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Thread: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    3 hrs

    The Principle of Substitution
    I have harped (in my own opinion) on The Principle of Substitution a great deal, but apparently, it is still not enough.

    Though I say that the Enemies of Mankind "pretend to be us" the message isn't sinking in. I mean that literally and figuratively and in all ways.

    There are two groups of humanoids on this planet--- Mankind, who are the descendants of the Ancient Builder Race and there are Humans, who are descendants of genetically altered Mankind.

    Hue-mans are "a color of Man" in the same exact way that these Vermin operate under "the color of law"--- fake, foreign "men" and fake, foreign "law" substituted for what is supposed to be here.

    This is Satan's Principle of Substitution in action.

    The so-called "Fallen Angels" are Trespassers, Pirates, and Outlaws cast out of their Home World in the Star System of Sirius B. Against the Galactic Law, they came here and interfered with us and our work --- which was simply to develop and care-take this planet.

    It would be like Pirates attacking a small and isolated contingent of the Army Corps of Engineers.

    So they came here and they robbed resources from this planet and they caused pollution and they stole and defiled our DNA and our energetic templates to create "Hue-mans" and they set up their leader, Satan, to be King over the "World" that they created on Earth.

    Are you beginning to get the gist of this?

    They substituted "Jehovah" for "Yahavah".

    They substituted "the World" for "the Earth".

    They substituted "Humans" for "Mankind".

    They substituted "the US" for "The United States of America".

    They substituted "Sunday" for the "Sabbath".

    They substituted their idol, Semiramis, and passed her off as "The Statue of Liberty".

    They substituted their "Federal Reserve Notes" for our "United States Dollars".

    They substituted their (Territorial) United States Congress for our United States in Congress Assembled and our United States of America in Congress Assembled.

    They substituted their (Municipal) US CONGRESS, for our Congresses, too.

    They substituted "Catholic" for "catholic".

    They substituted Federal Agents for Patriots.

    They substituted Democrats for Republicans.

    They substituted Republicans for Democrats.

    They substituted "Political Parties" and private corporate elections for the Public Offices and Public Elections we are owed.

    They substituted "US Citizens" for "American State Citizens".

    They substituted corporations--- "persons"--- for living people.

    They substituted Paul of Ephesus for Paul of Tarsus.

    They substituted their Territorial "States of States" for our Federal "States of States".

    They substituted our States for their Territorial and Municipal States of States, too.

    They substituted their Chair of the Estates for the English Throne.

    They substituted their "UK" for "Great Britain".

    They substituted their Scottish corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" and their Delaware corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Incorporated, for our unincorporated business doing business as "The United States of America".

    They substituted "Jesus" and "Christ" for "Yeshuah" and "Messiah".

    They substituted "The Law of One" for "The Law of Moses".

    They substituted their "Annointed One" for the "Messiah".

    They substituted their "Statutory Law" for the "Public Law".

    They substituted "YOUR NAME" for you.

    They substituted the triumph of the resurrection for the defeat of the cross.

    They substituted a demented German princess for the Queen of England.

    They substituted "voting" for "electing".

    They substituted "shareholders" for "landlords".

    They substituted private corporate offices for Public Offices.

    They substituted political lobbyists for fiduciary deputies.

    They substituted Executors of Trusts for the Beneficiaries of Trusts.

    They substituted Public Trusts for Private Trusts.

    They substituted Private Trusts for Public Trusts.

    They substituted Public Servants for Public Tyrants.

    They substituted the employees as if they were the employers.

    They substituted "a" Republic for the "republican form" of government we are owed.

    They substituted a "Bishop of Rome" -- an office that Peter never occupied -- for a "Pope" and a "Pontiff", both.

    They substituted "Freemasons" for "Masons".

    They substituted "Amorica" for "America".

    They substituted "a" Savior for Salvation.

    They substituted the "Dutch East India Company" for the "British East India Company".

    They substituted the "US NAVY" for the United States Navy, after substituting the United States Navy for The United States Navy.

    They substituted "law enforcement officers" for "peace officers"

    They substituted "County Sheriffs" for "Sheriffs of Counties".

    They substituted "Attorneys at Law" for "Counselors in Law".

    They substituted the "Secretary of War" for the "Secretary of Defense".

    They substituted "Virginia" for the "Virginia State" and then substituted the "Virginia State" for "the State of Virginia" and then substituted "the State of Virginia" for the "STATE OF VIRGINIA" and now the crazy bastards are trying to substitute "VIRGINIA" for the "STATE OF VIRGINIA".

    Just like Bill Clinton substituted bars of gold-plated Tungsten for gold, and laughed when he was caught.

    They "re-label" and "re-brand" and "re-name" and "re-define" things and then pretend that its all brand new, that something fundamental and real --usually ownership of property-- has changed, that calling an apple an "orange" somehow changes its identity and nature, or as if calling "Gaul" by the name "France" magically alters and transforms the countryside and the people living there into another, different country.

    These are pirates, outlaws, thieves, carnival actors, charlatans, phonies, racketeers, crooks and con artists, simply on a Galactic scale.

    They deserve the names the Puritans and Pilgrims gave them --- "Masters of Deceit" and "Masters of Confusion".

    Their entire stock-in-trade is to confuse you to the extent that you run into the arms of your own destruction, firmly convinced that you are embracing salvation instead. They actively seek to delude you into thinking that your enemies are your friends, and that their oppressions are intended for your safety instead of their own.

    Gun control? RFID's? Just say "No". You would be surprised how effective the word "No" really is.

    They use the same principles over and over and over --- and people still aren't grasping the fact that these are white collar criminals using trespass and fraud and identity theft and kidnapping and every other form of criminality there is to racketeer and extort unjust enrichment under color of law.

