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  1. Re: Lesbian just appointed President of Boise State University in Idaho

    The cancer is spreading
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    Re: Colloidal silver in a plastic container

    I only store the CS that I make in brown glass as mamboni suggests. Silver don't spoil and will last for years in a brown glass container away from light and safe from reactions to plastics
  3. Re: example of what declining population does to real estate values

    The fewer people within 50 miles of me the better
  4. Re: Colt Cucks, Suspends AR-15 Production for Civilian Use.

    I think there will be a market for guns no matter what laws are on the books! Ask the homies in Chicongo how they got their Glocks and AKs. I guarantee you it wasn't from Cabalas! Buy'em in bulk,...
  5. Re: they dont expel anybody from skool, except this girl

    There was no mention of an AR-15, which is a gun frequently used in mass shootings, including the 2018 slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

    I'm sure there was one in...
  6. Re: Don't normally watch house proceedings, but this Lewandowski hearing is hilarious

    Pure gold! Anyone who would like to see first hand how dysfunctional and inept the US Congress is needs to watch this video!
  7. Re: Guess the makeup of Trumpstein's latest Nat'l Security Advisor

    He forgot Bozo the Clown!
  8. Re: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images

    Those who seek the truth know it when they see it!
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    Re: Hitler escaped to Argentina

    Sorry to hear that!
  10. Re: 9/11 - the footage they didn't let you see twice

    Hey Cebu, how's it hangin man?
  11. Re: 9/11 - the footage they didn't let you see twice

    THIS is the truth! Not that bullshit we've been fed for the last 18 years! Fuck those fucks! When are enough people going to let it register in their heads and hunt these assholes down! (We know...
  12. Re: Russia admits nuclear reactor blew up during missile test 250 miles from Moscow

    Isn't that special!!!!!
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    Re: The Hunt - more garbage from Pedowood

    That's why they will never go away! Bolsheviks will never stop taking, never stop coming until they're read....or we are!
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    Re: Thanksgiving be raycist!

    The Bolsheviks took over the media and the education system. Khrushchev was right, our children DID grow up to be communists!
  15. Re: Facebook Purges Over 800 Accounts With Millions Of Followers; Prominent Conservat

    Since I never had a Fecesbook account this doesn't affect me at all!
  16. Re: DeSantis, candidate for gov in Florida gives progs ammo

    They keep swiping the racist card without realizing it's already overdrawn
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    Re: John McCain is Dead!

    I'm sure she's devastated.
  18. Re: You guys better get your asses registered to vote, they are coming for us soon

    If voting mattered it would already be banned!
  19. Re: Thirty LGBT activists arrested in St Petersburg for breaking controversial Russia

    The extremest queers are really becoming a problem. They need to feel just a little more push back from the normal people!
  20. Re: hundreds of guns stolen from resort parking lot

    Many gun collectors will stick with the more inexpensive stuff because they can build a collection faster and they can afford them easier. Irregardless, that collection doesn't make the guy a...
  21. Re: NRA has gone BROKE and 'may soon be unable to exist', court documents claim The n

    That's your bullshit meter going off. Mine went off too!
  22. Re: NRA has gone BROKE and 'may soon be unable to exist', court documents claim The n

    They sure do pull in a lot of dough. The only time I send them any money for a 1 year membership is when I need a new cap or gym bag.
  23. Re: By hiring an anti-white, anti-male writer the Trump-hating hypocrites at the New

    "The New York Times decision to hire racist, sexist, profanity-loving man-hater Sarah Jeong doesn’t just makes the paper look ridiculously hypocritical, it weakens them and makes Trump stronger."...
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    Re: Apple Computer

    I was told there'd be no math!
  25. Re: Does anyone wonder why so many people want us to hate Russia?

    ...and that's exactly what Trump is working with Putin to try and build. That alliance would be the ultimate threat to the Jewish Zionists hellbent on eliminating the white race
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