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Thread: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    23 hrs

    Lazy Man's Guide to the Last 150 Years in America
    1861 -- a bogus mercenary "conflict" begins on our shores, and the perps pass it off on us as a "Civil War" even though no war was ever declared by our Congress and no Peace Treaties ever signed. It's a con and a set up for more fraud games.

    1863 -- Lincoln declares the Northern Federal States of States bankrupt, but neglects to fully disclose and inform people about the actual identity and nature of these business entities. A false presumption gets started that our States are bankrupt, and that our assets are up for grabs, when in fact our States were never involved and not eligible for bankruptcy protection.

    1865 - The Territorial "Rump" Congress sets up bogus quasi-civilian, quasi-military courts and ten new Southern military "districts" run by "District Court Judges" appointed by military commanders. This is the beginning of the Slow Creep of the Talmudic Court System insinuating itself where it should never be.

    The overall situations is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company ran up unimaginable debts, went bankrupt, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans, gave your address to their Creditors, then stepped back and let you bear the burden of paying their bills.

    And you were dumb (or innocent) enough to allow this.

    1868 - The British Territorial United States re-writes its own constitution and issues it as a Scottish-sponsored incorporation charter---all without disclosing this to the people of this country. This Scottish commercial corporation merely doing business "as" The United States of America (Incorporated) takes over and usurps upon and steals the identity of the lawful government using semantic deceits and fraud to accomplish its aims.

    1907 - The first Scottish corporate "ringer" pretending to be the United States of America, goes bankrupt and the perps in the British Territorial version of the [Territorial] United States Congress (get the joke now?) arrange for their creditors to accept title to our land as surety for their debts.

    This is the First Fraudulent Bankruptcy since Lincolns' bankruptcy in
    1863---- and it causes the First World War.

    Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company went out and charged your credit to the utter limit, sought bankruptcy protection for itself, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all its loans---and left you to pay the bill.

    1913 - their creditors, not ours, come to our shores and they start the Federal Reserve nightmare and begin devaluing our currency --- though we weren't involved in any of this stinking scheme. They start printing paper "notes" --- I.O.U's for future payment -- and exchanging these for American Silver Dollars without disclosure or consent. They also charge interest for this "service" to us, the targets of this fraud and Breach of Trust.

    1925 - a Roman Catholic Church Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America (Inc.) is formed to take over where the Scottish fraudsters left off.

    This one oversees the run up of the "Roaring Twenties" and the 1933 Stock Market Crash and the entire debacle of the Great Depression.

    This is the Second Fraudulent Bankruptcy since Lincoln's Big Fix in 1863.

    Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company, racked up astronomical bills, went bankrupt, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans, then stepped back and let you take it in the shorts.

    1933- 1946: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his cronies offer up the labor and private assets of their Territorial "States of States" and the "citizenry thereof" to secure the debts of their bankrupt privately owned corporation doing business as "the" United States of America (Incorporated)-- and via a blatant process of unlawful conversion, they presume that everyone in this country is a "United States Citizen".

    [That's like presuming everyone here is actually Irish and was born in County Clare on a Friday in October.]

    The perps deliberately lie and act under color of law to ensnare as many Americans as possible to act as franchises of their venal, bankrupt corporations and the "US Trustees" assist them in the pillaging and plundering of innocent Americans.

    1953 - The bankruptcy of the First Scottish Shill Corp settles. The vermin in the Territorial Congress pretend that they can't locate all the people whose land should be returned to them free and clear. Instead, they roll everything over into giant land trusts and "manage" the assets "for" the "absent owners". And they also charge the actual landlords for all this "service" the vermin are giving us without our knowledge or consent.

    1999 - The bankruptcy of the Second Roman Catholic Church Shill Corp settles.

    Al Gore was actually elected to serve as President of this bankrupt corporation, but he couldn't take office because the bankruptcy settled; that also resulted in the need to empty out Washington, DC, for 90 days, the Florida Chads nonsense, and all that RUSSELL-J:GOULD endured for us all. It also led to the 9/11 debacle in 2001, both Iraq Wars, and a lot more.

    2008 - the MERS fraud comes home to roost and we all suffer The Big Short. And once again, the perpetrators trot out the American States and People as the ones responsible for their debts.

    Now, I won't bore you with the maddening proliferation of Shill Corporations and "derivatives" that took place following this, and all the "assets" that these crooks dreamed up and put on the books that simply don't exist, but the same people who think they can print money out of thin air also think that they can create new land and real estate assets simply by giving the same assets a new name and taxing all the various names ("titles") that they bestowed on the same property. All sorts of crazy stuff goes on. Karen Hudes, a Bar Attorney working for the World Bank---a foreigner absolutely forbidden and prohibited from holding any Office related to our Government --- claims that she represents us. We say, basically, "Like Hell she does." Deutsch Bank gets stuck handling all the "derivatives"--- that is, bogus assets made of paper and lies. Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of Canada get caught money-laundering slave labor and human trafficking for the Queen of the Damned and the Pope.... Prince Philip gets caught benefitting himself from insurance and bankruptcy fraud via "Life Force Value Annuities" to the tune of $950 trillion, give or take a few "T".... its all crime and craziness beyond imagining.

    I don't know how Donald Trump is keeping an even keel. Lesser men would have run screaming into the bushes a long time before this.

    2009: The Federal Reserve Board of Governors declares the Federal Reserve System TM bankrupt --- remember all those I.O.U.'s they printed? All those prior to 2009 Federal Reserve Notes? Oh, oops. The vermin skipped town. Welched on all those "Promises to Pay" us back for all the American Silver they received in supposedly "equitable" exchange for their BS.

    Now tell me again, why is the "Federal Reserve" still in existence? Why are the banks still in existence? Why hasn't the "corporate veil" been stripped away like wet tissue paper in a high wind?

    2013-16: The Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. and cohort Municipal "governmental services corporations" enter involuntary bankruptcy liquidation.

    Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company ran up unimaginably huge bills, went bankrupt, and forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans--- stepped back and left you to pay their debts.