    And when they got caught trespassing and called out on it, their answer was "Oh, we will clean up our mess, just kill off the "human" population and hit reset and all will be well."

    That would suit them very well --- get rid of their Priority Creditors, destroy the evidence, and keep on skating. I had one of their leaders pretending to be the Archangel Michael come to me and explain the whole set up. He presumed I was one of the Fallen--- and was in for a helluva surprise.

    Our little contingent of the "Army Corps of Engineers" on this planet is part of a far, far greater reality. Our Mother Star is in the Andromeda Galaxy--- they Bit the Big One when they attacked us. Now their time is short and they know it. Their "veil" of delusions and confusions has been torn asunder. Their temper tantrums and threats and deceits have not prevailed any more than the rants of a two year-old child, and all their names and labels and semantic deceits will not serve to protect them anymore.

    They are going to be removed-- permanently-- from this planet and this solar system. Earth and its people will not be ruined--- nor blamed--- because of them. We have Witnessed their crimes from long ago until the present era, and they will not escape their own Chosen Fate, nor will the wheat suffer the tares any more. Every single one of them will be removed, and only those who love the Earth and love Mankind and who accept their roles as Caretakers, will remain.

    This will be done very quickly and efficiently, as Yeshuah said, "in the twinkling of an eye", and should be no cause for fear or lamentation -- but only cause for great rejoicing. Your deliverance from this oppression is now very near, indeed, it is upon you. Search your minds and hearts and ask yourselves --- what do you truly desire?

    Envision what you desire and let that be your sign and emblem, your prayer uttered without words in the spirit. If you yearn for truth and peace and kindness, let that be manifest in you and in your mind and in your heart. You will be answered. You will receive what you ask for.

    The Sword of Truth is even now smashing through their fortifications like a steel blade wiping away cobwebs. You shall see the restoration of Mankind and of this planet, and there will be no more weeping or deceit or crookedness or disease any more.

    The Voice of the True God has spoken it, and it shall be.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    2 hrs

    True and False Nobility
    I have what is often referred to as Outhouse Luck. Something terrible will happen to me, but then something wonderful will sweep in right behind it and I will be better off than before.

    Let me give you an example of it.
    As a Junior in High School I had a Best Friend (we are still Best Friends) and a Boyfriend. We all ran around together and knew each other from early childhood.
    Three weeks before Prom, my Boyfriend was elected Prom King and three days later he asked my Best Friend to be Prom Queen.

    She called me up all confused and said, "I don't know what to do! Of course, I want to be Prom Queen, but I won't even go to the dance if you don't want me to."
    That's an example of a true Best Friend.

    But I knew she was innocent and had not caused my problem, so, of course, I was a Best Friend in return and said, "Oh, no, go ahead. Have fun. I will be okay sitting this one out."

    Darn near everyone in the whole small community was affected. I had people stopping me on the sidewalk and expressing their shock and dismay. A Committee formed to overturn the Prom King election -because people had assumed that if they voted for him, I'd be the Prom Queen-- but I shut that down and loyally slaved away on the various event committees just the same.
    Was I hurt? Of course, it was awful.

    I was shocked as everyone else and with only three weeks to go before the ultimate High School social event, everyone else who might have asked me was already committed.
    It looked certain that I would be sitting at home alone crying in my beer. But then, I had a thought....
    Not everyone is a Junior in High School.....
    So I explained the situation to an older friend --and without a second thought, he gallantly came to my rescue.

    On Prom night, much to everyone's amazement, I showed up on the arm of a handsome man nobody had ever seen before and we went riding off into the proverbial sunset in his white T-bird convertible with the top down.
    That's Outhouse Luck.

    He was older. He was richer. He was better looking. He had his own classic white Thunderbird convertible.
    So what if I was the equivalent of his kid sister? Nobody else had to know that.

    Outhouse Luck often involves a little iniative-- like me going out and drafting my date.
    I had a glorious time and the rest of the town just thought, "By golly, that Anna had a secret boyfriend we didn't know anything about!"

    The Devil strikes, but the Lord answers.
    So yesterday, I was driving home and my left front tire blew. It was Minus 4 and the road was icy. It could have been a real disaster. That's the manure.

    But--here come the roses-- I was literally a stone's throw from a Chevron station, and I limped the car in with no problem.
    A young guy happened to be working on Saturday in the shop and he had my spare tire on in no time. I gave him the tip of his lifetime and was on my way in less than half an hour.

    All this to explain my actual point:
    The so-called "Common People" of this country possess True Nobility. They have a sense of fairness, of generosity, and of freewill that comes from the heart. Nobody has to tell them what to do, they just do it. They change the flat tires and rescue the broken-hearted. They have the inner resources to triumph.

    False Nobility is based on accident and appearances, on bloodlines and money-- on attributes having nothing to do with the choices we make or the values we hold.
    Thus it is that when push comes to shove the true Kings arise, like my Prom date, like that young man freezing his fingers to change my tire yesterday. He didn't even charge me to do it.

    The American people do all sorts of things, make all sorts of sacrifices, and never think a thing of it. Why? Because they are truly noble.
    Their Nobility comes from within, from their sense of right and wrong and fair play and justice. It comes from their sense of generosity, no matter how little they may have to share. It comes from their willingness to help others and has nothing to do with bloodlines or power or money.

    It is because of this stubborn true Nobility that while we may all suffer, we also have Outhouse Luck.

    Our current situation in this nation and in this world may look grim, but we will endure and we will find our way out of it--fires, earthquakes, and politicians notwithstanding.

