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  1. Re: "We all need to stick our noses into somebody else's business"

    This legislation is short sighted! This will only drive people to the Mexican heroin that is getting over the borders more and ,more each year! They are in a sense creating and enabling a thriving...
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    Re: Rest in peace Mom

    So sorry for your loss!
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    Why doesnt she just dry up and blow away?
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    Re: Trump threatens to invade Mexico

    I dont know where this invading Mexico comes from? What I read him to say wasnt .... he would send troops down there... he never actually said invade the border of Mexico He said that if the...
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    I hope there is nothing going to be done to him... like all the other politicians that spoke out were either shot or died mysteriously! I hope that his guards are ever vigilant! I really worry for...
  6. Re: "Seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than Michelle Obama?"

    I think that this picture shows her better qualities!
  7. Re: Coward!

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    Re: Milwaukee Chimpout

    Fuckin NIGGERS!
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    Re: this is murder?

    Hey everyone.... I know this guy and in fact he is my second cousin! While I agree that multiple drunk driving convictions is not good! It is terrible!!!

    I am making no excuses for the guy. But...
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    Re: Ponce here...................... V

    Best news I have heard in a long time! Good to see you here and feeling better! ! !
  11. Re: Niggress Commits Suicide By Cop For Black Lives Matter In Hopes of Going Viral

    Stupid is as stupid does! What kind of a parent would subject their children to this potential violent situation?

    Low intelligence and a lifetime of being to that you came from godz and and...
  12. Re: Clinton handler carries DIAZEPAM pen for siezures

    There were some images that have been floating around the web of trumps son posing with an animal he allegedly killed on a paid safari.
  13. Re: A 47-Year-Registered Republican Is Throwing In The Towel: Here's Why

    LOL The delusional world that these sycophants live in amazes me!!! Who cares what party you are a member of or not! In the universe of how his action affects me.... he is nothing more than the...
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    Re: Trump is toast

    I believe all we are seeing now is a last ditch efforts by the dems to knock Trump off the lead. Massive media and social media sites all spouting the same anti trump rhetoric! I do agree that Trump...
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    Re: Just talked to ponce

    Ponce... see ya here soon! I hope the rumors of your ill health are greatly exaggerated! You still have many to teach!
  16. Re: Will Japan Soon Make Venezuela Look Like A Picnic?

    Please show me a source for your assertion that the bible is factual? There are no facts at all in the bible that would help anyone do anything! The only fact is that the bible is a compilation of...
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    Re: In case you were missing Ted...

    I caught the end of his delusional speech. He was glowing in the cheers of all of the people... even though they were not cheering for him. When he gave a back handed non endorsement to trump......
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    Re: Kashits won't endorse Trump

    So much for his "so called pledge" to support and endorse the elected nominee! All of these professional politicians are professional liars! But we all knew that! LOL
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    Re: Mohammed Ali huh?

    Really? What a loving god you believe in! LOL Belief in a supernatural being is a sign of insecurity! It is truly a shame that you will never know the fairy tale that you have learned... even though...
  20. Re: The 'secret' silver plates Picasso designed

    I compare it to rap music. Rap is the everyone gets a trophy dumbed down type of music that takes little skill to be accepted by the masses. Compared to Music that uses traditional melodies and...
  21. Re: "Traditionally, Presidents don't stick around after they're done, and it's someth

    I have always said... that Obama even out of office he will not quit undermining the Constitution and the people of the USA!! I look for him to start organizing and funding his brown shirt mob to...
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    Re: monster box of silver

    Welcome Ben! Dont let these guys get you down. Its when they treat you this way... it really means they welcome you!^O--]

    As far as the Silver goes... if anyone here really knew.... they probably...
  23. Re: Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina As VP Running Mate: Live Feed

    Sort of like when McCain selected Sarah Palin! What a smarmy loser Cruz is! What fools these people must be when they see a run a way freight train(Trump) pulling away from all the rest... winning...
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    Re: Hi mamboni

    WOW Great to see one of the old timers! Missed your quizzical countenance for sure! I hope you stick around for a while. The forum has slowed down... but its not completely dead! You returning us a...
  25. Re: Pregnant Secretary of Pope Francis Found Dead in Her Rome Apartment

    You would get a Pope that would have to have someone change his Papal robes more frequently!
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