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Thread: Possible treatments for CANCER

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    Re: Possible treatments for CANCER

    Jordan Sather, 13m:

    THE GERSON THERAPY - Healing the Hopeless

    1 day ago

    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

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    Re: Possible treatments for CANCER

    Quote Originally Posted by johnlvs2run View Post
    All these treatments look too much like a carry over of Pasteur's failed germ-pill theory to me.

    Rather I think all diseases are caused by (1) toxic buildup that (2) runs down the body, which is then susceptible to (3) invasion by parasites, and this in fact is what happens.

    Looking for some magical cure is the same ol' stuff, like looking for a magical cure in toxic medications, that turn out to be the causes of diseases, not the cures. Medications are the opposites of health, and they are the opposite of being any cures of diseases.
    Water Fasting is the best way to remove sick diseased tissue from the body. My hubby had a large marble size cyst on his wrist, they wanted to do surgery to remove it. He did a 3 day water fast and it was gone and has never came back. The doctors tell you that fasting eats your muscles and it can, but it eats sick diseased tissue, cancers, tumors, inflammation first, then fat and then muscle.

    My water fast consist of lots of drinking water, sometimes eating real salt, occasionally taking magnesium, and taking red clay. I try to do an 8 day water fast every 3 months. In between, I do 1 to 3 day fast. Also trying to get all your daily meals between 8 am and 6 pm and eat nothing from 6 pm to 8 am as this gives your gut time to work on healing your body. They call it intermittent fasting. When your body is digesting food it cant work on healing. Typically, I loose 1 lb a day. Some people wont fast because they dont want to loose weight, but once the fast is over, depending on how much you eat, the weight will come back. However, if you limit your intake, your weight might stay the same. One time I did a 20 day water fast and lost 20 lbs. my goal was to get rid of the infection attached to my jaw bone from an infected root canal tooth. The dentist ate away at my jaw bone but did not get it all. I was in constant pain. After the fast, my jaw did not hurt anymore, ever! I gained back 10 of the 20 lbs and remained at that weight for several years. It was a weight that I wanted.

    Hope this helps!

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