    As America -- the actual America ---wakes up, so does the rest of the world.
    The rats are revealed by their own actions for what they are, and we shall overcome, because ours is the truth and the power and the grace to do so.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    36 mins

    Two Foreign Governments
    We, Americans, are dealing with two (2) foreign governments on our shores--- one Territorial United States Government presided over by the British hegemony, and one Municipal United States Government presided over by the bunko artists of the "Republican" and "Democratic" Political Lobbies, in what pretends to be "a" "United States Congress".

    These two entities were built into our government from the beginning, but never intended to play anything like the roles that they have since usurped.

    The Territorial United States Government was supposed to oversee new Territories until their eventual statehood and also provide a government for Possessions run as Territorial domains, like Puerto Rico and American Samoa. They also provided other stipulated services as clearly stated in the Territorial United States Constitution.

    Instead, they have usurped upon our States and established their own "States of States" and liberally substituted themselves for our rightful government in betrayal of trust and duty.

    In their defense, they will say this was necessary because we did not re-establish Federal level States of States after the Civil War, but in fairness to us, nobody explained the situation and no effort was made to inform the public and allow for Reconstruction of the lawful government we are owed.

    In additional fairness to us, we were never required to replace the Federal States of States and are perfectly competent to run our commercial affairs as States, so that there has in fact been no "emergency" and no viable excuse for what has been perpetrated in this country.

    The Second Thorn in our flesh, the Municipal United States Government, is run as an "independent international city-state" under a foreign charter issued by the Holy See, and it was (and is) supposed to be limited to providing a municipal government for the Municipality of Washington, DC, wholly within the ten miles square of the District of Columbia.

    Instead, they, too, have established their own Municipal STATES OF STATES and have incorporated more than 185,000 municipal corporations to function under their boot heels--- and the Pope's. All of this activity by them is strictly unconstitutional and illegal, too.

    Unfortunately, the fraud perpetuated here proved to be very profitable and the rest of the world's governments followed suit. As a result, the French and the Germans and the Japanese and the Aussies and the Canadians and nearly 200 other countries are similarly beset by two layers of foreign government, all functioning as "governmental services corporations" -- that have nothing to do with the actual government that the people are owed.

    It is vitally important for everyone to understand the fact that these jokers are just corporations in the business of providing "governmental services" under contract and are not our actual government. They see their "job" as selling us services like any other vendor, and if we don't like the service they provide--?

    In theory, according to them, the only people we can complain to are their bosses and their bosses --- as you can clearly see --- generally don't give a fig about service to the country or the people in it.

    Why? Because they are nothing but political lobbyists occupying vacated Public Offices under conditions of fraud and deceit.

    As long as we let them get away with it and are deceived by this giant game of "Pretend" they have everything to gain and nothing to lose by continuing on with this out of control charade.

    We, the People, (as opposed to "We, the Persons") are supposed to be self-governing, so we are the actual government in this country, but in order to fulfill our role, we must move to organize our Jural Assemblies and exercise our prerogatives, or we shall have none.

    The lawlessness and the "circus" in Washington are at least to a degree our own fault.

    We have not taken the time to study and to act upon our duties as Americans to provide our own government, which is supposed to ride herd on these two foreign subcontractors.

    The situation would be like owning a company and leaving two subcontractors to run it.
    People are constantly asking me --- why doesn't President Trump do this and why doesn't he do that? And most of the time the answer is that their problem is with the Municipal Government run by the members of the Municipal Congress authorized under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.
    President Trump can't address the Municipal Congress's separate, foreign, and "plenary" government until and unless it usurps against the parts of the Constitution that he is responsible for.

    It is always a case of the "pot calling the kettle black" with these two entities--- one that pretends to serve us, and one that pretends to represent us --- both of them acting in default.

    The Territorial Government blames the Municipal Government and the Municipal Government blames the Territorial Government --- and we suffer for it both coming and going.
    Mr. Trump may be obligated by his presumed service contract to declare martial law to seal our borders. The big question in everyone's mind should be --- why, if these members of "Congress" are supposed to be "representing" us and our country, aren't they doing their duty to protect and preserve us?

    A country without enforceable borders cannot be said to exist.
    So this latest attack against our border security is a direct attack against our country, our nation, our identity, our security, our very existence.

    The further question is why should any member of Congress be promoting lawlessness? It isn't as if we don't already have lawful means of entering this country---- so here we have a purported "lawmaker" condoning lawlessness.

    I choked when I heard Nancy Pelosi claim that an effective border is "an immorality". The only immorality involved is a Congress-person advocating lawlessness and destruction of our country and getting paid (handsomely) by us to provide such a gross disservice. She should be taken to Fort Belvoir in chains and made to stand trial for mental incompetence and treason.

    Or she can stay sequestered and silent in her little ten mile square "kingdom" until such time as we decide to outlaw it and dismember the agreements that ever allowed it to exist for breach of trust and commercial contract.

    The answer to the Fake Congress and its members will be found in the International Organizations Immunity Act (IOIA) of 1976, where the Municipal "Congress" washed its hands and departed from its obligations to us, choosing to "release" their public offices to the United Nations, and to only retain their Municipal (foreign private corporate) offices as part of the independent, international city-state government of the District of Columbia.

    This in itself is lawlessness and insanity. They were created by our government and when they depart from us, they depart from any excuse for their existence and purpose as a separate government on our soil. As a direct result, they have been dependent on the Territorial Government to give them a "safe harbor" --- one that they have not deserved.

