Some problems to Iron out. I signed up for the ultimate 99/year package.
Vikk is my handle. I get two dollars for every paying member I bring in.
I don't expect to make any money here, I paid just because it is a platform I want to support.
I also get 1 TB of user video space to upload content.

Message on the front door says:
Just a short reminder for those who didn't get the concept. This an ANTI-TOTALITARIAN PLATFORM. ANTI-FREE SPEECH HAMMER & SICKLE, SWASTIKA LOVERS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. Remove Antifa & 3th Reich Prop or be removed. Pass the message to your buddies
Sign up is free. Free access allows participation.

Paying gets you more access and a user platform to post videos and other content. I guess I have my own channel as my bully pulpit, I will see as I go along.

As I get acclimated I'll probably add info.
Mange takk.