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Thread: Over stressed? Need a laugh?

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    Over stressed? Need a laugh?

    While cruising around YouTube last night I accidentally clicked on this video.
    OMG! I canít remember the last time I laughed so hard at something so trivial!

    No matter how bad our future looks , take time to laugh at stupid stuff as laughter is good for the soul.
    Laughing breaks the constant state of being pissed off at all the dumb ass people who are falling for all the lies!

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    Re: Over stressed? Need a laugh?

    there was one on imgur awhile back where the dad (driving a full suv) gets an evil grin, locks the doors and windows and lets one go, laughing husterically while the familt gags

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    Re: Over stressed? Need a laugh?


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    Re: Over stressed? Need a laugh?

    INSIDE: 1m clip of Canada's Bare-Faced Brass-Balled Patriot Chris Sky, The Toughest Maple Leaf in Canada, Battling Slings & Arrows to Buy Some Maple Syrup @ Walgreens (click player for sound)

    ^ yes U twatters, RT! :~D
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