    It is a reprise of the Dutch East India Fleet bilking its customers and shareholders in 1702, and being given safe harbor in New York by the British East India Company---- for a price. And the price, if they all have it their way, will be paid by us.
    This is why we have refused to accept their offers to contract and why we have continued to bring our demand and to accept the return of our Delegated Powers.
    They, the members of this thing calling itself the "United States Congress" literally don't "represent" you. They claim to "represent" --- as in, act as proxies for --- corporation franchises named after you: YOU. Thus, they endeavor to seize control of you and your assets and cast your shareholder votes in their filthy corporation, too.

    The ones ultimately responsible for all this, are the members of the Roman Curia and the Pope, who should be collapsing not only the corporations involved in this travesty, but also preventing the people running this criminal game show from exercising any further ability to create, operate, act as shareholders, or benefit from any corporation whatsoever.

    Criminals are not supposed to be exercising privileges --- and creating corporations and operating them and benefiting from them is a privilege.

    To the extent that the Pope and the Curia have allowed these Vermin to operate on our shores, the Pope and the Curia are responsible not only for the corporations being liquidated, but for assuring the rest of us that these Vermin don't just throw up a new shingle and continue on abusing us under a new name.

    Nancy Pelosi and all the other members of this deceitful, fraudulent, out-of-control, criminally-minded "Congress" need to be shut down and exposed so that everyone clearly understands that they are not our representatives.

    People ignorantly voted in their private corporation elections because they were defrauded and deluded into believing that they were voting in public elections instead.

    These Vermin have been running a con game to our detriment and in violation of any contract we ever had with them. They have no excuse. They have been fully informed. None of those "Persons" involved in this crime syndicate should be allowed to participate in, hold any office, or reap any benefit from any successor organization created to replace it. And none of the people running the Municipal United States Government should be allowed to hold any office of trust public or private again.

    Which is why I am banging on the Pope's door about this and stomping around to the members of the Curia. It's not enough to bankrupt and liquidate their old Municipal Bordello aka "Swamp". They same guilty parties have to be prevented from just coming up with a new name and going right back into business.

    Keep the pressure on all the rats. Keep the exposure going. Keep explaining it so that everyone on Earth understands the con game. Keep holding all those responsible feet first to the fire. Your lives and your future depend upon it.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    44 mins

    Do You Miss Them Yet?
    Three weeks and I can't say that I do.

    Makes you wonder, doesn't it, what exactly is it that they are doing "for" us?

    Besides creating havoc and arguing over things like secure borders that should not be argued at all by anyone over the age of seven?

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    2 hrs

    My Father's Question
    I never realized it was any Big Deal or anything so unusual at the time, but in retrospect it is painfully clear that my Father's daily question to me was incredibly important and a sign of the blessing that has been with me all my life.

    Every morning when I woke up, I would scamper out of bed and go looking for my Father. On weekdays, this would be very early, somewhere around five o'clock in the morning, as he left home for work each day by six.

    I would find him in the kitchen most days, savoring his last drops of coffee and reading. My Mother, loyal to the core, would have been up since four cooking his breakfast (and now, mine) and packing his lunch for another day.

    Upon seeing me, he would always immediately set his paperwork and coffee aside and open up his arms to me for a big, happy hug. Then, he would say, "And what can I do for you today?"

    It was so simple. A happy hug, a look on his face that said, "You are my treasure!" and the question --- "What can I do for you today?"

    Our Father in Heaven has that same attitude and question. It's never about Him. It's always about us. And the hug and the smile are written upon the stars of the galaxies and the rush of the winds and tides.

    "So, my child, what can I do for you today?"
    Most of the time, I just snuggled deeper into his arms and rested my head on his shoulder and was completely happy, needing nothing more. The silence spoke for me.

    Other times, I would have something on my mind and I would ask for something or would ask for him to do something for me. I always understood that if what I asked for was good and it was reasonably within his power to give, I would get it. No questions asked.

    I was spoiled rotten. And every day, I got another chance to answer his question.
    Almost unconsciously, I have carried forward this same tradition with my own children.

    As a parent, it's not about me --- it's about them. How can I best serve them, their needs, their interests, their life going forward? What is on their mind and in their heart? What are their dreams?

    You only find out by asking in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, by creating a little Sacred Space, where they are safe and comfortable telling you the truth every single day.

    Over time, asking and answering this simple question creates a bond that time and even death cannot erase. I am still very close to my Father, and not just because I carry his DNA, but because his mind and spirit and attitude took root in me, too. His question has become my question.

    What can I do for you today? How can I make your life better?

    As I have gotten older I have come to realize that many people spend their lives and are never asked that question by anyone who cares. This leaves a void and an emptiness in their lives, as if they are unconsciously waiting and listening --- and the question never comes.

    I have also come to realize that most men are left ill-prepared for the stress and strain of Fatherhood, much less prepared to embrace its joys. Fathers in the current world have largely been reduced to being bread-winners, and judged according to how much money they drag through the door --- but being a Father is much more than that.

    Fatherhood is a mirror of our relationship with our Creator, and ideally, a means for us to understand our relationship with our Divine Father. When this mirror is cracked or dimmed or dirtied, it is difficult for children to find the True God within themselves.

    So, once again, I must admit that I was well and truly and fabulously blessed.
    My earthly Father was all that a child could ask for or need. He offered me a clear and steady insight into what it means to have a "Father in Heaven", and though it was his voice asking me The Question every morning of my life, I have come to know that Our Father in Heaven asks each one of us that same question every day:

    "Beloved Child, what can I do for you today?"

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    1 hr

    Walking the Walk
    I was in a queer kind of agony last night, listening to President Trump's speech about Border Security.

    Agony for him and for this country, too.