    2017 - The Territorial version known as the USA, Inc. enters bankruptcy reorganization.

    [I hate to be monotonous, but this part of the story is monotonous, because the same thing has happened and been allowed to happen over and over and over again. This is nothing but an unimaginably huge national scale credit and identity theft swindle and it has been allowed to go on and on and on and on --- so hear it AGAIN in hopes that everyone reading this will know what went on here and have it memorized....]

    The situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company deliberately ran up huge bills, went bankrupt, and forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans....yada, yada, yada.

    It's not bad enough that you've got one of these crime syndicates bilking you senseless, you've got two of these organized crime syndicates on your weary backs, doing the same thing, competing with each other and taking turns---and to add to the irony, you are their employers.

    They are your employees.
    You are paying them to do this to you.

    Hello? Good morning, America. Wake up. If coffee won't do it, I recommend a string of fire crackers.

    Remember the Scottish Shill Corp calling itself "The United States of America" (Incorporated) back in 1868?

    Well, the same parties responsible then just tried to set up a Municipal version called "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the Bank of France set up its version "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and pretty soon every joker in the western world will think they have some excuse to infringe on the Good Name of our lawful Government, and to practice more identity theft against us, and to try to rook us into assuming their debts. Again.

    Can you all hear and see the words "Non-Assumpsit" plainly written here and elsewhere and recorded all over the world?

    Can you hear the words, "Odious Debt Returned for Cause"?

    The score stands 0:0:0. And you are surely beginning to see the pattern in very bright colors and high relief?

    They go to the banks and claim you are their "Surety" --- their "Co-Signer"---and the guilty as sin colluding banks let them do this. As long as you don't wake up and say, "Not me, Pilgrim." -- they get away with this Gross Breach of Trust and this Gross Abuse of the Commercial Service Contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America ---- which all of the same vermin are supposed to be "defending" with their lives from enemies both foreign and domestic.

    In the words of my cat, "Pffft-thut!"

    Original Federal United States Government? Moth-balled since the so-called "Civil War".

    Municipal United States Government? Incompetent as a result of bankruptcy.

    Territorial United States Government? Incompetent as a result of bankruptcy.

    All three layers of "federal government" have sequentially failed and by Operation of Law, we are finally rid of them. Our Federation of States is the only lawful and sovereign Government left standing since September 9, 1776.

    The Delegation of Power returns to those who delegated it in the first place --- to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and to our States of the Union which were never involved in any of this venal, criminal, shameless nastiness, and to the People of this country, who never deserved to be made part of it, at all.

    We have Acknowledged and Accepted the return of our Delegated Powers.

    We also discovered absolute proof that the Queen abdicated her Christian Throne three days after her Coronation, pulled a giant fraud on the people of the United Kingdom, and occupied The Chair of the Estates instead. She has been ruling in deceit and Color of Law since 1953 --- which renders everything that she and her Government have done ever since then legally and lawfully invalid, null and void, ab initio. Including what they did to us. Including all the years that our land was held under corporate franchise "titles" and "managed" by "federal" agency subcontractors and buried in foreign land trusts.

    That's all profit and leases and fees and taxes and mortgages and insurances and stocks and bonds owed back to us, the actual owners of the assets.

    [No wonder the vermin made plans like the Nazis to kill off their Priority Creditors, eh? There is no way they could pay back all the principal, forget the interest and damages owed. So they ordered millions of body bags, built "FEMA Camps" and spent our money on billions of rounds of ammunition to kill us. Nice people. The problem for them is that we now know who they are and where they live and they don't have a snowball's chance in the Congo, if they don't do an "About Face!" and make Good Faith effort to remedy all this.]

    We are claiming our land back and our labor back and all of our other assets.

    We are going after the black-robed devils who have served their Courts of Baal on our shores and attacked our innocent people under Color of Law.

    Guess who was really at the bottom of the Big Short? Lehman Brothers were just the surface scum. Who was playing "JAWS" underneath surface?

    Wells Fargo Securities -- pretending to be just a nice, little ole "National Banking Association" or "NA"---- that just happened to be owned by the Office of U.S. Attorney General, writing unauthorized credit agreements for itself and using our land assets as the collateral.

    Make no mistake --- there is going to be a settlement of these issues.

    The vermin in "Congress" should all be locked in their rooms and down on their knees praying that Donald Trump succeeds and stays the course. They should be doing everything they can to help him. When he tells them to do something, they should say, "Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir!" --- because if they don't, they are going to find out what democracy is really all about--- and its not a National Debate about High School drunkenness and groping three decades ago.

    Get your own affairs in Order, claim back your Good Name and estate, boot up your lawful land jurisdiction County and State Governments via organizing your local Jural Assemblies, and support the rest of us in our work, so that we can continue to do the necessary research and continue to make the necessary international claims.

    It costs me thousands every month to keep this operation running. I know many of you are suffering and facing a long winter ahead. But as you can observe, the Banksters and their political pawns are still stalling and caterwauling, trying to hang on to money and power even after their crimes are exposed for the whole world to see, still choking and sputtering and scheming---- and their new favorite buzzword: "resisting".

    I'll take care of their continued "resistance".

    With enough thrust, believe me, pigs really can fly.

    This is going to be the permanent end of the banker's constipation problems. No more "Doctrine of Scarcity" applied to everyone but them and their cronies.

    Help us knock this whole situation over the Goal Poles and past the Tipping Point. Send us whatever help you can. Send us prayers. Send us information. Send us donations-- we still need them. Send to my PayPal account: or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    13 hrs

    But Which "God"?
    I don't know how this is possible, but it is very clear that a great many people have remained ignorant about their professed religion as well as their government.

    The Bible tells us explicitly and by inference that there are multiple "gods" out there plying their wares. Why say, "have no other gods before me" if there aren't other "gods" being offered to you for you to worship?

    "God" is a title, not a name.

