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The "response" was not "DISMAL"

The response was "A SUCCESSFUL RESPONSE"

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.


Feb 17 at 6:51 AM

Dan Erber, A DISMAL RESPONSE – A Critical Look at the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Part I: Law Enforcement

February 17, 2020 James Fetzerblog


[Editor’s note: During our (sensational) interview on Valentine’s Day, Rebecca Carnes made reference to something discovered by Dan Erber in this searching review of the inadequate response of local and state law enforcement agencies to the alleged mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School (14 December 2012), which reinforces the conclusion of serious scholars of this event that it was a FEMA “mass casualty exercise involving children” promoted as mass murder to promote the Obama administration’s gun control agenda. Here’s our latest interview:

Excerpt from article:

"In focusing solely on the official law enforcement reports (local, state & federal), a disturbing trend appears in the overall response, lack of communication, mismanagement of resources, gross missteps in evidence handling, overall leadership malfunctions, tactical response, documentation, first responder actions, coordination with EMTs & medics, crime scene evidence handling, basic academy life-saving techniques, Connecticut laws involving mass shooting protocol, DNA collection & testing, rudimentary report writing and delays in the release of the official report and gaping holes within it.

While accepting that there can be a “fog of war” in massive stress situations-multiple death event that’s dropped into the lap of a comparatively small police department, mistakes and miscalculations are bound to happen. However, the dismal handling of this incident, from initial 911 call to final release of the official report, is a collection of what not to do in a school shooting event.

The goal is to learn and not repeat." SNIP