    Here he was, stating it all so simply and clearly that a rock could understand the issues, yet having to deal with the Liars and the Hypocrites accusing him of "manufacturing a crisis" --- one that has been building since the First World War and which they were themselves decrying less than a year ago --- and urging us to put the needs of 800,000 federal workers ahead of the security and needs of 350 million Americans.

    I told you that the Enemies of Mankind are Liars. Did I also mention that they are hypocrites?

    Both Nancy and Chuck and all their ilk have repeatedly ranted and raved --- but all for show --- about the lack of border security. I am old enough to know that their hypocrisy stretches back decades and that if not for them and their "talk and do nothing" program, this problem would not exist now.

    It wouldn't even be a problem, if generations of Democratic Presidents and Congresses had done their job.

    With the Liars, it's always this way ---- always a matter of "talking the talk" --- but God forbid that they ever "walk the walk".

    I am totally fed up with it. I listen to Pelosi and Company with the patience of Job and pray to be delivered from the hypocrisy dripping from every word on every topic:
    Racial equality? What have they done to promote racial equality? Nothing. But they have done a great deal of self-interested promotion of racism and polarity and injustice.

    The Democrats--- Southern Democrats --- are the ones who "re-enslaved" black Americans as "public property" after the Civil War, but you will never know that unless you read the history for yourself.

    The Democrats are also the ones responsible for bringing in European Central Banks and promoting the evils of the Federal Reserve System and "deficit spending".

    It's their deficit spending system and false claims in commerce that have led to the inflation of the currency and widespread unemployment and racketeering by government agencies.

    All down the line, they preach one thing and do another--- often exactly the opposite of what they are saying. Just like their sudden reversal on the issue of a Border Wall.

    Six months ago or so, Chuckie Baby was all for a Border Wall.
    Nothing has changed, in fact, the problem which he and Nasty Nancy left unattended except for "talk" of support, has only gotten worse. Much worse.
    And there is Donald Trump, one man standing up for what has needed to be done for a hundred years at a minimum, being accused of manufacturing this problem.
    I have news for them. This is an old, festering problem that they have left unresolved.

    It was a problem following the First World War, when General "Black Jack" Pershing unleashed the military to sweep through California and the Southwestern States to pick up and deport scads of Mexicans who were here illegally.

    It was a problem after the Second World War, when Eisenhower had to do the same thing.

    If Donald Trump has to unleash the military to take care of the problem that the gutless, useless Democrats have handed him, it will not be at all "unprecedented".
    It will be the same answer and choice that other Presidents have had to make to secure our Southern Border.

    Time for all the children who have bought into the Liar's Sop to grow up and time for the Media Conglomerates to be busted up.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    21 hrs

    The Basement 2.0
    It has been over a month since the massive 7.0 Earthquake that had its epicenter a block and a half from my home in Big Lake, Alaska.

    I still have to go through the house every day and keep straightening the pictures on the wall, thanks to all the after-shocks.

    I want to thank my readers for their helpful hints and suggestions about properly storing fishing rods and other topics. The fishing gear is now neatly secured and my husband is (slowly, but surely) oiling and cleaning the reels. I wish that were all we had to do, but it is not.

    There's been some fun along the way. Disasters always bring things to light and force you re-think things in surprising ways. Each one we survive (Miller's Reach Wildfire (1996) and 7.0 Earthquake (2018)) yields new insights.

    Last week it was Minus 19 at my house, and just up the road from us, my Paralegal friend suffered Minus 32. Needless to say, it was a good time to hunker down like toads in a hole and sort through wreckage in the basement, so that's what we did. We ran across an entire box full of old music CDs that had crashed and scattered all over the floor:

    Cat Stevens.....Joan Baez......Gordon Lightfoot..... Neil Diamond.... The Who.....Poco.....Lobo.... Simon and Garfunkel..... Carly Simon.....The Rolling Stones..... Steppenwolf..... ZZ Top..... Anne Murray..... Joan Armatrading.... The Pointer Sisters.....Lionel Ritchie..... Jimmy Buffett..... Bryan Ferry..... Dire Straits....Chaka Khan.... Merle Haggard.... Johnny Cash.....Guns and Roses....Fleetwood Mac..... Moody Blues..... Led Zeppelin.... Bee Gees..... ABBA...... Kenny Loggins..... Maureen McGovern.....Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship..... Ringo Starr.... U2.....Joe Cocker....Randy Newman.....Sting....Van Morrison....the soundtrack from "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence"..... David Bowie.... Aretha Franklin..... Motown, Motown, Motown....Diana Ross.... "Pipeline", "Telstar", "Classical Gas"..... Kenny Rogers..... Dolly Parton.... and on and on and on. And that's just the Pop/Rock/Country Cross-over. That isn't even beginning to count all the Classical and Jazz.

    I bet we had 300 albums in that mess. Easy. And most of them we haven't listened to for years, because, frankly, there hasn't been much time for sitting around listening to music since saving this country became a priority.

    So, we cranked up the sound system and listened to all that we had and all that we forgot and we continued to sort and throw away and reorganize ---- which is a lot more fun with music than without.

    Thus I faced the Rogues Gallery of empty, half-empty, dried to a paste, and otherwise coagulated cans of paint and varnish, stain and solvents, which every home collects and which nobody ever throws out because we think --- usually wrongly --- that we might need some "for touch up" later on.

    In actual fact, of course, it's a rare day that any touch up is undertaken until it's time to paint the whole wall again --- and the touch up paint remains sitting in cans in the basement for generations. I had cans of touch up paint for walls that no longer exist.

    Strangely, I don't feel alone. I bet there are millions of Americans out there who have a shelf (or shelves) of ratty paint cans that should be properly disposed of.
    Well, better late than never, I have herded mine into open cardboard boxes and steeled myself for the trip to the dump and the extra dumping fees.
    Serves me right. I will feel better when it's done and my basement will certainly be cleaner and better organized. I just wish I had come to the task with a conscious will, instead of being prompted to do it via now- dented cans of paint and stain and varnish all over the floor.

    Among the other discoveries, I found that a coffee urn in the office had somehow broken its base with two perfectly spaced half-rounds of plastic missing, and no harm to the functionality or appearance of the the coffee pot at all. The only way you can tell that the damage wasn't part of the original design is by picking it up and feeling the rough edge. Otherwise, it looks like it was made that way.

    This result is even more amazing when you consider that this urn is a stainless steel cylinder with a spout and a domed lid and it fell about eight feet from the top of a shelving unit onto a cement floor.

    I guess I must have a need for a large coffee urn in the future? Perhaps you are all going to drop in for a cup of java? The pattern of what is saved and what remains after a disaster is a perennial mystery.
    Every lampshade in my house is toast, but all the lamp bases survived without a scratch.
    My beloved and well-used Crock Pot sustained a dent, but it still works just fine and to tell you the truth, I hardly notice it and nobody else around here cares, so --- welcome to our new, rearranged reality of dented Crock Pots and "miracle" coffee urns.

    The poles of our Volley Ball set did not survive. They took the hit to protect the fishing rods and reels. Now, I am looking at the net, weighing my options. New set? New poles? Give up playing at my age?
    The Tetherball, soccer ball, and basketball are all squashed flat, which probably formed the cushion that saved my AeroGarden, which, like the coffee urn, fell from a shelf near the ceiling to the cement floor and survived. Even its delicate fluorescent bulbs are intact. Go figure?

    And, after a brief discussion with my husband, we have decided to give all the big power tools we have been hoarding in the basement for the last fifteen years to a younger neighbor, a talented carpenter who suffered his own personal-life disasters on top of the Earthquake this winter.

    I have in all my "spare time" been dusting and cleaning and oiling up cross-cut arm saws, tilting arbor saws, planers, table saws, nail guns, joint planes, planers, sanders, compressors, and all the various parts, pieces, knives and blades that go with these worthy tools to a new home.

    We haven't had any significant use for all these tools since we finished building this house, so we aren't going to hang onto them and let them gather dust when a young man needs them to earn an income for himself and his family.

    Yes, it is very physical work.
    I get dirty and dusty and have plenty of encounters with cob webs. My hands and nails get filthy on a regular basis and wearing gloves doesn't help a lot.
    Why, you say, don't I hire someone to come in and do this?

    First of all, I have been supplementing The Living Law Firm and our researchers and historians out of my retirement funds for a long time. It doesn't make much sense to divert funds from that and ask for others to make similar donations to The Cause, just so I can avoid some hard, dirty, physical labor.

    Second, when it comes to a disaster, you quickly find that you are often the only one who can make the decisions involved.

    Who else can put my Ant-Bait in a place where I can find it next spring?

    No, there are many things in life --- going to the bathroom, deciding to throw out old school papers, and sorting through family photographs --- that are uniquely ours to do. You can't hire it done.

    A disaster puts it all in your face, all at once --- and the dust and rubble and shards of glass are really secondary to the business of keeping and throwing away and giving away and reorganizing.

    What might have been a pleasant enough wintertime project, like putting all the old family photos in order and into albums, is suddenly front and center because they are scattered all over the floor and under overturned shelving units and stuck like feathers between bags of flour.

    And that is just the way it is.
    I am looking forward, some months hence, to crawling my way out of the chaos, to a day when I have found new homes for my youngest son's extensive (and I do mean--"extensive") Thomas, the Tank Engine collection and his even more extensive (if possible) holdings in Playmobile sets. I think he had them all.
    Knights and castles.
    Pirates and desert islands.
    Frontier forts, covered wagons, cowboys, cows.
    Farms galore, complete with critters of all kinds.
    This may sound like I was an innocent observer of all this play-time largess, but of course, he was spoiled rotten to the extent that I could spoil him, and I allowed a lot of "investment" in play and imagination and
    adventures that Hollywood never dreamed of.

    We are looking for a Pre-School or Church or Hospital or Library program that has the resources (and space) and commitment to set up these miniature worlds and make them available to more than just one or two children.

    As sad as I am to see them go, it's like the woodworking tools. We had them when we needed them. Someone else needs them now.

    This odd sorrow is part of living in the slipstream of life, a part of what gives life balance and grace --- that we pass things on, and let them find their place as blessings in other homes and other lives.

    Better by far that we all move on and willingly share our blessings with others, so that more people can thrive and dream and be happy and secure---- and all the "basements" and "attics" of our lives get cleaned up and organized into the spaces that we need now, as we flow onward, too.

    What I needed at thirty was a great deal more and different than what I need facing 70, a lesson I have shared with my children. My husband and I have not waited to pass on family heirlooms and treasures, but have liberally gifted them on to our children as soon as they established homes of their own, and passed on to other relatives, also.

    That, too, turns out to be a blessing --- because none of those ancient and precious things have been burned in the wildfire nor smashed in the earthquake. Only our own possessions, of our own generation, have been damaged and lost.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    16 hrs

    Man or Human Self-Test
    Many have been asking, okay, well.... I can accept based on my observation and experience that there are at least two different kinds of humanoid beings here on Earth, but which one am I?

    Mankind comes from the Ancient Builder Race. As the name suggests, they built the Earth and it is their nature to build and nurture. To the extent that they destroy things, they destroy to make space, to remodel, to improve, to build something new. It is never destruction for the sake of destruction.

    Humans destroy simply because they enjoy the release of energy and sense of power it gives them. There is no particular rhyme or reason, and no specific intention to do anything beyond destroying something.

    Mankind enjoys "the journey" of life and the whole process of "getting there" with various activities, because they understand the necessary steps and the "un-foldment" of creative processes. Thus, each step in a long process is fulfilling, quite apart from the ultimate result. This gives them the patience to nurture others and the world around them.

    Mankind are good gardeners, for example, because they enjoy the process of preparing the ground, selecting the seeds, planting, weeding, watering and whatever else needs to be done to bring forth the harvest.

    Humans are "instant gratification" junkies. They want the harvest results, but have no patience and take no satisfaction in all the steps it takes to get the harvest. It's all wham, bam, thank you, Ma'am. They don't know how to nurture themselves, much less anyone or anything else, with the result that they always feel needy and cheated and are prone to blame others for this ----not knowing how to give what they need to themselves.

    Mankind takes delight in the Natural World and is easily thrilled by the thunder of the surf, soothed by the sound of falling rain, entranced by the smell of a pine forest, touched by the beauty of a single flower. They are aware of the beauty of all the colors and textures of the Earth and Heavens --- able to drink in and appreciate the blooming tapestry of the forest floor in spring time and the palette of the sky. Even without any intention to do so, they notice everything about the Natural World --- dandelions growing in the cracks of a sidewalk, the sound of a dog barking.

    Humans are relatively insensitive to any of this and are more attuned to geometric relationships --lines and shapes instead of textures--- and tones rather than colors. They have an ability to close themselves off from the Natural World and live in relatively colorless stone and cement and metal environments.

    Mankind feels a distinct loss when cut off from the Natural World and will often bring the Natural World with them in the form of aquariums and table top gardens, window boxes, potted plants, etc. Humans use fake potted plants as "harmonious design elements" --- again emphasizing their sensitivity to visual patterns and form, but not any deep connectivity to life and the nurturing of life.

    Mankind is poetic and their use of language is poetic. They are sensitive to rhyme and meter, sound and balance of language, quality of sound, and frequency of sound. Humans notice different things about sound and language -- they see language as a means to achieve ends and exert power, but don't show any natural poetic proclivity or appreciation.

    Mankind is naturally unassuming and straight-forward, seeing no need or value in falsehoods, ego, or deceit. Mankind is self-accepting. Their viewpoint is turned outward most of the time, with their inward-turning devoted to self-discovery and spiritual contemplation.

    Humans by contrast are obsessed with lies, deceits, secrets, and issues of power and pride. Most humans do not accept their nature, which leads them to feel alienated from themselves as well as the rest of Nature. Their viewpoint is turned inward most of the time, to serve their sense of isolation and separateness. Their inward-turning moments are not for the purposes of self-discovery or for any deep spiritual contemplation, but rather to calculate the odds of outcomes and the best means to achieve their ends.

    Mankind is inclined to nurture and to share everything. Humans are inclined to mindlessly hoard whatever they have, even if it is junk. Nurturing, even nurturing their own children, is foreign to them, and they often look at their children in terms of something to satisfy their own needs --- which can range from sexual needs, to need to feel power over someone else (bullying), to needs to excuse themselves for bad behavior (blaming), to needs to find-fault (shaming).

    Mankind accepts differences of skin color, temperament, religion, ethnicity, language, culture, and other factors as part of nature of things --- and not any aberration or breaking of any rigid pattern of sameness. It delights Mankind that there are hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of grass, trees, flowers, fish, insects, gemstones and other manifestations of Creation, so they readily accept all the different colors and kinds and variations among people, too, without assigning any particular "value" to one over another.

    Humans have rigid pecking orders in line with their predilection and affinity for patterns. Everything and everyone has to fit in a rigid pattern and if you don't fit their pattern, you are "bad" or "suspect" or "uncivil" or "sub-human". They encourage herd behavior to reap the benefits of manipulating it and use labeling and name-calling as a means to establish their pecking orders. As such, "political correctness" is a human manifestation foreign to Mankind.

    Mankind feels natural compassion for suffering and disease of any kind. This is because they have empathy --- an extra sense that allows them to substitute themselves into the other person's situation, know how they would feel, and that then prompts them to help and assist others and even other species.

    Humans do not, generally speaking, have this ability to "bi-locate" their sensory perception or "walk a mile" in anyone else's shoes. This is critical in that it undermines their ability to feel sympathy and also their ability to "step outside themselves" to observe their own behavior. They are limited to a focus on themselves and their own benefit and condition in the same way as a single-focus lens is limited to one depth of field, compared to a zoom lens which can move from one depth of field to another with ease.
    This limitation -- some would say a "hobbling of their hearts" -- also leads to Humans having little natural sense of conscience. Mankind feels what is right and what is wrong instinctively and has a natural sense of justice, but Humans learn these things by rote, by rules that are externally imposed, and can only be held to moral behavior by a continuing application of rewards and punishments and definitions.

    You could sell a Human the proposition that it is okay to eat dog dung, or murder people with red hair-- but it is impossible to similarly influence Mankind.

    Humans are comfortable letting someone else do their thinking for them, and if anything is too complex, they will actively seek commentators to tell them how to interpret things. They will also actively seek group opinion --- the larger the group the better --- because they lack the critical thinking skills to form and justify their own opinions for themselves.

    Humans are the original "group think" sources, the ones who make un-examined generalities, like "everybody does it" and "everyone knows that" and "everyone wants a Lexus".

    Mankind insists on thinking for themselves and making their own evaluations and does not regard the opinions of others as any determining factor.

    In the same way, any wildly immoral behavior can be introduced into a Human population and they will have no internal moral compass to prevent them from adopting practices that Mankind would immediately recognize as insane.

    This makes Humans very malleable and open to suggestion compared to Mankind, which is desirable from the standpoint of those who created Humans to function as slave laborers.

    Finally, Mankind is possessed of more graceful and fluid and yet, also substantially weaker body forms than Humans. Mankind has less muscle mass, less bone density, smaller teeth, less sheer energy, less hormonal activity, and lives longer on average than Humans. You might call Mankind "late bloomers" as they mature more slowly in all respects and have slower metabolic systems overall.

    Humans tend to physically mature early, to have abundant, thick hair, and proportionally, big feet, big sexual organs, and big hands. These are all consequences of genetic engineering to create laborers that reproduce fast, are built to do physical work, and survive in difficult climates and conditions.

    Mankind is most comfortable and happy living in relatively small communities close to Nature. Humans are more comfortable and happy living in cities and are not greatly bothered by population density.

    Are you a Man or a Human? If you have read this, you probably already know.

    If you are Human, it won't immediately bother you to know the truth.

    The loss is something you won't truly comprehend, because you have never known any other way of being, and if the rulers of this world have their way, you never will know any different or better condition.

    If you are one of Mankind, you are probably feeling a combination of relief and alarm--- relief because you finally know that you are different and why you are different, and alarm because you now realize for sure that you are living in a world heavily populated by comparatively crippled slave laborers.

    Crippled mentally and crippled emotionally, Humans are victims of a Master Plan promoted by adherents of Eugenics and Master Race ideas--- ideas that are as harmful as poison and easily connected to their modern source --- Nazism and False Aryan narratives.

    The truth is that Humans and Mankind both occur in all kinds of colors and variations.
    There is no "Master Race", there are only beings aligned with Ego and those aligned with our Creator, those who have been mentally and emotionally castrated to serve foul masters--like Tolkien's Orcs, and those who have to put an end to the mad dreams of David Rockefeller, Prince Philip, and others who have purposefully created these horrors.

    The Holy Roman Empire is now rising as the Fourth Reich. As Voltaire observed, it isn't holy, it isn't Roman, and it isn't an Empire. It is a crime syndicate formed around a base of false ideas and evil sentiments, implemented via institutionalized and carefully compartmentalized crimes against "humanity".

    And what is "humanity"? Both Mankind and Humans are included in the moniker, "humanity", because Humans came from Man. They were developed using our DNA and our energetic templates.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    16 hrs

    Swindle School 101
    When I was young we had a rash of land ownership scams based on abuse of Quit Claim Deeds. The fraud artist would offer to sell you this beautiful piece of land and deed it over to you via a Quit Claim Deed.

    The problem was that the purported Seller never had any valid ownership in that land to begin with, so his Quit Claim was meaningless.

    For only $50,000 I will gladly give you a Quit Claim to all the land I own in Florida.

    The Municipal United States Congress has been doing the same thing.
    They don't actually represent you, but they let people assume that they do, and then they act as if they had the authority to do all the things they have done--- when in point of fact, they don't.

    They have no valid interest--- no land in Florida. So all their works and ways are invalid from the start and as if they never existed since 1860 with respect to us. The technical legal term is: void for fraud.

    We have our republics, if we occupy them. We can, if we get moving and organized, "reconstruct" our Federal States of States and impose sanity on this asylum.

    The complete fraudulent nature of this entire situation is made clear from the fact that the perpetrators endlessly describe their aberrant, renegade government of, by, and for corporations as a "democracy" -- and they have never yet had a mandate of 51% of anyone voting for anything.

    They proclaim that they are a democracy, albeit one without any mandate to exist.

    That's like claiming to be a milk cow without an udder, or a cat without claws, a bird without feathers, or a snake without scales. You might as well claim that your wife is a hat, as to claim to be a democracy without a mandate.

    You need look no farther for any explanation or fact. The entire house of cards falls apart on the first defect, and there you have two (2) defects that are completely unanswerable: (1) their United States Congress does not represent our United States; (2) their democracy can't exist without a mandate, and so far as we can determine, they have never had a mandate to do anything at all.

    Bottom line, the whole circumstance is nothing but a criminal Breach of Trust and Swindle owed immediate correction and cessation.

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    Re: Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions

    Anna von Reitz
    15 hrs

    800,000 "Non-Essential" Employees?
    If they are "non-essential" why are we paying for their services?

    Just sayin'.

    If we don't need them....what are they doing on our payroll?

    Also bear in mind that we have the better part of a million "non-essential" employees on our payroll at the same time that those responsible for this situation are poor-mouthing about their "National Debt"?

    Well, if they have an insurmountable National Debt and 800,000 employees we don't really need, the answer to the problem seems obvious enough to me as an Employer.

    First, make the Pink Slips permanent.

    Second, deport the two million or so Bar Attorneys, confiscate their ill-gotten assets, give their homes and retirement accounts to the 800,000 unemployed federal workers, use the rest of the gross largess to pay down the "National Debt" and everyone (except the Bar Attorneys) will go home happy.
    Very happy.

    Talking about humanitarian crisis and borders and forced immigration --- what will the Lord Mayor and the Queen do with two million or so unemployed British Merchant Marine Shipping Clerks when they all come home to roost?

    You think Europe has trouble with Muslims? And we have trouble with Mexicans and Hondurans? Just think about two million angry disinherited lawyers hitting the streets and unemployment lines in London?
    Makes me smile.

    Tune in tomorrow for "As the World Turns (and I Vomit)".

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