    So when someone (especially the vermin) start talking about "God" you have to inquire, "Which God?" the same way you have to ask, "Which United States?"

    The True and Living God we know as the Creator, whose name and title in Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic is: "Yahavah", means, "Yah, the Creator"--- or some "other" God?

    Yahavah's Son is "Yashuah" sometimes transliterated as "Yeshuah"--- which means "Yah's Anointed One".

    There is only one Living God.

    All other gods are dead.
    They are little idols, like carved wooden statues, or the coins in your pockets --- "representations" of reality, not reality itself.

    "Christ" means "Anointed One" --- but again, whose anointed one? The Anointed One of Yah? Or the Anointed One of Sam Spade?

    Likewise, "Christians" translates as "Followers of the Anointed One" -- but which Anointed One?

    The Satanists have built a whole "parallel" religion to mirror the faith of the Apostles---which was never a "religion" and never a "church".

    They have taught us to use the name "Jesus" instead of "Yahshuah" and they have taught us to worship "God" and "Jehovah" instead of "Yahavah" and they have taught us to say "Amen" --- the name of an Egyptian deity at the end of every prayer, to make sure our prayers get dropped in the "Dead Letter Box" the moment they leave our lips.

    Then we wonder why prayers go unanswered?

    Instead, worship "in spirit" and "in truth" --- with your living heart and soul, not with twisted words. Just try. You will discover that you know how to pray without words. And then you will discover that "double-mindedness" vanishes and that in union with Yahavah, all things are possible.

    Make good things manifest according to the ultimate and unfathomable goodness of our Creator. Bypass all the fear and ugliness and go straight home to your Father, and let the sons of the Devil go home to theirs, too.

    Yah, the One, lives in you and makes you part of All. There is only one "God" --- one Creator, one Life, one Ordering Principle.

    All else is deception and idolatry and just plain old hot air.

    If these vermin would deceive you about "which" United States of America they are talking about, would they hesitate a moment to deceive you about which "God" they are serving?

    Or which "law" they are observing?

    Do you think it is amusing that cannibals want you to drink blood from your communion cup? Instead of remembering "as often as you drink (wine)" --- Yah's Anointed One?

    What would happen if every time wine touched your lips, you remembered Him? And every time you had a piece of bread?

    Do you think it is a coincidence that churches have converted the faith of living men into the doctrine and rules of dead institutions?

    That they have also mis-represented their laws as "God's Laws"?

    Or that the leaders of these institutions have set themselves above you and sought to place themselves between you and Yah as middlemen and arbiters?

    Do you think it is funny that they have sought to keep you from communion and placed a price on it and also sold forgiveness which they have never earned?

    That they have turned your body, the House of Yah, into a bonded slave for them and called a business Joint Venture a "marriage"?

    Where is your common sense?

    How could you believe in, much less consent to this?

    There is no end to their blasphemy and evil, their recklessness and greed--- but if you would save yourselves and save your country, you must wake up.

    You must repent of all this error and discern the gaping Pit prepared for them.

    You must come out of Babylon and know which "God" you serve.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Now tell me again, why is the "Federal Reserve" still in existence? Why are the banks still in existence?
    Ification is the process of being. Reification is the process of being AGAIN. ZOMBIES are walking dead. CORPSES are simply dead. LEGAL FICTIONS have no existence at all except through the representations of their agents.

    Law One of defendants is: Don't answer until a carte de persona (authority for agency) is provided.

    Too many people answer without requiring said carte de persona. That is the process of ification.

    In English law issuing a writ of quo warranto sets up a hearing for the office holder to provide his bona fides.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    22 hrs

    Attention, Please! This is Crucial Information for All Concerned....
    Disinformation: the spreading of false or only partially true information so as to promote incorrect assumptions, actions, or conclusions about an issue, a subject, a product, or an individual. The object of a Disinformation Campaign is usually to sidetrack whatever normal action would be the result if the truth were clearly known and presented, for example, to delay adoption of legislation.

    Disinformation is commonly used against rival products, political candidates, public infrastructure projects, and proposed legislation.

    Most Disinformation contains elements of truth designed to create a factual basis for part of the message, which then promotes blind acceptance of the whole message---which is false overall.

    Once a Disinformation Campaign gets started the false information is passed on unknowingly by otherwise innocent people whose credibility is trusted, and spreads by word of mouth.

    As a result, disinformation can come from otherwise credible sources, may contain elements of truth, and may be passed on either deliberately or unknowingly.

    Disinformation is often plausible and requires deeper research to evaluate and discover the actual facts.

    And here is another classic Disinformation Campaign coming at you:

    Begin by taking notice of the source:, [which is probably a legitimate enough patriot organization that is making wrong assumptions and being co-opted] being "Presented by Legal Registry LLC" out of where? Oh, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, #190-626, Washington, DC 20004.

    Legal Registry is at the heart of the problem. Legal Registry makes its living from "registering" everything and everyone it can possibly register--- and thereby trafficking whatever is registered from the land jurisdiction to the sea jurisdiction and from your possession to the possession of various for-profit "government services corporations" acting "as" your government under Color of Law.

    I have already told you ---- record everything, register nothing.

    Anything that requires "registration" is a demand that you give away your interest in whatever is being registered as a "donor" of that asset retaining a "beneficial interest" in the asset.

    Car registration is a demand that you give away your private auto or truck to the "State of ___________", Incorporated, which then becomes the actual owner and the State of State then gives you back a "Certificate" of beneficial interest allowing you to use their car.

    This "voluntary" act on your part makes you the Donor of the asset to a "Public Trust" managed by a private, for-profit corporation acting as Trustee, and reduces you to a Leasor of your own asset. They have endeavored to do the same thing to all your private landholdings.

    Thereafter, you have to pay for the privilege of re-registering what was your property every year or two---- essentially paying a tax to retain your beneficial interest in the car, which you supposedly "voluntarily" donated to the racketeers. Or a "property tax" on land that is naturally already yours.

    I watched the short video being promoted at the link above, and it does contain elements of truth. The Federal Reserve Banks (and other banks) have been allowed to hold title to our assets and to prevent us from accessing the credit side of the ACCOUNTS established in our names as remedy--- all in contravention of the actual Public Law. That part is true.

    They do this by claiming that we are "dead", "missing, presumed lost".

    The credit they owe us is then placed in a generation skipping trust --- a giant Slush Fund for the banks --- and invested by the same banks "for" us, pending our "return". The catch, of course, is that you never get the benefit of any of this fraud.

    Anyway, that much is all true and so is the fact that when you are "proven to be alive" the actual Public Law demands that they release the benefit of your ACCOUNT to you.

    The rest of the information, however, is skewed.

    The bankrupt governmental services corporation that FDR was "President" of was "the" United States of America (Incorporated), a Delaware Corporation set up as a religious non-profit in 1925, hence his use of the word "consecration" when he announced "The New Deal".

    But who did "The New Deal" apply to?

    Not to us.

    As the Conference of Governors vote on March 6, 1933 stated, this Deal with the Devil applied only to "their states and the citizenry thereof".

    So what were "their states and the citizenry thereof"?

    Well, as we have documented, the actual States that are members of The United States of America (Unincorporated) federation of states were never involved in any aspect of all the incorporated "State of State" skullduggery, so it wasn't us and it wasn't our "states" being discussed by the Conference of Govenors.

    The advent of Municipal "STATES OF STATES" was still more than a decade away (1946) at the time FDR made his speech, so the only possible conclusion is that the "states" and the "citizenry thereof" being referenced by the Conference of Governors action in 1933, were the "States of States" of the British Territorial United States-- which had been established in Breach of Trust and constructive fraud to replace our actual Federal States of States "pending Reconstruction" after the Civil War.

    [Territorial] U.S. Citizens were the "citizenry" subject to The New Deal, who were sold by the Roman Catholic Church to the Federal Reserve Banks as collateral backing the debts of "the" United States of America (Incorporated) which was bankrupted in 1933, together with all their personal and private assets, including their bodies and their labor.

    But who was legitimately a "U.S. Citizen" in 1933 or at any other time?

    Federal employees both civilian and military, federal dependents, knowing and voluntary political asylum seekers, people born in actual U.S. Territories like Puerto Rico, Guam, and the District of Columbia not having any other citizenship elsewhere, corporations actually and deliberately formed under Territorial United States auspices, and their corporate officers.

    That's it. The whole laundry list. And it doesn't include us.

    We were being "brought along" under the false pretenses that the incompetence of the moth-balled Federal States of States was an excuse to presume upon the people of the Free States of the Union.

    It wasn't a valid excuse for such false premises then and it still isn't now.

    Our States --- Maine, California, Wisconsin, Alaska --- are not party to any of this European-Inspired Manure Pile. Our Federal States of States have been held "in trust" under false pretenses and Gross Breach of Trust by these vermin for six generations and we have not even been given disclosure of the facts.

    So the rest of the assumptions in this video --- for example, that the debts of FDR's Territorial United States -- are our debts, or that his "New Deal" applies to us, are entirely fraudulent.

    The idea that we need to pay those debts to "redeem" our country is also fraudulent. Those debts being held against the [Territorial] United States by the Federal Reserve Banks are in fact debts owed to us and our States --- Alaska, California, Virginia, et al.

    We are the Priority Creditors.

    Not Debtors of any kind.

    The actual Debtor is the Queen of the United Kingdom, who has by allowing the Territorial United States to enter bankruptcy, become "incompetent" and who has therefore lost claim of delegated authority and has turned over the affairs of the British [Territorial] United States to Bankruptcy Trustees appointed by the guilty banks.

    These are the vermin that President Trump has been struggling with.

    But we are the actual Priority Creditors of the Territorial United States, not the Banks, which are only standing in an "assumed" middleman capacity; we are blatantly and internationally informing all Principals of the fact that the Banks are not our Agents or Representatives and neither are the members of the Territorial or Municipal "United States" Congresses.

    Furthermore, all members of the Bar are prohibited from assuming any such position of Trusteeship or Agency related to our country. We present ourselves, in the flesh, and are fully competent otherwise to exercise the International Powers of our States of the Union.

    There are now only two solutions to The Problem:

    (1) the Queen is prevailed upon to pay the debts of the Territorial United States which her employees and dependents ran up -- knowing that she has permanently lost any claim to delegated authority related to us; or

    (2) we, the actual States and People to whom the debt is owed can:

    (a) forgive the debts of the Territorial United States after negotiation with President Trump regarding resumption of a private trade relationship, or

    (b) we can force the Territorial United States into Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy, liquidate its assets in receivership (which would involve all Territorial Governments worldwide and create no end of trouble for everyone, everywhere) or

    (c) we can demand that the Federal Reserve Banks pay the debts of the Territorial United States directly from the vast Slush Fund owed to us and its profits pending an agreement with President Trump.

    President Trump needs to speak to us directly regarding this situation and reach an agreement with The United States of America [Unincorporated] going forward. This should not be difficult to do or take any long period of time, so long as we are mutually agreed --- and we are --- that the American States and People must be protected and the profits of the criminals used to build infrastructure and improve the lives of the victims of this vast fraud.

    Remember: never register anything you don't want to give away.

    Remember: no registration is valid if the nature and result of the transaction is not fully disclosed to you.

    Remember: no involuntary or coerced registration is valid.

    Remember: you were never legitimately a citizen of the "United States" they are talking about, except perhaps for a period of time while working as a federal civilian or military employee, etc. or if you had no other political status available to you. [White Americans born in the States have immediate State National status; colored people are still stuck with "Equal Civil Rights" pending action to finally correct this gross injustice.]

    Remember: you are a Priority Creditor of the British Territorial United States, not a Debtor thereof.

    Remember: your State of the Union is competent to operate in either International Commerce or International Trade, and since the Delegated Powers have reverted to our States by Operation of Law, there is no reason for any other "state of state" or foreign principality to assume any form of Trusteeship or ownership interest in any jurisdiction of the law with regard to us or our people.

    Remember: both the Territorial and Municipal United States are and were foreign entities with respect to us and though they are supposed to be under the control of our moth-balled Federal States of States, they continue to be under the control of our States, from which all the "federal" authorities derive.

    Remember: all members of the Bar Associations lost their native birthright political status (as of 1819) as a result of the conflict of interest created when they accepted the title of nobility "Esquire" from the British Monarch, and they cannot regain it except by claiming Non-Disclosure and removing themselves from the Bar Association membership.

    The Queen abdicated her moral accountability a long time ago and has thus far abdicated her financial accountability as well. We cannot expect honor among thieves, but we can stand our ground and demand that all those corporations and persons concerned respect the Rule of Law they have adopted for themselves.

    Don't be bamboozled into "assuming" that you or your State of the Union owe any debts, when you are in fact the Priority Creditors.

    Write the words "Non-Assumpsit" in large letters and make your position clear with respect to these issues.

    Please also make this information widely available to other Americans including those who have been misled by semantic deceit to assume that they are "U.S. Citizens" --- when they are not.

    It is, of course, not our intention to harm U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States in any way. These people are confused and have acted according to Disinformation they were literally fed and need to wake up from their nightmares.

    Like President Trump, we have goodwill toward all our fellow Americans and malice toward none but the actual and knowing criminals who have acted in violation of our constitutional agreements and who have sought their own benefit at the expense of The Public Good.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    17 hrs

    Notice and Demand Issued to Westminster
    Our initial comments are for the General Public and the understanding of people blissfully unaware of the actual history of the world-at-large.

    Therefore, bear with us as we make our points explicit:

    The Bar is the "veil" between life and death that Ancient Babylonians and Sumerians crossed over when they came to the Temples of Ba'al to offer sacrifices.

    The Bar has a very limited right to be on our shores and is a foreign entity with its operations centered in the Inner City of London known as Westminster, which is an "independent international city state" all its own. All the "Bar Temples" usurping our Courthouses are run from the Temple Bar (Ba'al) in Westminster.

    Our version of United States has a permanent and perpetual treaty with Westminster signed November 19, 1794, guaranteeing peace.

    However, to avoid honoring this Perpetual Treaty of Peace, the members of the Temple Bar have contrived to try to weasel around and "redefine" the words "United States" and to change the political status of the States and the People that the Treaty of Westminster applies to.

    They have done this by identifying four principle "kinds" of "United States" and playing all sorts of semantic deceit games between them.

    There is the actual unincorporated United States that they have the treaty with and the States and People operating that version of United States via their Holding Company in international jurisdiction, The United States of America [Unincorporated].

    And then there is the Federal "United States", a secondary Union known as a "Confederation of States" operated as "States of States" originally set up March 1, 1781, under The Articles of Confederation. This version of "United States" was subjected to "Reconstruction" following the so-called "American Civil War" and moth-balled without Full Disclosure and more importantly, without the Good Faith assistance of the international trustees responsible.

    Next, there is the Territorial "United States" which is a British operation controlled by the British Monarch, which deceitfully usurped upon the Federal United States and created new Territorial "States of States" for itself in Breach of Trust and which has operated as a private, for-profit "governmental services corporation" ever since.

    Finally, there is the Municipal "United States" which is supposed to be limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, another independent, international city state just like Westminster, that our lawful Congress (not their Territorial Congress) is supposed to run.

    Westminster doesn't have any treaties of peace with the Federal United States, the Territorial United States, or the Municipal United States, so they have conveniently forgotten that all these entities are in fact owned by The United States [Unincorporated] with which they do have a "Perpetual Treaty of Peace" ever since November 19, 1794.

    Liars, liars, pants on fire....

    We are here to remind them of their pledges and guarantees to us and to demand their removal from our shores of any hostile or misinformed "Court" Vessels and Bar Association Members of The International Bar Association, The American Bar Association, The United States Bar Association, The United Nations Bar Association, and any other Bar Associations, period, at all, worldwide.

    Perpetual means perpetual and The United States includes all the holdings of the United States, however named. You cannot make war against our toe and pretend not to make war against our entire body.

    In other words, Westminster, get your sticky-fingered "knights" and "esquires" under control and obeying the Treaty of Westminster, November 19, 1794, in spirit and in fact, or you will all be hoisted on your own petards and exposed for promoting lawlessness at the same time that you pretend to be the "prayerful" keepers of The Rule of Law ---and the nature of your "God" in whom you "Trust" will also be exposed as nothing but a gigantic Lie and Farce created by thieves for the promotion of crime against living people.

    We also remind the Lords of the Admiralty and the Lord Mayor of Westminster that we men of flesh and blood live under the Law of Yahavah, not The Rule of Law, and any continued pretensions and usurpation otherwise will be cause for your arrest and your international prosecution under The Law of War.

    The Templars --- and their Heresy --- were tolerated in Westminster and in Scotland following their ouster on the European Continent in exchange for gold given to the British Monarch and taxes imposed on the Templar Fleet, renamed as "The Dutch East India Company" and "The Dutch West India Company", operating in both Hemispheres.

    Like the "Lost Tribes of Israel" there is absolutely no mystery involved in what happened to the Templars or where they went following their expulsion from mainland Europe. Nor, in view of their re-opening of The Temple of Ba'al is there any doubt about their beliefs or the nature of the Heresy that resulted in the Pope and King Philip of France denouncing them and their activities.

    When things got too hot for them in the late 1600's, they again decamped and "disappeared" in plain view, when the British Monarch gave them shelter (always for a price) in the New World, and specifically, in New York.

    That's where the bulk of their operations still are, except for their outriggers established in Mainland China. Your "Chinese Elders" are already identified and will be held to the Treaty and subject to this Notice and Demand.

    What you have dreamed of practicing in shadows and deceits stands fully exposed to the light of day and the records are secured. There is no Wormhole left to run to and the rat-lines back to shore are being cast off.

    Very sincerely,

    Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
    The World Trust [Unincorporated]
    The United States of America [Unincorporated]

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    1 hr

    The Baby and the Bath Water -- The Church and the Temple of Ba'al

    There is mounting evidence that The Roman Catholic Church leadership has allowed hideous sin and heresy to corrupt their Church from within. This morning I have read the "Crimen Sollicitationas" openly published since 1929 and included in the Vatican II Reforms.

    This is nothing more or less than a policy to protect criminals and ordering members of the Church to keep silent.

    That this order, "Crimen Sollicitationas" is described as "a Pontifical secret" again gives credence to my published assertion that the Office of Pontiff charged with the Secular Duties of the Church has in fact been abused to operate a Temple of Ba'al in parallel and within The Church of Rome, perhaps as far back as the Council of Nicea.

    The Office of Pontiff was vacated in 2011, together with the liquidation of the Romanus Pontifex Trust, but the end of the so-called "pontificate" does not in itself cleanse the Church of heresy and evil. That is a much more difficult process, which many faithful members of the clergy and local parish members have undertaken, despite the crushing pain of these revelations.

    If my surmises are correct and Ba'al worship was allowed within The Roman Catholic Church as a "Secular Religion" in keeping with Roman practices at the time of the Council of Nicea--- and that such "worship"has been part of the Pontificate ever since--- this is a very entrenched, protected, and intricately interwoven "secret" which has served to undermine the mission and performance of the Church for seventeen centuries.

    The structural proof exists that the Office of the Pontiff used the Church as a storefront to hide crimes of unimaginable proportions, and even went so far as to order church members to keep quiet about it on pain of Excommunication.

    How would you like to be a sincere Catholic waking up to that reality?

    So I have urged everyone of all the denominations to pray for the sincere Followers of Yashuah who are members of The Roman Catholic Church.

    They need our prayers and support far more than ever now.

    Share the fight with them and encourage them in their calling to cleanse their Church of this great evil once and for all ---- and do not turn away from them because of the sins that have been perpetuated "in the name of" The Roman Catholic Church.

    These are not the sins of Catholics, but are the sins of Satanists --- Ba'al Worshipers embedded within the Church.

    Today, there is credible news and evidence that the necessary cleansing process has begun in earnest.

    Members of the Catholic Clergy from many countries have taken a stand and broken with the Code of Silence imposed by the "Crimen Sollicitationas".

    Please read their Declaration and remember the many good and earnest Believers who are members of The Roman Catholic Church in your hearts and in your prayers. They face a most terrible conflict in this War of the Spirit. They followed through on their Declaration by providing a "massive" file of information to prosecutors at the ITCCS.



    A Legal and Moral Declaration and Pledge of Non-Cooperation issued by Concerned Roman Catholic Clergy
    Issued on Sunday, September 23, 2018

    We are a group of clergy within the Roman Catholic Church who in good conscience are unable to associate any longer with the criminal, anti-Christian actions of the Vatican and the Papacy. We refer to the massive cover up of violent crimes against children now being perpetrated as a matter of policy by the church hierarchy: crimes in which every Catholic is expected to collude.

    The growing exposure in the world media of a massive network in our church of child trafficking, rape, torture and murder, and the direct implication of the Pope and senior Cardinals and Bishops in this network, compels every one of us to make a choice. For by our daily association with the Church of Rome we are accomplices in its crimes, under both the laws of God and Man.

    No Papal statute or command can justify or absolve such a criminal and sinful association. Whether Pope or Priest, we must all face and answer to God for our actions, or our inaction. And we must also answer to the Law.

    Under the law, anyone – including ordained clergymen – can be tried and convicted for harming a child or enabling or concealing those who do. As Catholics, we are all therefore guilty and subject to prosecution according to our own church policy known as Crimen Sollicitationas (1929), which requires that we suppress evidence of child abuse in the church, not tell the police of such abuse, and silence the victims.

    This policy refers to the rape of children as “a pontifical secret” which, if disclosed, will result in the excommunication of any honest Catholic who reports the crime! Such a bizarre and inhuman statute constitutes a massive criminal conspiracy for which we are all liable for arrest and prosecution.

    For this reason, as moral beings and followers of Jesus Christ, we cannot any longer adhere to the collusion and silence imposed on us by a criminal church regime that places its own money and power ahead of the lives and safety of children. For did not our Lord tell us, “Whatever you do to the least of these my people, you do to me?”;

    and “Whoever would cause one of these little ones to fall, it would be better that a millstone be tied around his neck and he be cast into the sea”?

    Christ’s judgement on those who harm children is the same as ours.

    Accordingly, as of this day, we publicly disassociate ourselves from any allegiance to the leaders of the Church of Rome and from our vows of obedience to our Bishops and to the Pope. We will not be subject any longer to Crimen Sollicitationas and its requirement of collusion with the rape and murder of children. Under the law of God and Man, we are obligated to always protect children and prosecute their tormentors, not simply when it is expedient.

    As a consequence, we pledge ourselves to the following faithful course of action:

    1. We will actively uncover and report to our congregations, the police and the media any violence or other crimes done against children within our parishes, dioceses and communities, regardless of Church policy.

    2. We will also uncover and report to our congregations, the police and the media the names of anyone within the Church who harms a child or who aids and abets such harm, and who conceals it, regardless of their rank or position within the Church.

    3. As ordained clergymen, we will refuse to give Holy Communion or any other sacrament of the Church to anyone associated with such crimes. We will also refuse to accept financial donations or tithings of such persons.

    4. If ordered by our nominal superiors to collude with such crimes, or if we face discipline or punishments for acting according to our consciences and the Law, we will separate ourselves from those officials and continue to conduct our pastoral and sacramental offices apart from the church hierarchy, within separate congregations under the authority of Christ Alone.

    5. We will actively reach out to all our brethren clergy and to all Roman Catholics in our communities, and urge them to join us and take this same pledge of Non-Cooperation and Witness against the anti-Christ regime that governs our Church.

    Our faith is in God and not in Man. As God wills it, so it is done.

    Signed and Published on this 23rd Day of September in the year 2018 by Ordained Clergymen of the Roman Catholic Church in America, Canada, Ireland, England, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy.

    Please share this Declaration. It has been released to the global media. We invite all clergy and adherents of our church to reflect on and endorse this statement.

    You can contact us at

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    21 hrs

    Karen Hudes Tries Selling Another Big, Fat One
    Yesterday I issued a warning in the form of an Alert about Disinformation coming from (via Legal Registry, LLC, an organization in Washington, DC, that makes its living by registering (and stealing an undisclosed interest in) everything in sight.

    While giving them credit for accurately describing the corruption of the banks, I drew your attention to the fact that they are incorrectly assuming (and teaching you to assume) that the debts of the Territorial United States are our debts.

    Instead, all that debt of the Territorial United States is owed to us, the American States and People.

    Instead of being the Debtors responsible for their debts (the Queen of the UK is actually responsible for them and their debts) we are their Priority Creditors.

    The banks pretending to be the Creditors are "Secondaries" standing in a Middleman position, pretending to "represent" us in one capacity, while trying to stiff us for debts we don't owe in another.

    Well, here's another one --- Karen Hudes' latest "offering" on the Altar of Deception.

    She claims to have found a "secret" Constitution written in 1871, revealing "trillions of dollars" of debt purportedly left over from The Revolutionary War.

    [Hahahahahahah! Good one, Karen. How did you keep a straight face?]

    I have news for her.

    The British Territorial United States usurped upon our lawful Federal Government in 1868. The only Federal "Government" operating in 1871 was the Territorial United States Government and all that debt left over from the Revolution? That was owed by the Territorial United States -----that is, The United Kingdom and their pals, the Templars.

    How can I be sure? Because Andrew Jackson paid off all our debts from the Revolution during his Administration before the Civil War, and because of the dates. Our actual Federal Government ceased functioning in 1860.

    I have some additional comments to make. Our contract with the vermin allows them to charge us for expenses related to our States' mutual "defense"---- not for illegal commercial mercenary conflicts perpetuated on our shores by undisclosed Territorial United States Agents.

    Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Association Member strictly prohibited from holding any Public Office related to our States or Government. Likewise, Ms. Hudes is prohibited (since 1819, no less) from claiming or occupying any office or agency or position of trust related to our States and Government.

    No matter what gratuitous and ignorant and corrupt claims the World Bank may make, she does NOT speak for us in any capacity and is denied any such position by our Public Law.

    The secretive actions in Breach of Trust by the British King and Parliament in 1860 seeking to pull a commodity rigging scheme and bolster their own investments in Egyptian Cotton do not amount to any defense of our States and the resulting expenses of the Civil War are not our problem.

    Likewise their losses in the Revolution are the problem of the Territorial United States, not ours, and that is what is being discussed in the "secret" 1871 "Constitution" discovered by Ms. Hudes: the rats discussing how they were going to pawn off more debt on us when we didn't have a thing to do with any of this gross malfeasance and criminal mis-administration and when they don't have a leg to stand on for any of their actions.

    I am sorry. If the Queen won't ante up and honor the debts of the UK and the Territorial United States, they can ask for our forgiveness of the debt, but we are not going to stand here and allow them to "assume" debts against us.

    It's time for the United States Army to wake up and get up off their dead fat *rumps* and deal with the fact that they hired our Enemies as their providers of justice and the end result has been the pillaging and plundering of millions of innocent Americans, endless racketeering, and gross criminality in Breach of Trust and commercial contract on our shores----and all on their Watch.

    The Officers of the United States Army are liable for this entire debacle and if they don't want to be held responsible for gross dereliction duty resulting in genocide, pillaging, plundering, unlawful conversion of assets, kidnapping, inland piracy, conspiracy against the Constitution, treason and press-ganging, it behooves them to correct all the deliberately falsified public records and bring these banks and the members of the Bar Associations to justice.

    Now the Queen has decided not to pay their debts and we are not going to forgive them absent being asked to do so, and they are all between a rock and a hard place trying to figure out what to do.

    They have tried to use their usual means of making money --- starting a war and using our young people and resources to win it --- but that hasn't worked.

    They have planned to do various kinds of False Flags to "get something started" here in the US, tried to touch off race riots, tried to get a foot in the door with geo-engineered weather disasters, any excuse to kill off their Priority Creditors or charge them more money for "services".

    But that hasn't worked either, primarily because the rest of the world is now aware of who and what they are--- and the fact that they are British Flunkies and Templar Flunkies that don't represent the American States and People at all.

    The Territorial United States and the Municipal United States are both cornered at last --- stuck between a "Rock" made of outraged Americans and a "Hard Place" represented by the Sino-Russian Alliance.

    Professional liars like Karen Hudes may be amusing, but ultimately we stop laughing when faced with the facts. Millions of people have died and millions more have suffered and been robbed because of these purveyors of deceit.

    What the world needs is a clearing of the air, truth, and practical measures, not more Shinola.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    6 hrs

    Why The Articles of Confederation Matter ---- Today
    When I was in school the whole subject of The Articles of Confederation was glossed over. I was told that The Articles of Confederation were used very early on in our history and then "replaced" by the Constitution.

    I would be willing to bet that 99% of the people reading this were given the same pat answer about The Articles of Confederation--- not because our teachers meant to lie to us, but because they were never taught the truth about this subject themselves.

    Still, even back then, reading both documents, I had a hard time seeing how The Articles of Confederation could be replaced by the Constitution? That was Sixth Grade.

    We passed over the subject again in Eleventh Grade. By then I had even more pesky questions in my mind.

    The Articles of Confederation proposed to create a "perpetual Union" so, logic dictates that for that Union to end, some official action would have to be taken by the States to end it. Where, I asked, is that official action?

    There's no record of anything like that happening at the Constitutional Convention. Nor is there anything like that in evidence anywhere at any time afterward.

    Like the missing Declaration of War and missing Peace Treaty ending the Civil War, it's what's not there --- that should be --- that exposes the lie we've been told.

    The Articles of Confederation were broken by Secession of the Southern States from the Confederation, but never by formal agreement.

    Under Law, you cannot force parties to remain in association once they have determined otherwise; pieces of paper have only so much ability to guarantee the future decisions of living men and so it was that the decision of the Southern States to withdraw from the original Confederation and form their own --- The Confederate States of America -- was what ended The Articles of Confederation as a viable instrument.

    They were not replaced by any Constitution. Self-evidently they were not replaced by the Founders at the Constitutional Convention, and were still in full effect in 1860 when The Great Schism occurred.

    Since then, I've been told, Keith Livingway went to a Navy auction and bought a copy of the original Articles of Confederation, which he claims gives him the power to resurrect the original Confederation of States.

    While it is an important artifact at this point and while it is worth wondering why the Navy had it in its possession and what possessed the Admirals to offer it for sale at an auction--- the legal eagles in charge of the British Territorial United States got one thing straight: once the original Confederation was broken, it would have to be "Reconstructed".

    That would require action by all the States to establish new Federal level States of States and then their agreement to create a new Confederation of States to operate the Federal level Government as intended by our Forefathers.

    Instead what happened is that the British Monarch operated in Gross Breach of Trust and the then-Pope sat by like a spider and did nothing to prevent Queen Victoria from creating Territorial level "States of States" and under conditions of semantic deceit, substituting her own proxy franchises for the Federal States of State that we are owed.

    Most people couldn't tell the substantial difference between "The State of Georgia" and the "State of Georgia" and the general populace of this country was certainly never told.

    The sudden appearance of entities called, for example, the "Georgia State" was never explained, either, but these are the vestiges of the Federal States of States--- so-called "land trusts" to hold the assets of the former Federal States of States in trust.

    But that is another deceit. These are "land trusts" in the same sense that the Federal Constitution is called "the Law of the Land" --- that is, these are descriptions from the British Territorial perspective. They are at sea and when they come to work here, they are obligated to obey what? The Law of the Land. In the same way these "land trusts" are trusts that they have held "for" the land jurisdiction States, and don't actually hold any interest in the land owned by the States at all.

    Our States kept all right, title and interest in both the soil and the land, plus all non-delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and they limited the interests of the delegated global air jurisdiction to the ten miles square of Washington, DC.

    Our States were never involved in the so-called "American Civil War" and our Federation was never directly affected by the dissolution of the Confederation.

    So we have been lied to in our schools for generations in order to cover up the British Breach of Trust and contract and usurpation against our lawful government.

    The Brits were also at the bottom of the dog pile giving rise to the Civil War conflict. The Queen and the Parliament had invested heavily in Egyptian Cotton ventures, seeking a cheaper and closer alternative to American Cotton for their mills. They felt the need to curtail American Cotton production to increase prices and stabilize the market for their own Egyptian Cotton.

    And as they have done so often in other places in the world, they started a "mercenary conflict" on our shores.

    Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Association Member in Illinois, strictly prohibited from holding any public office in our Federal Government since 1819. He couldn't hold the actual Office of President of The United States of America, but he could hold the Territorial Office of The President of the United States of America. See the difference? "The" versus "the" United States of America

    It would take a sharp and well-educated man with an appreciation for the deceitfulness of law and government to discern any difference at all between "The President of The United States of America" and "The President of the United States of America" ---- and Lincoln made full use of the deceit to embroil this country in a terrible and totally illegal commercial mercenary war, not that different from what went on in Vietnam a generation ago.

    It is now time that everyone concerned, including the Roman Curia, woke up and smelled the java.

    This great country was grossly abused and defrauded by international Trustees that owed us Good Faith Service and "perpetual amity", deliberately deceived by members of the Bar Associations engaged to act as Privateers by those same Trustees, and then misdirected and used as a source of mercenaries and materials to fight endless wars for profit.

    That is what actually happened here.

    And both the American People and the rest of the world have a vital stake and interest in seeing that this venal "set up" comes to an end in America and is not perpetuated again in any other part of the world via the abuse of any other people or foreign government.

    We, the living people and all the nations of the world, must recognize the sources of all the misery and deceit and the destruction that the corrupted Church officials and British Monarchs have wrought for the past two centuries. We must all join together with one accord to put the British Con Artists under our heels and drive Ba'al out of the Church, so that we can again enjoy our peace and prosperity worldwide.

    This is not just an American "problem". It is a problem for the entire world and it has been for thousands of years.

    The resurgence of this profane "religion" in the 1860's has already led to two World Wars. Enough is enough.

    Solving this Mess on a worldwide basis requires outlawing and disbanding the Bar Associations and re-educating lawyers to obey and execute the actual Public Law. They are acting as racketeers and most of them don't even realize that they are doing anything wrong.

    It also requires an adjustment of perceptions.

    The Roman Catholic Church's corruption is a principle cause of the problem, not a solution; apart from its sincere repentance, reform, and proven correction it cannot be relied upon to act as a Trustee for America or any other nation.

    The British Throne has likewise been overthrown and those functioning as "Kings" and "Queens" have knowingly deceived the people of Britain by going through the Coronation process and then secretively abdicating the Throne and occupying the Chair of the Estates on the land and the office of "Britannic Majesty" on the sea.

    This overthrow and misrepresentation of the Christian nations of Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales by Satanists who pretend to be Christian Monarchs simply for the purpose of gaining access to power is yet another example of how the Satanists mirror everything in their efforts to confuse the issues and identities to their advantage.

    Are you dealing with the Pope or the Pontiff? With Her Royal Majesty or Her Britannic (Satanic) Majesty? With The President of The United States of America or The President of the United States of America?

    It is well past time for the Evil in High Places to be kicked in the rump, recognized for where and what it is, vanquished once and for all--- and not allowed to get started again anywhere on Earth.

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