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Thread: Aliens, Flying Saucers, Area 51, Groom Lake, Tonopah Test Range

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    Aliens, Flying Saucers, Area 51, Groom Lake, Tonopah Test Range

    I ran across this video this morning. I decided to post it mainly because I have spent many hours over the past 50 years on TTR at various jobs such as delivering a P&H rough terrain 14 ton crane to Sandia Corp, participated in hauling 10,000 tons of reject sand for a secret dirt airstrip as well as many tons of road base and hot asphalt, pouring concrete in January at sub zero temperatures on the main landing strip for a device similar to the cables on an aircraft carrier, and working for a contractor friend out of Reno excavating footings for new hangars for the new Stealth fighters. When I accompanied the new crane to Sandia I met up with a Sandia Corp mechanic who I new well. He took me for a ride down through the test site where they had some Russian Army vehicles playing war games with our troops. When we were digging the footings for the hangars the Air Force would send a MIG out from the airfield with a couple of F16s chasing it and on occasion we got a look at the Stealth as one rolled out of the hangar for a test flight.

    I have seen a lot of things not many are privileged to.
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