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Thread: Suspicious Observers space, weather science channel

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    Suspicious Observers space, weather science channel

    Just found this new science channel, Suspicious Observers:

    Info here will probably only make sense if you've done some research into Professor James McCanney's work, electric universe, catastrophism, read some Velikovsky, or watched some of Joe Rogan's shows with Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock, or looked into the work of Professor Robert Schoch. Apparently, Earth goes through massive catastrophes every 12,000 years or so. Last one was 12,000 years ago. Seems to be due to cycles of the sun. This guy at Suspicious Observers (actually a lawyer who is self-taught on this info) seems to think that our sun micronovas on a regular 12,000 year cycle. So this is basically a back to the stone-age event. Only positive in this is that this should disrupt their Great Reset/4th Industrial revolution plot against humanity (this is probably the event TPTB know is coming and why they built their underground tunnels, but they may not survive there).

    Also, this guy says Earth's magnetosphere is weakening, which means going forward in time, more of the sun's cosmic rays should get through and cause major weather events, and perhaps a Carrington event (I guess something like that would blow out the internet and their digital currency plans).

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