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Thread: McCanney Wing Generator

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    Re: McCanney Wing Generator

    in my minds eye it would increase the range double digits - maybe even 50 percent. there is plenty of wind to be had while the thing is driving on first battery. possibly a turbine that has little to no drag - like a hole with thin rotor exciting a stator

    may even mount it vertically, instead of horizontal -- thousands of combos to play with

    best way i can describe it is converting waste drag into productive drag

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    Re: McCanney Wing Generator

    December 06, 2018 posting
    Additional LECTURE NOTES ... FIRST CLICK ON THE SHOW LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE SHOW AND LISTEN ... then go to the Picture of the Day sub-page and scroll down to the Picture of the Day for December 06, 2018 CLICK HERE --> Picture of the Day Archive Sub-Page ... PS sometimes i am really busy so return if the extra pictures are not posted ... some weeks i may not post There are 3 METHODS TO LISTEN ... 1) download MP3 file and load into any MP3 player ... 2) stream using any web ready MP3 player ... or 3) stream using the real audio player (streaming link below) the real player will also play all the old archives prior to August 3, 2006 ...

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    Streaming JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_December_06_2018.mp3

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