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    Brian Gerrish's testimony to Reiner Füllmich: Our oppressors...
  2. Re: Pegasus: The new global weapon for silencing journalists

    My memory aint what it used to be.
    J. Orlin Grabbe, was his name.
  3. Re: Pegasus: The new global weapon for silencing journalists

    shades of G. Orlin Grabbe. Grabbe was a prolific writer about spooks and spook stories.

    That's where I first heard of Pegasus and Michael Proshuito (bad spelling) the creator of the software.
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    Re: Central Banks Versus Stablecoins

    I posted a horror story about Tether a couple of weeks ago where the supposed dollars backing the Tether were no where to be found.

    Sounds like another fractional reserve story, come to the...
  5. Re: Ex-Pfizer Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Yeadon warns massive depopulation via

    A close friend had to go into the hospital the night of the shot with blood clots. Was put on coumadin. Supposedly a life sentence.

    I had voiced my opinion against the shot, but they are young and...
  6. The survival of the fittest - must watch video!
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    Greg Hunter's, USA Watchdog: Cliff High
  8. Re: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

    The Picture for Texas:

    By Anna Von Reitz
    I have faith in...
  9. Re: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

    This is a more apt description of the club operating out of the District of Columbia.
  10. Re: The First American Public Law in Over a Century

    I Post this:

    As a good example of what happens when good men sit on their hands and let someone else do the work,needed to keep a great country great.
    I have been sitting on my hands far too...
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    Re: Free Mason breaks his vows to reveal all.

    I would like to point out that we are hearing this from a video on Utube.

    All of the people I follow as perceived truth tellers have been banned from Utube.

    I'm not saying there are no truth...
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    Free Mason breaks his vows to reveal all.
    The religion embedded in Free Masonry is Satanism.
  13. Thread: Coronavirus

    by Bigjon

    Re: Coronavirus

    I don't know, but Jim has a different view.

    From Jim Stone:FACT: If the Pfizer vax was mostly graphene, it would be JET BLACK.

    In fact, if it had even one half of one percent graphene, it would...
  14. Re: excellent site for hidden health info

    K2 keeps calcium out of soft tissues and in bones from dairy cheese and fermented soy Natto, some nasty smelling Japanese food.
  15. MASS FORCED VACCINATIONS, Mandatory Solitary Confinement With Covid19
    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

    Unknown commented -

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    Author: Philip Ridley
    Topic: Great Reset
    Date: 14th November 2020

  17. Re: Something Strange is Happening in California...

    From Jim Stone:

    AMBUSH: California government draining all the water into the ocean ON PURPOSE.

    I busted them for doing this in 2012 or so - the photo to the right is a leftover from that...
  18. My helmet only works if 75% of bicyclists wear them.
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    Re: Excellent sites for sharing on the Covid HOAX

    Might be alright, just a word of caution, might be a fishing site, where u are the catch.
  20. Re: 5 hour 17 minute video of well known secret society member spilling the beans

    Henry Macow is also working hard to discredit the Mason's.

    The Mason's are to my knowledge the only place where Protestant Gentiles are members.

    Jews pointing fingers...
  21. Re: Virus Isolation (No Evidence via FOI requests)


    The Judiciary comprises two types of court venues; a corporate “administrative court”, and a Common Law “court of record”. A judge in an “administrative court” does not act...
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    Re: Epstein supposedly DEAD

    So there! Jewed again.
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    Re: The Best Buys at the Moment

    The Bit Short: Inside Crypto’s Doomsday Machine
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    Re: The Magnet Challenge

    Engineered protein crystals make cells magnetic

    Date:September 25, 2019

    Source:American Chemical Society
  25. Re: Heroic Citizens Fact-Check the LYING MSM about Corona

    Maybe they failed to kill anyone, so out they go.
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