It's dum to have a "Christian God" option because in Christian doctrines there are many gods, and if you want to know about the Most High God you are supposed to read the book that He gave for that purpose. So your poll only applies to non-Christians.

The Most High God claims to be the God of rightness. That's why there is no visible likeness. People have a list of rules they use to determine rightness. That list is invisible, but everybody believes in it, even to the point of dying for what it says. The problem is when you make up your own list. The usual approach is to take a list that you have been given and make it more emphatic. That is what Eve did in the garden.

Bottom line: It doesn't matter whether you believe in the God of rightness. He is still the God of rightness.

BTW did you know the garden of Eden has been found? It's here: