applicable to Chinese and Ancient Hittite as modern English, so that forms the means to check our work. We "do the problem" in English and then we do it in Chinese. All results should tally.

    All grammar and all variations of grammar are the product of three (3) operations:
    1. We add words: "You say so." becomes "Did you say so?"
    2. We change the form of words: "I eat beef on Sundays." becomes "I ate beef on Sundays."
    3. We change the order of words: "This is sweet!" becomes "Is this sweet?"

    In addition to the three operations, there is punctuation, which is not really grammar but notation. Similar to notation in mathematics, punctuation tells us how to order and group and value words.

    In evaluating PARSE the first thing you notice is that everything is in capital letters. Capital letters is the form of Ancient Latin and also the form of DOG LATIN, which has been used for centuries as a means to defraud and enslave mankind. (See "The Justinian Deception" and the work of the Australian, Romley Stewart, on this subject.)

    Also bear in mind throughout this discussion: Latin is not the official language of The United States of America, and it hardly matters if it's Ancient Latin, Church Latin, Dog Latin, Pig Latin, or a mish-mash of all four, which on the surface of it, is what PARSE appears to be.

    The next thing you notice is that PARSE follows conventions of both Ancient Latin and Dog Latin in its use or failure to use hyphens between words.

    In Ancient Latin, a space is the equivalent of a period so that the name ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER written without hyphens reduces to ANNA(.) MARIA(.) RIEZINGER(.) ---that is, it is as if we were talking about three different entities, and it renders the "Dog Latin" name "ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER" as gibberish.

    "Gibberish" is one of Russell-J:Gould's favorite words, but in fact, he is rendering language that is perfectly intelligible English into "gibberish" by applying foreign language conventions to English.

    This is a fundamentally deceitful act that changes the meaning of an English text while appearing to still be written in English---when it is actually a bastardized combination: English written in the form of Latin.

    Russell and his friend, David-Wynn, attempted to explain this away by calling it "PARSE SYNTAXING" as if this mixing of Latin and English were some legitimate normal function of linguistics, when it's not.

    Thus, when Russell talks about being "correct" he is certainly not talking about any form of correct English or correct Latin, either. He is talking about his own peculiar copy-righted Vatican-approved hybridization of both languages, which functions according to rules of punctuation and grammar that he made up himself the same way an inventor may patent a widget. And like an inventor claiming the excellence of his new product design, Russell preaches the supposed advantages of PARSE.

    When you get a bit deeper into analyzing PARSE, you find a virtual phobia being applied against five out of eight parts of English speech:
    (1) pronouns, (2) indefinite articles, (3) adverbs, (4) adverb-verb combinations and (5) adjectives.

    If Russell has his way we will be reduced to talking like Tarzan and thinking like Tarzan, too. Why not just gesture and grunt and shuffle off into the bushes?

    The argument against these parts of speech (which is not grammar, but which both Russell and David-Wynn describe as grammar) is the idea that they introduce elements of vagueness and opinion into communications. This is hardly a new complaint.

    English developed a complete set of descriptive pronouns in every grammatical case to answer the pronoun problem of which "he", "she", "it" or "they" we are talking about, but it is still necessary to read and write carefully to avoid confusion.

    The alternative is to spell out every name, every time, in every sentence:
    "Ann took Ann's seat and handed Ann's homework to Ann's teacher and Ann told Ann's teacher that Ann was sorry that Ann's homework was late."

    This approach presumes that we are not intelligent enough or honest enough to figure out the context and apply the correct interpretation to pronouns and must instead have everything literally spelled out for us. That is, it is an attempt to correct a character defect (dishonesty) or mental incapacity by using only Proper Nouns.

    It's arguable, but if a man wishes to be dishonest, he will be dishonest, and if we lack the mental capacity to use pronouns we should not be entering into contractual agreements, should we?

    The phobia against indefinite articles is similar. Do you really want to give up the ability to talk in theoretical terms about "a herd of cows"? Or less-than-exact amounts, such as "a pinch of salt"?

    Not everything is exact and specific in life and we should not limit our imaginations-- or our language--- in an effort to pretend otherwise. Russell likes to bang on about "correctness" but correctness is dependent on truth, and the truth is that somewhere "a herd of cows" exists and there is an amount of salt pinched between my fingers. Go figure.

    The rant against adverbs, adverb-verb combinations, and adjectives are all related to the idea that these parts of speech introduce elements of opinion and vagueness and possible confusion into our communications. It's easy to see why:
    "He was running slowly toward the bridge." invites us to ask --- who is "he"? and what does "running slowly" mean? How slowly? Can you run and still be slow about it? What bridge? Which bridge? At what point in the past?

    Someone or something (possibly a horse or dog or...?) of the male gender was running in the direction of a bridge at some point in the past and that is about all we can say about that.

    We have to add and change and rearrange words --- all three operations of grammar --- to get a more specific result:
    "Sunday afternoon Tom Chambers jogged up the hill to the Catahooli Bridge near Memphis, Tennessee."

    This version of the same basic information still doesn't nail down specific time or date. We could add those details and a couple prepositional phrases to further clarify our whole message:
    "On Sunday, October 2,1988, at three o'clock in the afternoon, Thomas Chambers jogged up the hill on the eastern side of the Catahooli Bridge near Memphis, Tennessee."

    This version of the same basic information doesn't tell us which "Thomas Chambers"..... so, we go back to the drawing board in search of exactitude:
    "On Sunday, October 2, 1988, at three o'clock in the afternoon, Thomas Chambers, an unemployed blacksmith born and raised in Lowery Gap, Kentucky, jogged up the hill on the eastern side of the Catahooli Bridge near Memphis, Tennessee."

    We now have a much more complete and precise description of who, what, when, where --- but still no why, which is another detail we can add to complete the whole picture:
    "On Sunday, October 2, 1988, at three o'clock in the afternoon, Thomas Chambers, an unemployed blacksmith born and raised in Lowery Gap, Kentucky, jogged up the hill on the eastern side of the Catahooli Bridge near Memphis, Tennessee, to take in the view."

    What do we notice about this process of grammatical changes -- adding words, changing words, and rearranging words?
    First, there are a lot more words to answer a lot more questions. Second, this process requires many prepositional phrases.... on Sunday.... at Lowery....up the.... on the... near Memphis.... to take in the view. Third, the information being conveyed is much more specific. Fourth, a change from the more complex "was running slowly" to "jogged" side-stepped the issue of "how slowly" was he running and centered attention on the fact that he was moving faster than walking, but not sprinting.

    This is all very good. What else do we notice?
    If we have the information and if we are willing to share the information, we can use our language just as well or better than PARSE to communicate to anyone else.

    These two conditions: (1) having the information and (2) being willing to share it, are what mathematicians call "necessary limits".

    If you don't have the information you can't share it via any language or grammar.

    Imagine the very first sentence in a specific context -- "He was
    running slowly toward the bridge." -- being spoken by an eye-witness to an accident in which a jogger was struck and killed by a drunk driver veering onto the shoulder of the road.

    The Witness doesn't have all the information to fill in all the blanks, so the communication isn't dishonest nor is it incorrect.
    The second condition being willing to share the information is again a matter of honesty.

    Suppose that the Witness knew the victim, but for reasons of their own, chose not to reveal that to the police investigating the accident.

    That's the other necessary limitation of honest communication.
    Both of these necessary limitations apply to PARSE just as they apply to Latin and English.

    Finally, every word in a mathematically interfaced system of language is a unique alpha-numeric operator. PARSE obligates you to ignore that fact and pretend that "cucumber" and "pickle" are equivalents and also ignore the fact that "aqua" and "Turquoise" are not the same thing. When you have more than one word describing the same or even multiple things that may or may not be associated there is no such absolute mathematical truth involved.

    "Please peel the cucumbers." and "Please weed the cucumbers" aren't in the same ballpark, as one refers to the fruits and the other to the vines, and neither one implies anything about "pickles".
    "Turquoise" may describe a range of blue-green colors (including "aqua") or a stone.

    You can do the same test in any language on Earth and get the same negative results. PARSE does not and cannot address these factors much less reduce them to any absolute meaning.

    At the end of the day it all still comes down to the "necessary limitations" -- how much information you have and how much information you are willing to share. These limitations are the "Prime Operators" in any communication system, and the grammar used --- as we have just demonstrated --- is then secondarily deployed according to one of the three operations: adding to, changing, or re-ordering of words, orchestrated by a common and agreed-upon system of punctuation.

    So there is no actual benefit to PARSE and no basis for the claim of a valid mathematical interface. Even the symbol logos is flawed. There is no provision for double letters, no provision for letter conversions like "w" versus "v" and "v" or "j" for "i" and we could go on.

    Suffice it to say that PARSE is just another attempt to baffle and bamboozle with arcane fakery being offered to us on the part of the Municipal Government(s) administered by the Vatican and a con game by men who are either (1) shysters or (2) who have been co-opted in ignorance or (3) are being blackmailed to act as front men.

    There are two real dangers to PARSE.
    The first is that when you go into a court and start presenting Russell's language to the Judge you identify yourself as belonging to Russell's corporation, which is a Municipal Corporation of the old French-Belgian-Swiss UN CORP Cabal and the UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION which is also affiliated with them, so all you have accomplished by adopting PARSE is to move to a different pen in the same feedlot as you have been in since 1946. It's just not operating under the name UNITED STATES anymore.

    This sad outcome may not be what Russell intends, but that is what the practical bottom line of it is. He may think he has escaped and formed a whole new world construct, but in fact, the same old webmasters own him and own his inventions, his patents, his copyrights and everything else.

    The second danger of PARSE is even more insidious.
    Those of you who have studied government and history for any length of time have become aware of the fact that "Federal Code" is literally written in code, so that only members of the government corporations, their employees, and their subcontractors know what the lingo actually means.

    For example, in Federal-ese, the word "person" means "corporation". And we are all considered "non-resident aliens" for the purposes of the Tax Code.

    It's all like Buck Rodgers and his famous Decoder Ring.

    As PARSE is a made-up language copyrighted by Russell-J:Gould he gets to encode whatever meaning he wants to encode, and change the meaning of words and punctuation to suit himself. Not only that, PARSE is so obtuse and complex and picky as to be: (1) unintelligible and (2) difficult to write.
    All this expands the ability of the Vermin to make things say whatever they want them to say, based on an extra space between words, or the use of a semi-colon instead of a full colon, or an accent mark or a hyphen. It becomes the "Ultimate Code" and its purpose is not to clarify, but to hide the meaning of things except to the acolytes---- the members of the Bar Associations and the Vatican Municipal Government network.

    If you thought "Legal-ese" was nasty and difficult to deal with, just adopt PARSE instead.

    This is one old Grandma who has been up the hill, down the valley, and up the other side, and I am not going back again. I've been victimized by these fakirs for most of my life, but I haven't been deceived. And that is where the sticking point is.
    In order for the Vermin to get away with their crimes under Roman Civil Law, which is commercial law, they have to be able to claim that their victims allowed themselves to be deceived.
    And that ain't happening.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    1 hr

    Calling Out the Roman Curia
    Any thing that is incorporated is a lie. It is called a "legal fiction" because it is a fiction---- made up out of thin air. A lie, in other words. And all lies have their genesis with who?

    The Father of All Lies.
    A corporation is allowed to exist by "wink and a nod" consent and because the Roman Curia that dreamed up and invented all the various forms of corporations -- S Corps, B Corps, C Corps, Non-Profits, Foundations, Trusts, etc., etc., etc.,has promised the rest of the world to destroy any corporation that indulges in unlawful activity by liquidation.

    But, surprise, surprise, surprise! The people responsible for creating these humongous "Whoppers" in the first place, have been remiss in their duties.

    They've stood by and profited themselves and let the very worst offenders against Mankind and against the Public Law grow fat and sassy on insurance fraud and bribery, racketeering, and kidnapping and press-ganging and inland piracy---- and then claim bankruptcy protection for themselves.

    So these evil lawless corporation have been allowed by the Roman Curia to run rampant, to lie, steal, kill, fornicate, kidnap, enslave and profit from all their crimes ---- then turn around under a different name and do it all again, seeking and receiving bankruptcy protection each time, while the victims of all this take the pie in the face and pay the bill for it.

    Well, fellas, let's just say ---- not anymore?
    It's the corporate version of absolution for a price. Indulgences for the 1%, screw you for everyone else, especially the little children.

    "Oh, I know I am a Sinner, but I am really sorry now that my Creditors are here upon me! Oh, grant me bankruptcy protection and I promise I won't do it again (at least, not under the same name!)"

    The Scottish Government of the UK infringed on our Good Name and Sovereign Patent in 1868 by incorporating "The United States of America, Inc." and stealing our identity and hacking into our credit. The King who was supposed to be our Trustee turned a blind eye and took kickbacks. The Pope, too.
    And when the fraud was discovered, they asked for bankruptcy protection and got it, leaving us to pay their bills.

    Now they are right back at it. The Scottish Government of the UNITED KINGDOM is again infringing on our Good Name and Sovereign Patent and has incorporated THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LLC and is proposing another round of fraud and credit theft and hypothecation of debt.

    We want to cut out the "sinning" part and cut right to the part where the Scottish Government and their Templar Bankers are down on their knees confessing and begging for protection.

    Let's all just "edit the film loop" so that as soon as any entity on Earth tries to incorporate anything in our Good Names or the name of our Federation or of any member State, it just rolls over and goes----- zip! Error! Error!

    And let's then skip to the part where the Curia orders the liquidation of the offending corporations and says, "We may be required to forgive, but we are not required to forget. You are confirmed and stubborn Sinners, and must pay the penance owed directly to the victims."

    And then they can do the same Reality Edit on the government of FRANCE, BELGIUM, and SWITZERLAND and the UN CORP for trying to do the same thing as the Government of Scotland and the UNITED KINGDOM.

    In fact, as far as we are concerned, the liquidation of all Municipal Corporations would be a step in the right direction, not just the UNITED STATES, not just the DOD, the PENTAGON, the US NAVY, and all the rest of the alphabet soup agencies.

    The duty of the Roman Curia in these matters is painfully clear. They are on the hook to liquidate all corporations that function in an unlawful manner. All of these entities made of hot air need to disappear like the puffs of smoke and demon's breath they represent.

    Notice to the Roman Curia: we aren't members of the Hellfire Club and aren't going to pay any dues or accept any Odious Debts. Take that one to the BANK OF SCOTLAND for us, even if you have to paddle all the way to China.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    3 hrs

    Michael Hayden: Post-Truth Society?
    There I was, innocently writing Christmas cards and listening with half an ear to some vacuous PBS programming, when what (and who) to my wondering eyes did appear, but Michael Hayden, former Chief Goon of both the NSA and CIA spreading good cheer, and the news that the Truth no longer matters to anyone here.

    We live in a "Post-Truth Society" and he quoted a dictionary as proof, that some slum-dweller swaddling in the deep urban blight has labeled our condition and says Hayden, has shown a great light.

    According to Mr. Hayden we are all clueless and brain-dead and immoral prigs with the instincts of starved dogs and a dearth of common sense. According to him, we have gone over the edge, and no longer bother with truth, only bald avarice.

    We care nothing for truth every day of the year and wallow instead in self-pity and beer.

    Oh, no, says the Durge King as he sounds the Death-Knell of our world and our nation and our dear ones as well. Give up your grey cells and your logic and your happy sleigh bells.

    Forget what Mom taught you and your Dad, just as well. Forget your code of honor --if you had one to start. Admit you are a pathetic sleazy bastard, with an ice pick for a heart.
    I"m the expert, he purred, though that's not what he said. His words were ingratiating as they poured forth from his head.

    We must forgive people, he implied, for their delusional spells. They've been misled and poisoned and gone through sheer Hell. No wonder they are sick and reduced to blind rage, political correctness, and swear words for prayers.

    They don't know what they are, either as men or as beasts, have forgotten what they are here for and can't even think.

    They are sick and they're silly and stupid as well. A-foot or a-horseback seems just the same, and I, Michael Hayden, am here to expound. It's my business, you see, and I tell you with glee, that you don't know what the truth is, though you stand on the brink.

    All your ideas are shadows and your dreams are all blanks.
    Only lies are the truths that you live with each day. In the real world, you're all victims and losers and slaves. All you've got left are feelings unfettered from brains, the dull sounding echoes of your own lonely pain, with no knowledge of the past, no vision for the future, and nothing in between. And I, Michael Hayden, am here to feed on your ignorant delusions and your anger and pride in things that destroy you, like big banks and flags.

    Bull crap and business is my stock-in-trade. There's nothing honest about me, not even my name. I am corpulent and unhealthy and ugly, it's true, but I still consider myself far better than you. And if you don't know what the truth is, then neither do I. Plausible deniability is my claim to fame.

    With a shift in his chair and a flutter of his eyes deep-set and ironic, Michael Hayden gave a sly smile that I found quite iconic. The Jester and John Dee and the shiftless camel traders of El Alamein, J.Edgar Hoover, and the Horse With No Name all came to mind, and I despised the Gloating Toad and I thought to myself --- you got what you asked for PBS, as I turned off the knob, and I heard my husband laughing as I turned out the light.

    "Mike Hayden couldn't find the truth with both hands and a grenade."

    And to all a good-night

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    2 hrs

    Kill the IRS? It's Already Dead.
    Ever heard of a "dead man walking" -- well, that's the IRS. Not only has it been gutted and most of its work force laid off, but it has no contract and no real purpose.

    As the Grace Report revealed in 1980, all the money collected by the IRS didn't even pay the interest on the National Debt of the Territorial United States. That wasn't the point.

    We were misled into assuming that our tax dollars were paying for public services, but that paradigm went out in the 1930's. No, actually, the only function of all the tax payments extorted out of the majority of Americans was to act as a "valve" to control the money supply and moderate the growth of inflation.

    Inflation continued to act as a merciless silent tax and to gnaw away at the value of the U.S. fiat domestic currency, but those annual collections slowed the process down to the Frog Boiling Temperature preferred by the banks, who naturally wanted to milk the embezzlement and racketeering and keep "the Natives" from figuring it all out as long as possible.

    Haven't you all noticed that the Federal Reserve building in NYC is all boarded up and how many of the IRS Offices have closed their doors? Their mail is being forwarded. They can't find enough Americans who will work for them anymore.

    All the "agents" have false names, but now the false names are things like: "Amber Gouderaineroneff" and "Malcolm Flackenbuster" and they tend to have foreign accents.

    They are scurrying around, head down, eyes scanning the periphery and quickly glancing behind. They can feel the flames licking at their boot heels. They know the jig is up. Even the dumbest among them has heard the word and seen the pink slips.

    Well, what's the use of collecting up the I.O.U.'s when the Federal Reserve System is bankrupt? Force of habit?

    Still trying to claim that there is some kind of a war on somewhere, as a justification for not ending The Victory Tax that should have ended --- no questions asked --- in 1945?

    Reminds me of my Uncle Jesse Myrick on my Father's side of the family staring dolefully at the clock:
    "Damn!" he say sadly, "it's only four o'clock and I would love a cold beer......"
    He'd drum his fingers on the table, glance around to see where his wife was, give me a sidelong look and say in a stage whisper, "Oh, well, it must be five o'clock somewhere!" --and begin making himself a Red Beer.

    They, the members of Congress, have cause to know that the government isn't funded with tax dollars.

    They know that except for Slush, there hasn't been a rational excuse to continue collecting taxes since the Federal Reserve bankrupted the trademarked Federal Reserve System in 2009, but they've kept up the fraud and racketeering just the same.

    It's all been business as usual. Until now, when the Municipal Government has been left unfunded and without a contract for cause.

    Shame on them and shame on us for letting the members of the US CONGRESS and their Agents get away with defrauding and harassing and plundering us for the better part of a hundred years.

    Let's finish it and be wise enough not to accept their "offer" to establish a 17% sales tax, either. Such proposals should be taken in light of what they already owe us.

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